Terror Infinity

Chapter 24-5

Chapter 24-5: The Incorruptible Xia!(V)

Not long after, Lin Juntian who had been knocked unconscious awoke. He didn’t know what was going on, until Liu Yu narrated it to him. He sunk into silence, mourning the loss of his fellows. They were all from team China, and he was just a rookie, weak and without the conviction to become strong. It could be said that he was the weakest in team China, even weaker than Liu Yu. Seeing so many powerful people die, there was a feeling in his heart that he couldn’t describe. It was difficult to bear and a sense of powerlessness, and he rather he stayed unconscious and didn’t wake up.

“Don’t overthink it. Not many of those who enter the realm have any superpowers, special techniques or are martial arts experts. The vast majority of those who entered, became stronger step by step from being weak, becoming stronger for the sake of living on. So, you don’t need to consider yourself too weak. Rather, you’re just too inexperienced…” Wangxia patted Juntian’s shoulder.

Juntian didn’t turn his head around, and suddenly asked, “Wangxia, why did you become strong? For team China? That sounds a little childish…”

“Childish? No, I don’t find it so at all.” Wangxia looked up at the sky, only saying after some time, “It’s only if team China wins that we have a chance to bring the things we obtain from God’s Realm to the real world, be they techniques, enhancements, various genetic data, technologies or magic. That way, our country will become strong… That’s why I became strong.”

Juntian gave him an astonished look. There wasn’t admiration in his face, but rather, disdain. He only continued after a long pause, “For the country? That’s even more…”

“Is that so?” Wangxia argued, but he didn’t argue about it. He only took out a cigarette, silently lighting it.

The atmosphere turned silent again, before Liu Yu said, “Big bro Juntian, I also have my conviction to become stronger now. Pride. The pride of team China being the strongest! I’ll work hard to become someone worthy of this. Although I don’t know long it’ll take, I believe I can do it!”

Juntian became even more silent hearing this. He didn’t say anything, only lowering his head silently, contemplating something.

However, the silence didn’t last long as a roar travelled over from the distance. It shook the skies, as if some sort of monster had appeared there. And the direction was exactly where Yinglong had detonated his nascent divinity. The three were immediately stunned, and Wangxia looked at the two Zhengs’ battlefield. He immediately brought the other two into the sky, quickly flying over to where the roar came from.

Not long after, they saw the source of the noise. It was an enormous giant dozens of meters big. There were over ten wings on its back, and its body was a purplish red. An A.T. Field could be faintly seen around it. The Eva had regenerated again, Yinglong’s powerful attack forcing it this monster with a 400% synch rate and infinite Light of the Soul to keep quiet for over ten minutes. The body that could originally regenerate instantly still hadn’t returned to perfect condition, and its speed was much slower. It was no longer relying on the A.T. Field to levitate in the sky, instead walking towards Zheng’s battlefield step by step.

“This is the monster Yinglong was fighting? It really does look shocking. This ground here for dozens of kilometers around had been leveled. Those two explosions just now really were terrifying. I didn’t think it still wouldn’t be able to kill this monster.” Wangxia’s expression was serious as he looked at the Eva. Just based on feeling, he could instinctively sense this Eva’s terrifyingness. It was a living thing’s instincts, like a rabbit met a wolf, or an ant met its predator.

“Liu Yu, can you still summon obelisk?” Wangxia immediately asked Liu Yu.

The little boy shook his head. “I can’t. My psyche force has been used up when I summoned it against team Celestial and the battle just now.”

“Is that so?” Wangia shook his head as he smiled bitterly. He then asked Juntian, “You? Can you create hydrogen?”

Juntian also shook his head as he smiled bitterly. “No. I did it before by relying on Tengyi to materialise hydrogen. Let alone atoms and molecules, I can’t even materialise things on the nanometer scale. At most, the smallest I can go is millimeters.”

“That neither, then?” Wangxia sighed internally.

As they spoke, the originally slow Eva had picked up speed, and the A.T. Field on its body became more obvious. The Eva with infinite Light of the Soul was getting stronger and stronger as time passed. As long as enough time was given, recovering to its peak state before fighting Yinglong wasn’t impossible.

This was obvious to Wangxia too. He could see the Eva getting faster and faster, and its A.T. Field getting stronger and stronger. He immediately manipulated a miniature nuke to blow up in its area. An enormous mushroom cloud rose up, while the three remained in the sky, unaffected by it. When the dust settled, the Eva remained unharmed from it, and even seemed to be lifting its head and looking at the three.

“No effect. No, there was. The Light of the Soul has obviously become much weaker, and its speed has slowed. If we hit it with enough firepower, we can break its Light of the Soul and destroy its body.” Wangxia muttered. Just as he was about to use a miniature nuke, weakness suddenly flooded his body, and he nearly fell from the Sky Stick. Several consecutive battles, especially the powerful bomb against Adam had nearly killed him. He had also used a few miniature nukes after that. The current him didn’t have any spare strength to fight the Eva.

“Dammit! How could I fail at this the final important juncture! How could I let a monster like you interfere with Zheng’s decisive battle!” Wangxia cursed, and immediately took out all the miniature nukes from his dimensional bag without hesitation, as well a miniature nuke launcher. He said loudly, “People shouldn’t die from holding back their piss, right? Even if I can’t increase its power, I’ll bury you with numbers!” As he spoke, a miniature nuclear missile was already fired towards the Eva.

There was a loud explosion. Wangxia didn’t stop as he continuously fired miniature nuclear missiles at the Eva. A series of explosions resounded as over ten craters were blown open in the ground. Even without Bomb Dominator to increase the power, the miniature nukes were still powerful, and the consecutive miniature nukes made the mushroom clouds rising up never cease. Wangxia only stopped when he had his sole last remaining miniature nuke left, staring at the dust.

After a moment, the dust settled and the Eva within had lost half its body, the A.T. Field weak until it could no longer be seen. However, the body continued to wriggle and regenerate. It wouldn’t be able to move for the next ten minutes. Liu Yu and Juntian sighed in relief when they saw this, and Liu Yu hurriedly said, “Big bro Wangxia, fire the last miniature nuke at it. It looks like it’s done for. Even if the last miniature nuke doesn’t kill it, it’ll damage it even further. We can drag the time out more then…”

“No… no.”

Wangxia’s expression was one of agony. “I’m leaving one last missile. I call this the Blaze of Glory Missile. I don't want to be a hostage and don’t want to lose either. This missile is our last bit of conviction for when we’re in desperate straits. So what if we blow this Eva up with this miniature nuke, if it regenerates again later? What other methods will we have against it? No, there’s no more, so this last miniature nuke is for me…”

“Juntian, you find my thinking childish, right? Then let me tell you now… Even if I die, my beliefs will never change! This is the conviction by which I live on, by which I fight on! It will NEVER change!” Wangxia looked seriously at Juntian. Finished speaking, he hugged the miniature nuke in embrace, and steered the Sky Stick toward the Eva despite the other two’s shouts...

“MONSTER! With my body as a bomb, I want to see if you can endure this last explosion!”

… Always, what’s held the highest position in my heart and is the most beautiful to me is that red flag with five stars. The red scarf [1] I used to wear was a corner of that flag...

… So I joined the army. I wanted to devote my body to my motherland I loved, the motherland that raised me...

I don’t know when, but everyone around me slowly changed. They left the army one by one. Was it that economic boom? Or the reality that everyone looks down on patriotism?

Once… I went to Tiananmen Square. There, the Monument to the People’s Heroes[2] is erected. It was so splendid, so glorious set against the rising sun. I saluted to it… But I was laughed at by youths at the side. Could it be, my perseverance is no longer that important nowadays?

Once… I swore on the flag. I wanted to use my hot-bloodedness to water it, to defend it with my life. But the decline of officials, the squabbles in the government, the undercurrents filling the army… Can I really realise my vow one day?

My mother… her hair is already white, but she still believes her son is a hero! Can I change this country? Can I really become a hero?

Team China… as long as Zheng, that kind man, wins, he can definitely bring the realm’s technology and power back to the real world with Xuan's help. Even if that country is already filled with filth, even if many inside have begun to be corrupted...

Soldiers… For me who’s always been a soldier, I’ve never ever been so resolute before! My conviction, my courage, my life. For the sake of my beloved motherland, I won’t give up even if I die… Even if many in this country have already been corrupted… Even so… I...

I, Wangxia, will never be corrupted!

There was a loud boom as an explosion with even more power than a hydrogen bomb went off, enveloping the Eva within...

TL Note: The character Xia(侠) in Wangxia means 'hero'.

[1] The red scarf is something that the Young Pioneers of China wear.

[2] The Monument to the People's Heroes is a ten-story obelisk that was erected as a national monument of the People's Republic of China to the martyrs of revolutionary struggle during the 19th and 20th centuries.

Team China Fallen: Xiao Honglu, Zero, Anck-Su-Namun, Qi Tengyi, Dragon, Kampa, Lan Feng, Imhotep, Zhao Yingkong (Main Personality), Luo Yinglong, Zhang Heng, Clone Ming Yanwei, Cheng Xiao, Ming Yanwei, Wangxia

Remaining Survivors: Zheng Zha, Chu Xuan, Liu Yu, Lin Juntian, Zhao Yingkong (Secondary Personality)

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