Terror Infinity

Author's Regarding the Ending

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It seems I still need to say this.

I'm very satisfied regarding the ending. Friends who aren't satisfied would probably be using the foreshadowing left in the book to question or scold me. Then let me ask you, won't every book have threads of foreshadowing not used in its conclusion? The foreshadowings I've left were for the purpose of everyone being given the chance to imagine. Those foreshadowings that should be used, I've used them. Every character has found their place, or their most perfect end. Heng, Wangxia, the two Zhaos, even clone Zheng, Xuan... Everyone has it. What's left is just farming points and monsters, then some reviving. I don't want to write about this sort of plot. From its start to end, was there ever a world that let them farm? I can proudly say this. Sure, maybe some chapters had their wordy or long winded segments, but that was my poor writing. But plot wise, the entire novel's plot was clear. I definitely did not put in any unsuitable plot. That is my pride, and the reason everyone has enjoyed Terror Infinity.

I finished it like a Western movie, with suspense. But everything that needs to be said has been said. The story of everyone inside is completed. All have found their conviction and place. Those who haven't, like clone Xuan, I've made arrangements for them. That's the origin of the sequel. I won't write about meaningless things like how Zheng revives his comrades after Terror Infinity. That's rather boring, and it'll just be a repetitive cycle of getting stronger, killing monsters, getting stronger. I see no point in that.

Let me make this clear. It may be a trilogy, but every novel is its own complete story, just with a shared universe and characters. Terror Infinity told the story of a man named Zheng Zha meeting comrades, growing from untrusting and weak willed to trusting and strong willed. Then, after his team was wiped, he continuously matured, strengthened his conviction, and finally beat another him and being crowned the strongest. That is Terror Infinity. As for whatever revival after, I'll leave it to your imagination. Terror Infinity was concluded here. Future Infinity(TL note: cancelled later on, whoopsie) and World Infinity are another story. If everyone liked the books I wrote, then please continue to support me. If you didn't, then let's part ways. Just remember that once upon a time, you read a book called Terror Infinity.

There's something I'm proud of. Overly trivial details, plots repetitive until they're a nuisance and meaningless plots. I won't write that sort of thing. I won't be writing about how Zheng revives his comrades, for fear of ruining the name of Terror Infinity, or everyone accusing me of cheating your money. I admit I have no way of being able to write words that will move you in this plot of revival, because that plot is inherently unmoving. That's it.

My new book will be uploaded today afternoon. The name is still undecided, and the release speed may not be too fast before it gets contracted. Please show some understanding. Then, would everyone please support my new book! My goal is simple. I hope those who read my books are touched, and it's best if you cry. I wonder if any friends have ever been moved into crying by my Terror Infinity?

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