Terror Infinity

Chapter 8-3

Vol 2: Chapter 8-3.

Zheng couldn’t feel pain anymore. He bit on the Queen’s claw and wouldn’t let go of it, afraid that he would fall to the ground. He didn’t have legs anymore, if he falls off, then he wouldn’t be able to do anything even with the steel bar. This was his last chance!

His conscious was fading, Zheng could feel his body was turning cold. He knew this was the prelude to dying. It was said that someone struggled for several minutes after being cut in half from the waist. If it was in a freezing place, some people could even struggler for over half an hour. But he had already suffered critical injuries, after cutting him in the waist, he was about to die any second now.

Since he couldn’t move his mouth, he tried to place the grenade’s ring over the Queen’s claw. Then he pulled it, but before he had time to do anything else, he heard an attack coming toward his head. It was either the other claw or the tongue.

Pah!Pah! A few gun shots came from not far away. Xuan stood trembling next to a steel case. One of his arms had broken in half. His waist was bent at a weird angle.

These gun shots came from Xuan’s remaining hand. He accurately hit the Queen’s tongue again. His short distance aiming was proven to be excellent again and the pistol he chose was exceptionally powerful. These shots broke off the front part of the tongue and changed the tongue’s direction. The tongue barely scratched the side of Zheng’s head.

“Hurry up and do what you need! My vision is going blind!” Xuan shouted while shooting non stop.

Zheng put his left hand on the claw. Then he let go of his mouth and concentrated all his strength to push himself up. He jumped over two meters from the claw and toward the Queen’s head.

With a sizz, he pierced the steel bar into the side of the Queen’s head and through her mouth. The Queen had raised her other claw halfway by this time, but before she could swipe Zheng, the grenade exploded with a bang. The explosion blasted Zheng’s left arm into pieces and along with it, the Queen’s head. Shrapnels, and pieces of the steel bar hit his body. Yet these shrapnels were so minor compared to the injuries he already had. He closed his eyes and let himself fell to the ground.

His Qi was all used up, his blood energy was almost empty, his body was reaching the limit from unlocking the genetic constraint, he had lost over half his blood. All these injuries could kill any strong man instantly… Zheng didn’t have energy to move a muscle. Even just closing his eyes made him feel exhausted. He felt tired, he just wanted to find a place and sleep. Yet, he felt that there was still something he had to do…

“F*ck you God, hurry up and repair our bodies… The points, deduct them however you want…”

Zheng vaguely heard Jie’s almost intangible shouting, and along with it, a very familiar weeping from a girl. This made him try to open his eyes, yet he was too tired to do it. If it wasn’t for this weeping, he already would had fallen into a deep sleep.

Suddenly a warm sensation enclosed him. He felt as if he was in a hot spring. His whole body felt cozy and comfortable, yet it didn’t last long. After the comfort was extreme pain. This pain stimulated him to wake up.

Once Zheng woke up, he felt startled. He recalled that last encounter with the Queen and it made his whole body cold. That was a monster over seven meters tall and almost twenty meters in length. Even an elephant would only take a few lashes from its tail yet he still fought it in close combat. The whole thought of it scared him.

It wasn’t until now that he had a look of the surrounding. This was God’s dimension, a large platform and a floating sphere of light, and the darkness to the sides. This was the only safe place in the world of horror movies.

He was floating in a beam of light shot from the sphere. There were four other dimmer beams. Xuan was floating in the dimmest one because his injuries weren’t as critical. Then it was Zero and Jie. The luminance of Lan’s beam was just below his.

Four? Zheng counted again, yes, only four. Kampa wasn’t in this platform. That Russian mercenary didn’t make it. This made him a bit down. Only those that survived could come back to this dimension.

Then he looked at his own body. The pain was subsiding yet it was still unbearable. His lower body was gone, both his arms were gone, his torso was filled with shrapnels. Luckily there were only scratches on his face, it didn’t get hit by the shrapnels.

His muscles were wriggling like they were alive. Under this beam, his muscles and bones were growing back in visible speed.

Zheng didn’t want to look at his body anymore, the visible grow of muscles, bones, organs disgusted him. He looked down beyond his body and saw two girls with teary eyes looking at them. One was the woman Jie created, the other was Lori. This fifteen year old girl looked so heart broken.

Zheng still couldn’t talk. His throat was cut by a shrapnel. He opened his mouth at Lori and tried to send his message with his lips. Even though he didn’t know if she could understand it.

“I came back alive… Lori, I kept our promise, and came back alive!”

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