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At long last, Terror Infinity has ended. Was the ending abrupt or whatever? Indeed it was! That's because TI is the first of a trilogy.

Following Terror Infinity, there's a sequel called Future Infinity. However, Future Infinity was cancelled and rebooted by the author later on, and the actual sequel now is called Dawn Infinity(500+ chapters). The third book will be called World Infinity, but it hasn't been started as of this post. There's also another book set in the same universe, called Death is but the Beginning(300+ chapters). However, I haven't actually read any of them myself. All my information is from Baidu, the Chinese equivalent of Wikipedia.

As for whether these will ever be translated, I am not sure about this. At least, Wuxiaworld and I won't be, due to being unable to get licenses to translate these. Terror Infinity also isn't very popular, so I don't know if anyone will pick up the sequels.

So, I'll just give a brief overview of what happens there. I read Dawn Infinity's 1st, 2nd volume, then skipped to Terminator Salvation where team China appeared, then to the end. In Dawn Infinity, it's set in the third era of God's Realm. This means after TI, another final battle was held and ended, so the Realm moved into its third era. Dawn Infinity centres around a new team. Team China still exists, as the number one team. However, the team suffers God's suppression, no longer having newbies and finds it hard to gain points. They're still searching for the second revival chance, because God refuses to let them go into Narnia. The new MC team meets team China in some team battles as well, in Skyline and Terminator Salvation.

Volume 1

New team, new MC named Chu Hao. They enter the movie Skyline. New team only has one ‘veteran’, who barely knows anything because only been around two or three movies. She uses an exchanged mechanical Spider-man web shooter. Chu Hao comes from a rebel group that fights against groups called the C-Organisation and X-Organisation, who are secretly in control of the world. Strangely, the organisations are mentioned to have things like psyche force users, technology far beyond the rest of the world, and things like the virus from Resident Evil. The mystery was set up quite interestingly. In their training to overcome psyche force users’ control, Chu Hao has unlocked the first stage. The volume goes them trying to complete the movie and kill alien robots to get points. Later on, it turns out that they’re unfortunately in a three team battle with team China and another team. The other team is implied to be a slaver team, with the leader mistreating the other two. While the slaver team leader chases Chu Hao and his team, he runs faster than the car they’re in, a superhuman feat. Thus Chu Hao thinks they’re overpowered(lol), and asks the ‘veteran’ which team is overpowered and has three members, to which the ‘veteran’ who has barely any knowledge, says it must be team China. Volume ends with Zheng appearing in the sky, destroying a spaceship in one hit, the debris of which accidentally kill a few of MC’s team, including the veteran. Chu Hao and two others survive the slaver team chase because time they have to stay in movie ends. After which, team China crushes the slaver team, with Zheng remarking that he was sure he saw Xuan for some reason among the team that just left, to which Liu Yu and Juntian tell him not to make such horrifying jokes. Zheng also remarks that God is making life very difficult for them. Zheng cleared an entire city of robots and destroyed a spaceship that is capable of withstanding a nuke in the movie, only to get 2000 points and a rank C reward. Upon return to God’s dimension, Chu Hao swears revenge against team China.

Volume 2

Three survivors of volume 1. Chu Hao exchanges an arcanist enhancement from DnD, while the other two exchange Qi and necromancy. They enter the movie Daybreakers. Chu Hao says the movie is hard as with the world taken over by vampires, what they’re fighting against is a society, something impossible for their level. Volume goes about them killing subsiders for points, of which eventually complications arise, which will take very long to summarise. Through cunning and plotting, Chu Hao eventually kills a high level subsider which ends the movie.

Skipping a few volumes

Terminator Salvation(Skipped straight to team China reappearance)

Chu Hao is bitter, because he accidentally brought forth the Judgement Day in the movie by ten years, causing much suffering in this world.

Elsewhere, team China is brought into the world. Zheng wonders why God didn't start the movie with a barrier as usual, which the other two remarked that it must be because he shattered it the previous movie. Zheng says he had no choice as many people would have died otherwise. Later on, team China meets Chu Hao. They are utterly terrified upon meeting him, despite Chu Hao being near dead and fainting in front of them, as Chu Hao looks exactly like Xuan. At first, they think he’s Xuan, before thinking he must be clone Xuan. Team China wails that there must be hundreds of Magic Cannons pointing at them and they’re all about to die, or some other scheme is going on. Zheng tells the other two to choose the option of returning directly to God’s dimension upon death using the Revival Cross after clone Xuan kills them all, only to realise he himself doesn't have one, becoming more hysterical in the process.

Chu Hao wakes up and Zheng tries to bluff that he's not scared of him. Thinking it's one of the two who lost their memory, Zheng pretends as if they were very good friends in the past. As if it's Xuan who lost his memory, Zheng tells Chu Hao it’s no longer like TI anymore. They no longer have to make hard choices, because they have the power to make their own choices. Even if God forces them to do something bad on threat of negative points, Zheng is now powerful enough to even ignore God’s wipe. Thus, he now can save anyone he wants to, which he does. Team China finally realises Chu Hao isn't one of the two. Chu Hao also realises the ones who chased him down in Volume 1 wasn't team China. Chu Hao makes a deal with team China. Team China will clean up his mess and help him destroy Skynet, as well as give him info about the realm. In return, he’ll help them deduce why God refuses to let them go to Narnia to revive those who died in TI. Zheng agrees, saying he would destroy Skynet anyways even without this deal.

Chu Hao says there’s only 36 hours left until he needs to return, and asks if they’ll be able to clear all of Skynet’s bases and robots across the world in this time. Zheng says yes, promising to do it in a day. He gives Liu Yu and Juntian a continent to handle each, while he himself takes charge of the rest of the planet. Chu Hao is stunned to see on satellite as Zheng sinks islands, causes earthquakes and tsunamis as he clears the entire planet of bases and robots. The final base is discovered to be underwater, a giant continent sized metal base. Zheng attacks it, but it starts to repair itself, to which Zheng decides to just throw it out of the planet instead. Juntian and Liu Yu say he was holding back to not cause any permanent problems for the planet.

They also have discussions, where Zheng explains about the genetic constraint and the revival chance in The Mummy. Also, at some point, Zheng remarks that although he now acts nice and no longer kills teams, most teams would probably still die after meeting team China, as they ‘survived’ the most powerful team and will thus get a huge rating boost and difficulty skyrocketing.

Somewhere along the way

C-Organisation and X-Organisation are revealed to be related to clone Xuan, C and X being the first letters of ‘Chu Xuan’. Chu Hao and a few of his team are discovered to not be from the ‘real’ world, but the Final Destination plane.

Final Volume

I skipped to last 3 or 4 chapters so I have like zero idea/context for what was going on. Clone Xuan trapped Zheng in some area, where he’ll be trapped for a while. New MC team is completely killed, including Chu Hao, save one person, as is tradition. Juntian, Liu Yu and sole survivor promise to work together to resurrect all their dead, as well as find an item that allows the two teams to join together.

Overall, I enjoyed the bits I read of Dawn Infinity. It seems to be focusing on exploring the mysteries of God’s Realm, explaining things like how the movie worlds are created and the like. Unfortunately, since it’s world building, it’s difficult for me to grasp when I jumped in at random bits. So, I restrained from expanding more on these plot points as I do not understand them fully and I don't want to spread wrong info.


Zheng's strength is able to break God's barrier at the beginning of movies, ignore God's wipe and lift up continent size landmasses and throw them out of earth's orbit. He was also mentioned to sink half a continent in one hit, and has fought three Saint-class beimgs by DI. He states he can beat weak Saints, but can't kill them.

One of the Saint-class beings was called the Bug Mother, and was fought during the second final battle. It infected all the teams with a virus of some sort, minus team China who Zheng protected, as well as Gando and Hao Tian who Gando protected. Unable to cure the teams and the Bug Mother quickly reaching a level that almost surpassed Zheng, Zheng had no choice but to throw the moon at the Earth. In order to ensure no infected organisms survived, he spent a few extra months in that plane pushing the Earth to the sun. Thus, the second era ended.

When recounting his post TI experiences, Zheng mentioned fighting an existence called the Giant Forefather, who is also known as Kronos, Ymir and Asura in myth. It was something that had broken out of being sealed by ancient humans, and that incident threatened even God itself. In order to combat it, God mass resurrected many first era elites including team China and clone Zheng. Despite teaming up with the second era teams and even clone Zheng at that time, and the Giant Forefather being greatly weakened, dozens still died including clone Zheng and team China.

Liu Yu is now able to summon Dark Magician and some trap cards. Obelisk is now 1500m in height when summoned. Suspected to be fourth stage. Self-taught Cultivator.

Lin Juntian is now able to materialise Bell of the East Emperor, Avalon, God's barrier, aura, killing intent. Suspected to be fourth stage. Self-taught Cultivator.

The new MC, Chu Hao, is a brains type who uses an Arcanist enhancement from DnD. At beginning of volume 1, he exchanges Mage Hand, Message, Mending, No Light, Charm Person and Cause Fear. His logic behind not getting a single attack spell is that a rank 1 attack spell can't possibly match up to a heavy machine gun or the like, so it's best to spend points on his arcanist enhancement only getting spells that can do thing science or technology can't accomplish. He focuses more om support than attack. I haven't reached the exact why yet, but there are some mysteries around him as he looks exactly like Chu Xuan. It has to do with clone Xuan, who is still alive.

Team Devil, Gando and Hao Tian, are still around.

There's also a character called the Human Emperor, Pei Xi, who is the MC of Death is But the Beginning. I haven't read that so I don't really know much, but he's supposed to be the most powerful person in the Infinity universe.

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