Terror Infinity

Chapter 9-2

Vol 10: Chapter 9-2.

Two hundred kilometers from the checkpoint. Clone Zheng crouched on the floor as the coach drove casually. “It’s about time. Tom, where are they?”

Tom shrugged. “Can’t track them anymore. I used too much energy back then. Still having a headache now.”

“Amy, what about you? Still tracking them?” Zheng said.

Amy was a girl with blonde wavy hair. She laughed. “Of course. But I can’t break through her psyche force interference alone, so I can only know their approximate location. They should be at twenty kilometers from the checkpoint.”

Zheng stood up and took out a ring from his pocket. “Then we should start to get serious. The usual rules. Main combatants have the right to kill one upon capturing them. The rest goes to the team. Their unlocked members must wait for my distribution.” He took out several metallic boards from the ring.

A West European man said with a smile. “This Sky Stick is such useful. Why didn’t Xuan make a few more? Isn’t it better to equip everyone with one instead of having to squeeze two people on one.”

Xuan took a board and said. “Materials are expensive and takes too long to create. I can consider it after this movie.”

The man laughed out loud. He grabbed Amy and kissed her on the face. “Haha, remember what you said. I’ve been wanting one for so long. If it doesn’t cost a rank B reward, I would have exchanged one myself. How is the analysis with the Xiuzhen (Cultivation) writing we obtained from The Legend of Zu? Shit, those people are game breaking. Lucky our mission didn’t have any conflict with them. Otherwise, any no name was enough to wipe us on by himself. I want to learn those techniques too!”

Xuan stood on a Sky Stick and said calmly. “The result is it takes fifty years to complete the Foundation stage without enhancements from God. I can give you the training method if you want.” Two handguns appeared on his hand. He shot a circle on the ceiling of the coach then few out on the Sky Stick.

Twenty kilometers from the checkpoint. Team China were driving several cars on the road to the checkpoint. The cars could never pick up their speed due to the many broken vehicles on the road, and the fires on some sections. Their speed hovered around just 20km. It took an hour for them to reach the last buildings before the highway to the checkpoint. The highway section was just open fields and didn’t had the terrain for a fight.

Lan could only connect three people to the Soul Link, but that was enough for them now. She only need to send the three main combatants the result of the scan. Everyone else just had to keep going straight ahead.

Zheng, Yinkong, and Heng looked as the cars drove off. Then they carefully examined the buildings in this area. There were five skyscrapers and the rest were just ten-meter-tall buildings and residential houses. Many stores on the sides of the streets and complex valleys. After God changed the plot and the size of this city, this area became immense. The terrain was perfectly suitable for sniping. As soon as team Devil passes this place, it would be their opportunity to stop them here!

The checkpoint was just over twenty kilometers away from this place. The big group should reach it in about an hour, though only if nothing happens on the way. After the three combatants left, the group’s strength was very low. Fortunately, they got the help of the movie characters and Alice also unlocked her genetic constraint. It shouldn’t be difficult as long as they don’t encounter team Devil.

The three of them found their spot. Yinkong went into stealth in a valley. Zheng entered a skyscraper. Heng climbed to the top of a clock tower. He was just 3000 meters away from Zheng and could look down at the valleys.

Zheng sat on the edge of the building. The crowded houses and valleys gave him a little nausea so he had to look pass them. It was dark but there was a hint of light by the horizon. People always said that the darkest time of the day was right before dawn.

Zheng took out a pack of cigarette and lit one but he didn’t smoke it. Because he touched the cigarette butt with his other hand. That was the only item left from his comrade of the past.

Zheng thought for a while then put that cigarette butt into his ring. He also saw a sachet in the ring. That was the present from Lan before entering this movie, a present she made by hand. How could a man understand a girl’s feelings? Especially since he already had Lori. He was sorry for Lan’s love, and this guilt became a baggage on him. Even though Lan looked cool but he knew a part of it was just acting.

Zheng lay down and looked up to the starry sky. Numerous thoughts cross his mind. He didn’t know why but he felt that he would change drastically after today, such an indescribable feeling. Then comrades that had died suddenly appeared in his mind, Xuan, Zero, Tengyi, Jie.

Everyone of them made him a little more mature. He once read that growing up was a kind of pain, so painful journeys signified growth.

When he first entered this world, all he that was on his mind was the fear of dying. He struggled. He gave all he had to live. Just the simple desire to live.

Then he created the girl of his dream. His desire became stronger. He wanted to live and live with her, even if that was just for ten more days. He needed to become stronger!

However, Xuan’s actions let him know that as someone with power, wanting to live by himself and wanting everyone to live were different concepts. As a leader, he had to choose between cruelty and sacrifices.

Xuan gave him his first lesson on leadership and Zero and Tengyi showed him that comrades will sacrifice themselves for each other!

What were the values of comrades? Giving the safety of his back to each others then focus on the enemies in front because they believed their comrades could block all attacks from behind, even if that meant their lives.

Lan and the others were putting their safety in his hands now. He had to block off this place and stop team Devil so his comrades could go back to God’s dimension!

His comrades taught him, and touched his heart. Then Jie’s existence made him feel grief. It was a feeling of being unable to escape.

He would never have believed that Jie was a Guide if the words didn’t come from his mouth. Such a happy man that liked to laugh was a program God created. If he was a program then what were those people that were living with no dreams, and didn’t know what they live for?

He could never forget that smell of cigarette when he first entered this world, and the relief and sorrow of Jie after his defeat.

Zheng took out the sniper rifle from his ring. He knew he was not alone. No one could survive by himself in this world. So he needed comrades. And the help of these comrades made him grew. He will keep becoming stronger because he was carrying on the strength of those who died. He was not alone! Never will be!

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