The 99th Divorce

Chapter 33: So Jealous

Chapter 33: So Jealous

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Holding her breath, Su Qianci slowly blushed.

His long fingers quickly reorganized the tiles in front of her as he said, "There."

Showing her hand, Su Qianci felt everyone was watching her.

Mrs. Lu was surprised and said, "I was just wondering how come Su Qianci had such bad luck. It turns out that she was waiting for this."

"Everything changes when the husband comes. She immediately wins when he's here," commented another woman.


That term sounded both familiar and ancient to her, making her lose her focus for a short while. However, she immediately realized what had happened, "Have I won?"

Li Sicheng nodded and saw Su Qianci's delighted face. Unlike Tang Mengying's undeniable beauty, Su Qianci had features that made her look gentle. Her skin was so fair that it looked like the best porcelain. Her eyes were black and bright with a thousand stars inside. She was very… cute!

Seeing the position of Li Sicheng and Su Qianci, Tang Mengying was so jealous that she was about to go mad at this point. "Brother Sicheng, you are back." Tang Mengying smiled prettily.

As if he had not heard her, Li Sicheng bowed, took a tile and whispered to Su Qianci, "This is the trump card. You have great luck."

Su Qianci was even more surprised, "Is that true?" However, she was soon reminded of the money that she had lost, "But I have lost all the money."

"How much?"

Su Qianci blushed a little and whispered, "Less than a hundred thousand…"

Her mother-in-law had won probably 70 to 80,000, and the money she took from her own purse…It was actually probably more than that.

Li Sicheng simply said, "Then let's win it back."

Since he said that, he meant it. When another round started, Su Qianci found that she did not have bad luck, but bad skills.

Seeing Li Sicheng's hands organizing the tiles in front of her, she was mesmerized. She could feel her breath next to her ear, so close, so hot… Su Qianci blushed so hard that the tip of her ears became red as well. Feeling her breath slowing down, she hated herself for that.

Su Qianci, you agreed that you would not feel this way for him again!

Hitting herself on her thigh, Su Qianci immediately became calm. However, Li Sicheng had seen her doing that. He narrowed his eyes, making it hard to tell what he was thinking.

After he reorganized her tiles, Su Qianci found that she had a good hand. Tang Mengying put down a tile, glancing at Li Sicheng. Based on what Tang Mengying knew about him, Li Sicheng was not thinking about the game at the moment, but something else. However, what was on his mind? Trying to guess, Tang Mengying found that she had no clue.

It was Mrs. Lu's turn. However, when Mrs. Lu was about to get her tile, Su Qianci said in a low voice, "Wait a second…"

Mrs. Lu paused and looked at her.

Su Qianci showed her hand and said, "I think I have won."

And it was Tang Mengying's money that she had won.

"Wow, impressive. You learn so fast!"

"Great hand."

Tang Mengying, on the other hand, became unhappy. Another woman had played the same tile, but Su Qianci chose her to beat.

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