Terror Infinity

Chapter 21-1

21-1: Luo Yinglongs True Character(I)

In the frenzied battle between team China and team Devil, the battle of the Xuans was filled with many variables and great power. In terms of merely power, there was a battle that wasn't any lesser than the Xuans’, which was the face off between the Cultivators.

Cultivators… it was a path of power different from the genetic constraint. If inferring from the clues they already knew, the first Cultivator was a Saint. Although later Cultivators didn't have Saints amongst them, being able to resist the other Saints using Cultivation, starting the Grand Primordial War and also forcing the Saints to stop the war showed that the might of Cultivation was unimaginable.

If a Saint’s growth was described as unlocking the power of one’s body and using their body to manipulate the power within the universe, Cultivation would be a science. They used rune technology to create various treasures of great power and to train their bodies, thus reaching a level not inferior to the Saints. Overall, the greatest strength of Cultivation techniques was their fundamental knowledge of rune technology. That was its true essence.

The two representatives of Cultivation here, one Luo Yinglong, only possesed the Cultivation techniques for training the body, and the most orthodox school of it. It was a Cultivation manual obtained from one of the worlds and was something outsiders would never be able to obtain. The other not only had the techniques for training the body, but also a weapon clone Xuan had made by substituting rune technology with scientific technology. It wasn't an orthodox school of Cultivation, with neither the technique nor weapon complete. Even so, the two’s battle had turned the surrounding area into ashes for kilometers around as if the area had suffered a nuclear strike.

The man on a sword had used a secret weapon to control the might of the Heavenly Dao, blasting Yinglong who hadn't been able to guard in time deep underground. He had merged his body with the Heavenly Dao lightning bolts, then bombarded Yinglong with mighty power in an unending stream in a process akin to self denotation. When the attacks finally stopped, a crater kilometers in size and unfathomable depth was left. The man on a sword was shockingly still alive, but his face was incomparably pale as he levitated in the air. He was obviously not far from death.

(Too much Refined Qi was consumed, and my life force and Light of the Soul was depleted as well. I’ll die in minutes… Xuan was right. The power of this Heavenly Dao lightning is infinite, and I can only display one percent at most. If I had already overcome my tribulation and become an immortal, perhaps this strike would have caused the continent itself to crack. As expected of a pinnacle weapon of Cultivation that equals the Magic Cannon. Luo Yinglong should have died, right? Lil sis’ life should be…)

“We’re just chess pieces in this scheme. I ask you to what end? Was it worth it?” A profound voice echoed out in the man on a sword’s mind. He didn’t know where the sound was coming from. At the same time, a streak of azure light shot out from the crater which came to a halt in front of him. The azure light was precisely a flying sword, with Luo Yinglong safe and sound above it.

Although he couldn’t be called perfectly safe and sound, what with his clothes all more or less completely ripped apart and the numerous flags that protected him broken apart, he still looked in much better condition than the man on a sword. Curiously, his eyes were blank, not in the way of when the genetic constraint was unlocked, but as if the myriad worlds were contained within it. The depths and ends of it couldn’t be seen, and his expression contained a seriousness that had never appeared before, completely unlike his usual joking expression.

“Whatever. Since I’ve already showed my power, ‘he’ is definitely aware of it already, so why carry on the charade of being weak?” Yinglong gave a heavy sigh. He rubbed his palms together, and thousands of rays of azure light were let off, each a peeressly sharp sword qi. It enveloped the area a kilometer around within short seconds. Before this azure light, everything, be it rock or metal turned to dust. The man on a sword wasn’t even able to utter a sound before he too turned to nothing, becoming dust.

(Dammit, the injuries from this battle were too severe. Even my lifebound magical treasure was wrecked. I can no longer deploy the Twelve Evil Gods Formation. I already knew I was going to die in this final battle and was planning to borrow Zheng’s main character destiny to revive in team China, then cooperate with them to fight ‘him’ and become the chess player myself. I thought I would be able to rely on my lifebound Evil Gods flags’ divine ability to overcome this tribulation after refining it. Who knew that divine abilities can’t overturn fate. I haven't even determined a victor between my jinx, Luo Gando, and I, and it’s broken here already. Aiiiii, looks like I’m going to die here.)

Many thoughts crossed Yinglong’s mind, and when he thought about the fatal calamity coming his way, his heart felt restless again. Zheng’s main character destiny still had some changes. The two Zhengs were a Zheng and who the main character was not fixed in stone. The final battle was not truly a final battle, but instead to determine the position of the main character. If his choice was wrong and the main character was actually clone Zheng, his revival would become a dream. Thus, the best method would still be to not die. Now, his Evil Gods flags that he had been relying on the most was broken, so how was he to face this fatal calamity?

(Ah, it’ll be great if I still had the Eight Trigrams formation. The cauldron of the eight trigrams isn’t weaker than the Evil Gods Formation, and maybe using its purple flames to burn that Eva may be more effective than summoning the Evil Gods. I don't know if it's still in good condition though?)

Yinglong didn't know that Zheng had long since used the eight flags in the experiment to obtain Refined Qi. It was said that with the dao, becoming an immortal was as easy as flipping over your hand, while without the dao, it became as hard as ascending to the heavens. Zheng had neither Cultivation techniques nor physique, but had forcibly obtained Refined Qi through Xuan's help. The eight flag’s contribution in this couldn't be understated.

(Whatever whatever. There’s still some unfinished karma left. Although I divined out that she would definitely die… If Adam succeeded in Instrumentality, why did he still lose? Well, this is good too. ‘He’ will definitely be worried if Adam didn't die, and perhaps our world may end in an instant. And the souls he absorbed can’t revive if he's not dead. In the end, it’s a good thing. Whatever. I’ll go and meet Adam first, resolve this karma then go all-out.)

Yinglong sighed heavily again, before looking off in a certain direction then flying off there on his flying sword.

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