The 99th Divorce

Chapter 1243 - A Photograph Of Xian’er

Chapter 1243: A Photograph Of Xian’er

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Hence, when Uncle Wen introduced her to Zhen Li’s father moments before, he had said, “He was my good friend,” and not “He is my good friend.” That probably made all the difference.

Yu Lili had roughly guessed the details of everything that had happened. She also had a rough idea of their current relationship. It was appropriate for two friends to turn against each other because of a woman, but the close friendship naturally deteriorated over time.

Between these two buddies was a woman who was already dead. However, at the very least, Zhen Li’s father still had a child left behind by her.

Uncle Wen, on the other hand, had nothing at all. For so many years, he had remained single. Even as a bystander, Yu Lili found herself sympathizing with Wen Fenglin at his tragic experience.

Yu Lili was too deeply lost in her thoughts that she didn’t realize her name was being called by Uncle Wen.

Ou Ming nudged her a little and asked, “Are you done eating?”

Only then did Yu Lili regain her senses and nod her head. “Yeah. I’m done.”

“Let’s go,” Ou Ming said.

“Sure!” Only as Yu Lili stood up did she realize that the atmosphere was surprisingly tense and awkward.

What had just happened?

Yu Lili was suddenly curious. Why did I have to daydream at that particular moment?

Seeing Uncle Wen and Ou Ming stand up together, Yu Lili looked down and held on to Ou Ming’s hand and walked ahead. As she was leaving, she couldn’t resist looking back one last time at Zhen Xianlang.

The expression that the elder was now looking at her with didn’t seem the same as before.

It couldn’t be that he’s treating me as Xian’er, could it?

Feeling a little awkward, Yu Lili quickly headed out with Ou Ming.

When they reached the outside, Wen Fenglin looked at Yu Lili and smilingly said, “That’s the way that guy is. You do indeed resemble Xian’er a little. If I hadn’t know better that Xian’er didn’t give birth to any child, I would have also thought that you were her daughter.”

Xian’er didn’t give birth to any child?

Never having given birth before and not being able to give birth were two different notions. Yu Lili looked at Wen Fenglin strangely and asked, “How is that possible? Isn’t Zhen Li Xian’er’s son?”

Wen Fenglin shook his head. “No. That child is only is a little older than twenty. Xian’er passed away around 24 or 25 years ago.”

Around 24 or 25 years ago? That’s around the same time that I was born!

Yu Lili’s heartbeat began to quicken. She instinctively looked to Ou Ming.

Judging from Ou Ming’s expression, he seemed a little affected by the information as well, but he didn’t display it openly.

Yu Lili considered the idea for a moment and sked, “Uncle Wen, do you have a photograph of Auntie Xian’er?”

So many people were saying that she resembled the lady, but Yu Lili had never even seen picture of her before.

When Wen Fenglin heard her request, he suddenly understood. “Why? Are you finally curious?”

Yu Lili nodded her head. “Yeah. I heard Granny Shen mention it as well. We don’t exactly look alike, at least not at first glance. But…”

“Yeah. The longer one interacts with you, the more the resemblance becomes apparent.” As he was speaking, Wen Fenglin fished out his leather wallet and carefully retrieved a laminated photograph.

The photograph was in black and white. The clarity of photographs in that era weren’t too clear. The features on the subject’s face weren’t particularly distinct either, but the photograph had been preserved very well. The woman in it was warm and beautiful with a serene smile.

At first glance, Yu Lili already felt that there was something familiar about it. There was a resemblance. The facial features couldn’t be seen clearly in the picture. But, just from her silent posture alone, her resemblance to the lady in the photograph was apparent.

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