Terror Infinity

Chapter 8-2

Vol 2: Chapter 8-2.

Zheng was knocked several meters away, but he didn’t fall to the ground. Instead he kicked at the ground and jumped right back to the Queen’s direction. He didn’t pause a bit despite his whole right arm was dripping in blood.

That swipe from the Queen caught onto his right arm and the claw took over half his right arm when it pulled away. Immense pain struck him, a normal person would had fainted from the pain, but the moment Zheng felt pain, he instinctly blocked off the pain signals. Yet, he knew he didn’t have much time left.

Blood! Yes, blood!

A human will go into a coma after losing twenty percent of his blood. And losing a third will be fatal.

Zheng didn’t know how much blood he had lost already. He started bleeding since the first encounter with the Aliens. Then when his belly and intestines were cut off, he suffered a massive haemorrhage. Losing his right arm just then only bled a little. The amount of blood in his body was probably reaching its limit. But the lack of blood was only one of the danger he was in. The other danger was genetic breakdown from unlocking his constraint.

Everytime after unlocking the genetic constraint, aside from the pain he could feel that his whole body was breaking down. It was almost impossible for a normal organism to unlock the genetic constraint because big alterations in genetics were in themselves fatal to the organism. And this time that he was facing the Queen, he unlocked the constraint by a deeper state than the previous two times.

He knew he didn’t have much time left. Critical injuries, loss of blood, genetic breakdown, any of those could erase him from this world. If he failed, it didn’t even need the Queen to kill him. He was already half way toward death.

Must finish the battle within three minutes!

Zheng was rushing to where he dropped his rifle. The other steel bar was in Lan’s hands, so in comparison the rifle’s location was closer and a better choice. The Queen had lost her shell on the waist, even a semi automatic rifle could damage her. The only thing he had to be aware of was the Queen’s attacks. That speed and power wasn’t something he could stand even a hit.

The Queen screamed, that grenade wasn’t too powerful. If it exploded on the shell instead of inside the Queen’s body, then it couldn’t even break open the shell. As she saw Zheng running at her direction, she growled then raised her tail and lashed at Zheng.

As Zheng picked up the rifle, he could hear the sound of the lash approaching his head. He immediately stood up without thinking. It was impossible to dodge it, so instead taking the hit with his head, he rather make use of his remaining right arm… wasn’t there still a fraction of his right arm left?

With a thump, he felt like his right chest had been hit by a truck. Blood gushed out from his mouth and new information appeared in his head, right ribs suffered a comminuted fracture, bones pierced into his right lung, internal bleeding and insufficient oxygen. He would die in two to three minutes!

Zheng had gone all out. The moment the Queen’s tail hit him, he clampped onto the tail with his right arm desperately. Even though it wasn’t too tight, he avoided getting knocked away again. He swung for almost a circle on the Queen’s tail then landed on the other side of the Queen, the side where her shell broke!

He immediately aimed the rifle at her waist. With a few shots, yellow blood gushed out from the waist. The blood might be terrifying to normal people, but Zheng could resist the corrosion a bit. Blood got onto his body and burned his skin black. It didn’t corrode his body like it did to Jie’s arms.

The real danger was the Queen’s follow up attacks. Zheng gritted his teeth then jumped at the Queen. Since he was risking his life anyway, he might as well give the Queen a little surprise.


Zheng jumped at the injured part of the Queen’s waist. He stepped his feet into her flesh, stabbed the rifle into her waist and started firing. The Queen’s growls gradually weakened.

After about ten shots, the Queen got him off her waist. And before he fell to the ground, her claw got a hold of him. The claw pierced through his left chest, and he gushed out more blood.

“Lan… Lan! Give me the steel bar!”

Zheng was exhausted at this point. All those actions had squeezed the last bit of his potential. His Qi was almost gone, the blood energy was being used to keep his body alive, his consciousness was fading. It was the will of living on that was supporting him, but this was also coming to an end.

Lan suffered the least injury among them. Even though the injury on her shoulder looked scary, it was nothing compared to the others. She immediately got herself up upon hearing Zheng, then ran at the Queen’s direction without even looking at her. At the same time, gun shots came from the side of the Queen. Zero was lying on his stomach and throwing up blood, but he kept shooting at the Queen’s waist with the submachine gun. Before he got a few shots off, the Queen’s tail knocked him away. He was on the brink of death.

Lan kept running toward the Queen, but the Queen might had felt that Lan wasn’t a threat. She banged Zheng against the corner of one of the steel cases. Zheng could hear the sound of his spine breaking in half. Aside from the immense pain, he realized he had lost sensation of his body below the belly. His whole body was bent at a sharp angle.

(Don’t want to die, I don’t want to die!)

Zheng started roaring. His final struggle before death allowed him to gather a small amount of Qi on his left hand. He also forced all the blood energy into his hand. Then he clawed at the Queen’s shell. Inch by inch, the corrosive property of blood energy appeared for the first time. His fingers clawed five holes on the Queen’s shell.

“Zheng! Catch!”

Lan’s speed was rather limited. When she saw Zheng’s body snapped, she rushed over and at the same time threw the steel bar toward him. Right after she threw the bar, the Queen’s tail stabbed into her chest and opened up a large hole in the middle of her chest. It seemed like she wasn’t going to live much longer also.

Zheng forced the claw off him before the steel bar arrived. Then he bit at the Queen’s shell, while his remaining left hand caught the steel bar. Yet at the same time, the Queen’s other claw slapped at him and totally crushed his lower body. That slap split his body in halves.

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