Terror Infinity

Chapter 10-1

Vol 13: Chapter 10-1.

Zheng exhaled as he heard the familiar sound. He took two steps forward but then jumped back instantly. A faint mark appeared on his face. Something shot out from the man’s sleeves at his head. Luckily he had a strong sense for danger and backed off immediately. Though that thing still left a mark on his face.

(He’s not dead. No blood. Still standing there. The force from the bullet would have knocked the person’s whole body away. How is here still there?)

Zheng didn’t want to get near the headless body. He stared at the body then noticed something moving through peripheral vision. The shattered flesh and bones of the head were wriggling on the ground. The pieces slowly moved themselves to the body then climbed up. Almost a minute later, the man recovered in whole.

Brown hair turned his head and stared with his cold eyes. “Bullet? That force was actually strong. I should kill him first.”

The people that were being eaten by the vampires stood up. Their bodies grew in size but not as big as the first group of vampires. However, they looked more terrifying with torn open skin and exposed organs. These people began moving toward Zero’s location.

Zheng told Zero to leave through soul link. He wouldn’t take light of this man now. This bonus mission was worth a B rank reward after all and rewarded the whole team. The level of danger was equivalent to the dragon.

He finally saw what attacked him. A blood vessel that came out of the man’s body! This kind of weapon gave him creeps.

Zheng took a deep breath. His eyes defocused. Information of the situation streamed into his head, including where the man might attack him, the speed of the hair and blood vessel, how to avoid the baby boy when he attacks.

He then took out the dragonshard necklace from the Na ring and held it in his fist. He charged at the monster. Several blood vessels shot toward his forehead and heart. Both sides were moving at extreme speeds. Zheng didn’t dodge as the blood vessels reached inches close to him. A translucent barrier blocked them off right before they reach his skin. At the same time, he stabbed the Spear of Osiris toward the monster’s head. Unlike when he was facing the vampires, he channeled qi and blood energy into the spear, giving it a golden glow.

Brown hair’s expression finally showed emotion. He lifted his leg to block the spear. The spear hit his heel and pierced right through the leg. Despite Zheng only had time to channel a small amount of energy, the golden light completely wiped off a part of the man’s flesh.

Brown hair seemed like he didn’t feel any pain. He continued his action and drove the spear down to the ground with his leg. At the same time, he grabbed Zheng’s neck with a hand. A deep chill spread from the hand. Zheng lost sense of his neck in under a second. Zheng immediately punched at the arm. Pah! The punch snapped the arm and he quickly pulled himself away.

Before he could follow up, he heard brown hair muttered at the broken arm. “Body toughness isn’t enough. Strength needs to increase by three times.” His arm had already recovered and the muscles on his body were moving violently. A scale like layer surfaced from his skin. Everything happened within just ten seconds. Zheng was totally shocked.

A thought crossed his mind. This situation was what unlocking the fourth stage of the genetic constraint would be like, to be able to alter one’s DNA at will. A person could use different amounts of power depending on the situation. The normal weaker body was beneficial to conserving energy and lessening the strain on the body. Then the person would evolve to a combat ready body during combat. This was the stage his clone was in.

Zheng took a deep breath. He entered the second stage. Both his arms enlarged. Qi and blood energy were channeled into the spear once again. As brown hair charged at him, he stabbed the spear toward the man’s head. Brown hair raised his arm to block. The two came in contact with a clank! But the spear still pierced into the arm. However, it stopped going forward halfway in then stuck in the arm. Zheng was shocked for a moment. Brown hair kicked toward his chest at the same time. He had no choice but to let go of the spear. He jumped back several meters before the kick hit him. But the wind pressure from the kick still caused some pain on his chest. If brown hair was only seven to eight times a normal person’s strength in the beginning, his strength was now at least twenty times.

Brown hair sneered. He pulled the spear out of his arm with content and said with a cold smile. “You are much stronger than a normal human, a strong low rank organism. I have decided to make you a vampire obedient to me, a slave that fights for me. In return, I will give you eternal youth and immense strength.”

Zheng also smiled. “It’s wonderful that I get to fight you before meeting my clone. Yes, you have an ability belonging to the fourth stage of the unlocked mode, but you aren’t as strong as someone in the fourth stage. You will be a demonstration subject. Good that I don’t have to guess how strong he is blindly. I only need to use Explosion for you!”

Brown hair was obviously confused at Zheng’s words. At the same time, a series of gunshots were going off by the edge of the exhibition center. That was Kampa firing at the vampires.

Brown hair was ready to attack again when Zheng suddenly disappeared from his vision. The ground that Zheng was standing on exploded. The force from his steps crushed the concrete. He charged toward the man at lightning speed then punched the man’s head into his body. Zheng seized the baby boy from the man’s arms then sent him back a few dozen meters with a kick. The man smashed onto a street light.

“Didn’t get it? This is Explosion!”

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