The 99th Divorce

Chapter 1242 - A Good Melodrama

Chapter 1242: A Good Melodrama

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Having the words in her mouth snatched from her, Yu Lili stuck her arm out and nudged Ou Ming.

When Zhen Li and Zhen Xianlang both heard the reply, they looked at each other.

Immediately, Zhen Xianlang looked at Wen Fenglin. With a chuckle, he said, “I see. To tell you the truth, I feel that Miss Yu looks very familiar. Lao Wen, what do you think?”

Wen Fenglin paused in the middle of eating. His heart skipped a beat when he heard that statement.

He thought so, too? How could that be? It was the first time they were meeting each other!

Wen Fenglin worked to keep his expression calm and collected. He turned to look at Yu Lili. He made a show of observing her closely, then nodded his head and replied, “She does look a little familiar.”

“Doesn’t she look like Xian’er?” Zhen Xianlang asked.

Xian’er… Yu Lili was no stranger to this name. Old Mrs. Shen had mentioned before as well that she resembled Xian’er, except that it wasn’t in terms of physical appearance but in bearing.

Hearing Zhen Xianlang’s words, Yu Lili lowered her face in embarrassment and smiled. She asked, “You know Xian’er?”

This question took Zhen Xianlang by surprise. He asked, “You know of her?”

“Yeah. I’ve heard Uncle Wen mention her before. I also heard of her from an old lady. The old granny said that I resembled Xian’er a little,” Yu Lili said.

“I see,” Zhen Xianlang said. “But who’s this granny that you speak of?”

“Xian’er’s aunt, that ‘semi-celestial’ of the Shen family,” Wen Fenglin replied.

Zhen Xianlang immediately knew whom he was referring to. With a laugh, he lowered his head in mild remorse and said, “Xian’er was my wife.”

“Wife?” Yu Lili was stunned to learn that. She instinctively looked toward Wen Fenglin.

Wasn’t Xian’er supposed to be Wen Fenglin’s beloved? From what Old Mrs. Shen had said, Xian’er’s body had always been weak. Wasn’t she unable to get married? How did she end up with such a grown child? Looking at Zhen Li, he had to be at least 21 or 22 years old!

Wen Fenglin looked over at the same moment and laughed quietly. Two dimples appeared on his face. They were deep and pleasant looking. He looked at her meaningfully. It did seem like he was looking at her. At the same time, he seemed to be seeing someone else. “Xian’er has already gone to heaven.”

Yu Lili knew that and nodded her head. But, she didn’t know what to say in reply. After a moment’s consideration, she said, “I heard from the matriarch of the Shen family… I think you mentioned that she was Xian’er’s aunt… that Xian’er health was poor.”

“Yeah. That was true. Her health wasn’t very good,” Zhen Xianlang replied. He looked at Yu Lili, a little forlornly. “When she passed away, I was studying in the north. I didn’t even get to see her for the last time.”

Wen Fenglin heard that exchange. With a sudden thought, he laughed out chillingly as he asked, “If you were studying in the north, why didn’t you take her with you?”

Zhen Xianlang looked at Wen Fenglin with an unfathomable expression and sighed. “You’re still blaming me…”

Wen Fenglin’s tone suddenly became hard. He looked away and whispered bitterly, “I have no right to blame you. I can only blame myself.”

There was a backstory here. The history between these two men ran deep.

A melodrama played itself out in Yu Lili’s mind.

Wen Fenglin had been a poor boy when he fell in love Xian’er, the pampered daughter of a rich family. Because he was too poor, the girl’s family objected to their union. Later on, Xian’er’s family forced her to marry the rich and influential man that was Zhen Li’s father… Except, wasn’t Xian’er unable to bear any children?

In other words, had Zhen Li’s father ignored Xian’er’s physical ailments and forced her to bear his child? Is that what had caused Xian’er’s death?

That was why Uncle Wen, who loved Xian’er deeply, had laid the blame on Zhen Li’s father while suffering from a lifetime of pain and self-blame…

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