Terror Infinity

Chapter 9-3

Vol 13: Chapter 9-3.

Zheng retrieved the Book of the Dead and joined his team on the food while the professionals he hired for this event acted like the hosts.

“These public figures just needed an excuse and the party provided this excuse.” WangXia said to the others.

Since nothing happened during the day, Xuan, Lan, and Zero came to the exhibition center. Getting food was more convenient here. Plus it didn’t matter much to them if anything gets stolen since they already took back the Book of the Dead.

Kampa was chewing through a whole roasted chicken without any etiquette and drinking a large glass of vodka. He said as people frowned at him. “These people are funny. They should have just hold parties if they like them so much. Haha. Try the roast chicken, it’s good.” He brought a stick to his plate.

Zheng felt full from just watching Kampa eat. He grabbed a plate of fruit salad. “I am not that interested in western cuisine. Chinese cuisine taste much better to me, especially spicy Szechuan food.”

Lan sat next to him and giggled. “Then let’s have a hotpot after going back. I had a friend from Szechuan and saw her made it. I will make the best hotpot you ever tasted.”

The atmosphere was quite relaxed. Xuan was eating a steamed fish quietly. Every once in a while, he would pick out a bone from his mouth. It seemed like he wasn’t used to eating fish. Showing such a difference from his other abilities.

Zheng got up to get some drinks. After a few steps, he suddenly blocked everyone behind him. The four men had all been through life and death situations and fought with Zheng. They immediately surrounded Lan in the center to guard her. WangXia and Xuan took out their submachine gun and pistols.

“What’s the situation? Enemies nearby?” Xuan observed the surrounded and asked Zheng.

The waiters were shocked for a moment. Several screamed and began running away. However, there were screams at the same time coming from far away, actually from three difference places. The place turned into a chaos as people trying to push themselves out. Many fell and got stepped on.

“The smell of blood. A very strong smell of blood. Lan, scan what happened over there.” Zheng shouted.

Lan replied then closed her eyes. After a while, she muttered with confusion. “This can’t be right. There is nothing over those three places or there is nothing alive.”

As she was talking, the three places were emptied out as the crowd backed away. Three large and strong men crouched in the centers. These men were tearing apart the dead bodies on the ground. The attire of the bodies looked like the public figures in the party. Blood and organs splattered over the ground.

One of the men stood up and turned to Zheng. The man’s face looked twisted like someone from an abstract sculpture. His eyes, nose, ears were in different locations. His mouth covered a third of his face. Sharp teeth protruded outside the mouth. Traces of blood, flesh, and bones stuck on the teeth.

Zheng took out the EMP rifle and Gauss rifle without a second of hesitation. He said in a light voice. “They should be the beings created from the mask. But I haven’t received any notifications so the golden mask is probably not a bonus mission. We don’t know how many of them are there. Try not to engage. Kampa and Zero escort Lan and Xuan back to the hotel. WangXia follow me to cover the retreat. I will signal you if we need to use bombs.”

Just then, the man that stood up was walking towards them. Another wave of screams came from the crowd by the entrance. A brown hair young man stood there with a baby boy in his arms. His hair was waving in the air like they had lives. Anyone stabbed by the hair instantly fell to the ground then got back up. They began growing to two meters tall and their body became muscular. However, all their faces were distorted drastically like the three men from before.

“Hidden bonus mission activated. Kill higher life being Tidus. Rewards a rank B reward and 5000 points. Other team members receive a rank C reward and 4000 points. Prevent Alex from becoming a vampire. If Alex dies or becomes a vampire, deduct 10000 points from each member. No time limit.”

The team looked at each other. Their hearts were clenched tight. The four who fought the dragon felt a chill arose from the bottom of their hearts. This brown hair Asian that didn’t look too different from a normal person was on the same scale as the dragon. Even if protecting Alex was part of the difficulty, the man still wouldn’t be far off from the dragon. The penalty was extra weight added to them. If that person dies, their lives would end by the time the days in this world was over.

“Who is Alex? Who the f*ck is this person? How can there suddenly be an unknown person?” Kampa cursed and aimed the EMP rifle at the brown hair Asian. However, Xuan pushed the rifle up before he could fire.

Xuan massaged his temples. “Alex.We are in The Mummy’s world. Between the end of World War 1 and before World War 2. The same time frame the stone mask came to the U.S. in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Out of all the main characters in these two stories, Alex should be the son of Rick O’Connell and Evelyn Carnahan. His current age is around one year old!”

Their eyes turned to the baby boy in the man’s arms. The boy’s face and skin looked Caucasian. Everyone let out a sigh of relief. Kampa was drowned in cold sweat. If he pulled the trigger just then, everyone would got erased at the same time.

Zheng exhaled and said. “Good. Let’s take care of the bonus mission here. These monsters came when we are unprepared but a face to face fight is better than ambushes. Lan, remember his mental waves. Get ready to lock onto his location. We can’t let him run away. Kampa, shoot the vampires at will. Protect Lan and Xuan. Zero, find a spot for sniping. I need you to blow his head with magical bullets. Everyone move!”

Kampa escorted Lan and Xuan heading out of the place. Lan scanned the area and linked with Zheng, Xuan, and Zero’s minds. However, she couldn’t scan nor lock onto the brown hair just like those vampires. If was as though he was already dead, not emitting any mental waves.

The first vampire that ran at Zheng had gotten close. Its speed was not fast but its strength was tremendous. Each step left a footprint on the concrete ground. He jumped three meters high and leaped at Zheng.

The vampire might be unstoppable against normal people but Zheng surpassed it in both strength and speed. He wouldn’t be scared of a mere vampire after surviving multiple life threatening trials, obtaining powers from God, and the enhancements from the dragon’s cells.

When the vampire was one meter away from Zheng, a golden light pierced through its head. Zheng was holding the Spear of Osiris. It still had exceptional sharpness despite not using it with qi or blood energy. Zheng lifted the vampire through the spear then threw it at brown hair.

Brown hair was walking over to Zheng. He held out a hand at the coming vampire and grabbed its head. The vampire began freezing at the head and soon became a frozen statue. He threw the statue on the ground and shattered it.

Brown hair stopped at ten meters away from Zheng. “Give me the gold fragment. I can smell the fragment from your body. I can promise I won’t kill your friends.”

Zheng laughed. “You think you can kill them so easily? You think you can kill them with just these vampires? Stop kidding me. These vampires are nothing compared to T-Rexes. No defense against scientific weapons, similar speed and only three to four times the strength of a normal person. Too bad there are no points from killing them.”

Brown hair was slightly confused but he got the gist of what Zheng said. It was refusal and contempt. He frowned and started walking again. His hair wavering like snakes.

Zheng didn’t move a step. He trusted his abilities and he received a message through soul link that told him to stay put. Just one more step.

Bang! A bullet penetrated the man’s head at the same time the sound came out. The bullet was so powerful that it crushed the head into powder and broke off a street light behind before puncturing a hole into the ground.

The sound of the Gauss sniper rifle went off once again.

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