Terror Infinity

Chapter 24-4: The Incorruptible Xia!(IV)

Chapter 24-4: The Incorruptible Xia!(IV)

Although the insects had been injured from being at the explosion’s centre, they were still insects that don’t die easily. Dozens of smaller insects had survived the explosion, and were persistently going after Wangxia’s three as if they had sworn to rip them apart.

Although they were described as smaller, even these insects were over dozens of centimeters, such as a mantis half a meter big. It was definitely the kind that could rend metal apart. There was also a mosquito of length half a meter with its wings blown off. Its long snout looked like a sharp sword. It looked nothing like it was for sucking blood. Being pricked by it would open up a see-through hole that was palm-sized.

When Wangxia saw these insects coming, he helplessly threw a bomb at them. However, the shockwaves could only send them flying and wasn’t able to exterminate them. These insects were really hard to deal with.

However, it wasn’t surprising. The more powerful a skill, the greater its restrictions. This man obviously used his body as a catalyst to summon these insects. Put unpleasantly, this man didn’t have much meat on his bones. He was skinny and small, and even if he turned into a skeleton and used all his flesh to create insects, he wouldn’t be able to create an army. If he met a fourth stager, they would need one strike per insect, and he soon wouldn’t any flesh left to summon insects. Thus, this skill was basically a skill to bring the enemy down with yourself.

Fortunately, Wangxia had used the miniature nuke in time, or he would have summoned even more bugs in a while. To these team China members without high level combat power, it would be a hellscape of bugs.

Liu Yu grit his teeth and sent Obelisk into the swarm of bugs upon seeing Wangxia’s bombs ineffective. The enormous metal humanoid crossed dozens of meters with one step, reaching the swarm within two steps. It squashed a cockroach beneath its foot, but unexpectedly, it immediately continued crawled forward as soon as Obelisk lifted its foot, except that it was much slower than before. It really was one of the most resilient creatures, for this enormous force not to kill it. Wangxia and Liu Yu were tongue-tied, and couldn’t think of a method to kill them.

“WANGXIA! Throw a nuke!” The nearby Cheng Xiao suddenly shouted. At the same time, he was knocked flying by the werewolf’s paw, and four lacerations deep enough to seen bone were opened in his right chest. However, he leapt up when he hit the ground, as if all he received were flesh wounds when he was knocked back every time. He kept tying down the werewolf, rendering him unable to approach Yanwei who was feebly on the ground.

The werewolf seemed to have lost its temper. When Cheng Xiao jumped up again, it didn’t raise its paw to attack, instead opened its ferocious mouth and bit at Cheng Xiao. It was much slower than its claws, and just as Cheng Xiao attempted to jump out of the way, it was as if a giant hammer smashed into his mind, turning his consciousness hazy. He wasn’t able to accomplish his jump, and the werewolf’s teeth sunk into his stomach, ripping away his guts in the process.

“DAMN IT! This psyche force user is too troublesome… Wangxia! If you still don’t do it, I won’t be able to die in peace!” Cheng Xiao spat out another mouthful of blood, feeling strength gradually leave his body, as he started cursing.

Wangxia was watching on with bloodshot eyes. He wished so, so hard he could throw a few bombs and vaporise this werewolf, but Cheng Xiao and Yanwei were still near it. If he threw a nuke...

“Wangxia, do it… Remember what we said before this final battle? We have to win this final battle. I think Yanwei has the resolve to die too. She’s also forgiven Heng, so her willpower can’t be any lower than us, right? Do it!” Cheng Xiao’s voice was hoarse. He was practically tearing his throat apart to shout, while Wangxia finally took out a miniature nuke. He placed his skill on it, manipulating it to fly to Cheng Xiao and the werewolf.

And Cheng Xiao finally revealed that ruffian smile of his.

“Seriously, that’s nothing like you, Wangxia… Goodbye, my comrade.”

“... Goodbye, my comrade.” Wangxia gave a roar as he triggered an explosion, the light in that instant akin to a sun’s as it enveloped the space around Cheng Xiao. The shockwaves and squall followed, dust flying up hundred of meters. As for the three inside… not even bones were left of them.

The enormous shockwaves continued to propagate, and Liu Yu who was besides Wangxia couldn’t stop himself from crying. He was still just a kid. Perhaps, he could face the various horror movies and dangerous situations, and the various life and death situations. However, when facing his comrades’ sacrifices and deaths, all he could do

“Don’t cry… Liu Yu, you’re a member of team China. You’ll become a powerful warrior and truly brave in the future, so remember… Team China will surely become the strongest team of God’s Realm! We’re the members of the strongest team, so never embarrass the words team China. Don’t hesitate even in the face of death.

Wangxia turned his head to look at the approaching swarm as he spoke. Under Obelisk’s relentless stepping, only a dozen or so were left. However, they were still enough to kill them. As Liu Yu’s psyche force was depleted, Obelisk turned into a card again. There was no longer any obstruction between the three and the swarm, and Wangxia took out two miniature nukes continuously. He wasn’t able to use any more for the moment. They were currently in utmost peril.

“Team China must win! It has to win, even if I die!” Wangxia suddenly lifted his head up, a cool and resolute expression on his face. At the same time, he advanced towards the swarm, several miniature nukes revolving around him. No one knew what he was trying to do.

(My Bomb Dominator’s final move is to turn myself into a giant bomb. If I do it in conjunction with these miniature nukes, the power won’t be any less than an actual hydrogen bomb. But if I do this, Liu Yu and Juntian will definitely die… Sorry. I’m dragging down you two along with me to help team China win. Sorry, my comrades.)

Wangxia grit his teeth, and was just about to charge at the swarm when a girl’s petite figure suddenly appeared within the swarm before he could take a few steps. The front two insects were suddenly bisected, while the girl didn’t stop, continuing to flash back and forth in the swarm. The swarm that Wangxia’s three was helpless against was easily exterminated by her. It really was true that everything had a counter to it.

The girl slowly turned her head around when she disposed of those insects. It was Yingkong, only that her expression was slightly strange, seeming to be much colder than before. Her face even seemed slightly translucent, although you wouldn’t be able to notice it if you didn’t focus on it.

“... I’m going to help Zheng. You all stand guard here. Don’t let anyone bother them. Wangxia… you’re good.” Yingkong gave him a deep look, and she seemed to sigh. She vanished, and Wangxia didn’t even know how she had moved. At the same time, the head of that psyche force user was sent flying into the sky, while her body fell from the sky, completely dead.

“What happened? What did Yingkong mean? And why did she look so strange?” Wangxia finally sighed in relief, keeping the miniature nukes floating around him. However, he was filled with doubt as Yingkong’s appearance and disappearance had been too abrupt. Even her words had been strange, and Wangxia wasn’t able to tell what she had meant.

However, the three from team Devil were dead. Although only Wangxia and two rookies were left, they had still swept the main battlefield clean. There shouldn’t be anyone bothering the two Zhengs’ fight anytime soon. What followed, the three of them lacked the ability to influence. Their mission was almost complete, and all that was left was to wait for the final battle’s conclusion, whether it was victory or defeat...

Team China Fallen: Xiao Honglu, Zero, Anck-Su-Namun, Qi Tengyi, Dragon, Kampa, Lan Feng, Imhotep, Zhao Yingkong (Main Personality), Luo Yinglong, Zhang Heng, Clone Ming Yanwei, Cheng Xiao, Ming Yanwei

Remaining Survivors: Zheng Zha, Chu Xuan, Liu Yu, Lin Juntian, Wangxia, Zhao Yingkong (Secondary Personality)

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