Terror Infinity

Chapter 21-2

As Luo Yinglong was displaying his full power, the far away Adam was being eaten by Luo Gando. The survivors from team China all flew off in the direction the ropes went, leaving only the Eva that was wrapped up in a sphere of light behind.

The Eva was a half-mechanical lifeform with a mechanical exterior and organic interior, with an enormous body several meters tall. The mechanical exterior had mostly come apart minus a few critical and important parts. Its body was already covered in purple muscles and there were over ten wings behind its back, which had reached a wingspan of thirty to forty meters each.

(Where am I? I remember I was integrating with the Eva and about to fight Luo Yinglong and those from team China. Did I kill them? Or did they run away?)

Gando tested out his limbs, and didn't immediately recover from his confusion as he looked around to find his surroundings in ruins. It seemed a brutal battle had taken place, and the current scene didn't seem to have been caused by his Eva.

(Strange. Who was I fighting with…? Did I run out of Light of the Soul, and I woke up after detaching from the Eva? And the opponent didn't kill me? Or had I already completely annihilated the enemy?)

He tested out his limbs again, only to abruptly realize he was floating in the air, and what his eyes were looking at weren't the arms of a human, but the giant purple arms of an Eva. The Eva had somehow become his body. What exactly had happened?

(...This power. What is this power within my body?! Light of the Soul is rushing out from the depths of my soul in an endless stream. My god, this power… is the power when the fifth stage is unlocked?)

Gando looked disbelievingly at his hands, or rather, used the Eva’s eyes to look at the Eva’s hands. He swung an arm lightly, and a visible diamond shaped A.T. Field appeared around his arm. The light swing resulted in the one to two cubic meters of A.T. Field being tossed to the ground, which immediately let out a sun-like radiance and exploded, blowing apart the surrounding hundreds of meters into dust. The resulting dust cloud swallowed up Gando as well, until the Eva shot out like a purple streak of lightning when the dust cloud reached a height of a hundred meters tall.

“Hahahaha… I can finally get revenge! This power can definitely let me kill everyone in team China. No one can stop me, hahaha, NO ONE CAN STOP ME!” Gando laughed madly. Perhaps the sudden possession of an unimaginable power really had pushed his mental state into insanity. As his shouting ended, the over ten wings on his back extended and created over ten cubic meters of A.T. Field behind its back which promptly exploded. The enormous Eva borrowed this enormous force to vanish into the horizon in the blink of an eye.

Gando had been in a comatose state since absorbing Adam. This period had gone on for very long. Half a minute after he left, an azure streak of light, which was Yinglong on his flying sword, sped over from the direction opposite of where Gando had gone to. However, he had come a little too late, as Adam had already been eating and Gando had already become a true fatal disaster for him.

(Divine abilities really don't match up to fate. Luo Gando unexpectedly profited from a disaster and grew to this stage. This should be ‘his’ doing.)

Yinglong didn't hurry to catch up to Gando, instead bringing his flying sword to a stop and landed at the spot Adam had conducted his Instrumentality. He took out a turtle shell and several circular tablets that were made of neither metal nor wood and fiddled with them as he sat there.

He inserted the circular tablets into the turtle shell and gave it light shakes, slowly getting more and more anxious and serious the more he shook. A few minutes later, he spat a large mouthful of fresh blood onto the shell, weakly falling to the ground at the same time. He only got up after a while, and the circular tablets inside the shell had already turned into powder. As the wind blew, the air around Yinglong was suffused with powder.

“I see. So, the Instrumentality went that way. Turn all the basic building blocks of life: amino acids, DNA and cells into amniotic fluid, then absorb the organism’s Light of the Soul, and the Light of the Soul will become peerless through the process of merger. The ultimate lifeform which has reached the sixth stage is such an existence. Unfortunately, this ultimate lifeform wasn’t complete. Adam’s Instrumentality was heavily sabotaged in its initial stages. Thus, he needed to absorb large quantities of Light of the Soul to begin the Instrumentality again, but Luo Gando at this time…” Yinglong muttered to himself, and with a wave of his hand, the powder transformed again into a circular tablets that fell into his hand. Yinglong finally stood up again at this point.

(Adam being sabotaged at the start was a coincidence. So was team China’s secret weapon and Luo Gando’s coincidental arrival. If he appeared slightly earlier or later, he would have been absorbed by Adam. All these coincidences stacked together have a probability of happening that can only be described as a miracle. But miracles don’t happen in this world. All this could only have been a conscious action. ‘He’... was afraid of Adam’s sixth stage, afraid of Adam breaking out of this universe. So…) Yinglong exhaled as a hypothesis appeared in his mind.

(Perhaps… ‘He’ is a peerless existence to our world, but in the world ‘he’ is from, ‘he’ is a weakling?)

Thinking so much about it now was useless, he had already been delayed here for too long. He didn’t know if Gando had already gone to Zheng and clone Zheng’s battlefield. The battle there would determine who would have the main character destiny. No outsider could be allowed to interfere. Although he couldn’t be sure if the current Gando had the power to deal with Zheng and clone Zheng, he didn’t dare allow Gando to affect his sole chance of survival either. Thus, he had to stop this unlucky star of his no matter what.

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