Terror Infinity

Chapter 9-1

Vol 10: Chapter 9-1.

The helicopter had started falling before everyone came back from the shock. They all grabbed onto something nearby in reflex. Carlos yelled. “The helicopter is getting pulled down! Everyone stand firm!”

The helicopter crashed onto a street and slid a long distance before hitting a wall. Fortunately, this military helicopter didn’t explode. But everyone inside took a hit from the collision. The helicopter was bent out of shape, several people had their faces full of blood, and LJ’s arm dislocated.

As soon as his sense came back, Carlos yelled. “Get out! It’s going to explode!” He grabbed the two people near him and ran to the exit.

The others also helped the wounded up and ran out of the helicopter. Once outside, they saw the fuel tank was indeed leaking. Everyone began to run for their lives. Just some distance in before it exploded. The helicopter turned into a fireball and the shop next to it collapsed.

They ran for ten more meters then stopped panting. Zheng yelled. “Lan, the current distance!”

Zheng was going to take out the phone and have the Corporation order the armed helicopters to take them in. However, those helicopters also started falling before he even opened the case. These helicopters crashed into buildings and exploded at once.

“We have no choice. Hurry and run.” Zheng smiled bitterly.

Lan said. “Still seventy kilometers from the checkpoint. There’s a parking lot three kilometers ahead. We should be able to find a car.”

Zheng took a deep breath. “Go, we will talk as we run. Lan, give me an image of the map around us.”

Lan sent the image of the psyche scan to Zheng’s mind. He could focus on a location with his mind and zoom in. Several minutes later, Zheng said. “We will fight here.”

According to their plan, if the distance was less than a hundred kilometers, they would split up. Zheng would ambush team Devil. He could also simulate Zero to snipe at a long distance. Yinkong would hide beside him and attack anyone that comes near.

Heng would stay even farther away. His mission was to protect Zheng and Yinkong. The charged shot and focus ability gave him enough power to kill anyone with his first shot! Or at least incapacitate the enemy.

Although they were separated into three groups, their attacks synergize with each other in this complex terrain. Just the three of them could stop team Devil for at least half an hour. So that they couldn’t chase up to the other group.

The last group consisting of Honglu, ChengXiao, Lan, the newbies, and the movie characters were heading to the checkpoint. Lan connected the three attackers to the Soul Link and Honglu would think of ways for them to escape or attack. ChengXiao was the group’s last line of defense. Because aside from the movie characters, this group was powerless.

“We will separate into four groups. It’s easier for the three of us to run alone in this terrain. Even if we can’t run, we can kill a person have the rest of the team live. You must reach the checkpoint as fast as possible. If you die, our points will also go into the negatives. Then the result will be a wipe.” Zheng said calmly.

He continued looking at the map. “This will be the sniping spot.”

It was the most complex area and beyond it were highways. If team Devil wanted to chase after the big group, they would have to get past Zheng and Heng’s snipes.

“We will leave this to fate.” They continued running and soon reached the parking lot. Several zombie dogs came out. These dogs looked bigger and more muscular than before. Their bodies were full of tentacles instead of rotted, like taken over by a parasite.

They gunned the dogs into pieces before they could jump. After several fights with zombies, everyone became more calm, including the camcorder woman and LJ. Reling even burst a dog’s head with her desert eagle.

“Our team is strong. We have the potential and reasons to keep becoming stronger. So please, god, don’t let my comrades die here!”

Zheng thought to himself and headed first into the parking lot. Suddenly, he sensed something on top. When he raised his head, there were several zombies hanging on the ceiling. The tentacles on these zombies were absorbing a lot of corpses, and even a creeper.

Carlos screamed and began firing at them. The gunshots startled these tentacle zombies. Then one dropped down to the ground.

Zheng immediately took out a grenade and pulled the ring. He counted the time instead of throwing it out. When the time was up, he threw it at the ceiling then turned around pushed everyone to the ground. The explosion followed right after behind him.

The whole parking lot trembled, making them suspect if it was going to collapse. They looked back inside after the trembling stopped. The grenade exploded before it fell to the ground so the cars weren’t damaged too much. Only some windows were shattered and the larger vehicles destroyed.

Zheng smiled bitterly. He led everyone to a compact and said. “Four people a car. Don’t waste time choosing. Find a sports car and start driving. Heng, Yinkong, and I will stay together. Go choose. Remember, go straight for the checkpoint. Don’t fall behind or something. ChengXiao, I will leave them to you.”

ChengXiao paused for a moment when he heard it then said in a serious tone. “I can’t promise about the men, but I will protect the girls. Its shameful to let a girl get hurt before a man dies. Rest assured. I will do what I promised!”

Zheng sighed as he looked at everyone. Whether it was Lan, Honglu, the newbies, or the movie characters were all people he fought with and depended on during this time. Now it was time for him to fight with his life for them!

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