Terror Infinity

Chapter 2-2

Vol 11: Chapter 2-2.

Even an international bank had difficulty taking in 19 tons of gold, since this location was just a branch. Zheng followed the curator’s advice to split the gold into three portions and sold them separately to banks of England, the U.S., and France under an Egyptian civil organization. This was a rather well known organization but underneath it was the Medjai. Zheng gave them a cubic meter of gold as thanks.

“Even though we are descendants of the Pharaohs who were known for wealth, but most of our people are living on the borderline of hunger. We can’t help it. This is the desert. There’s no land suitable for production. I thank you on behalf of my people, my friend.” Ardeth came with several elders in robes.

The elders widened their eyes the moment they saw the gold then immediately agreed to the excavation and protect the workers and supply line. If Zheng wasn’t aware of the plot knowing they were people would would die for their cause, he would have assumed they were merchants.

As Ardeth explained, Zheng said. “I understand. This is nothing to be ashamed about. Plus, there’s a large quantity of gold buried in Hamunaptra. Your people’s living condition will certainly change for the better once you get the gold.”

Ardeth shook his head with a bitter smile then said. “I heard you have learned of the Scorpion King’s treasure. There’s a good news and a bad news. Which one do you want to hear first?”

Zheng paused. There were only two things that affected his future in this world, the Scorpion King’s treasure and the excavation of Hamunaptra. Aside for these, he didn’t even care if the three banks went bankrupt. He shook his head and said. “Bro, just say it. I don’t know what can be considered good or bad news for me.”

“The good news is, our people are discussing whether you should go search for the Scorpion King’s treasure. Since we can delay you for a bit but not every time. So the elders might want to eliminate the Scorpion King once and for all. We don’t want the Scorpion King to revive under some scheme in the future. In contrast, if your strength can gain the elders’ acknowledgement and obtain the Spear of Osiris, we will agree to the search for the treasure.”

Zheng was excited and said loudly. “That’s great. It’s fortunate to gain your help!”

“The bad news is the Spear had disappeared for over 2000 years already. The last time it appeared was during a war between the Pharaoh and invaders. The Pharaoh pierced the heart of the leader of the invaders then the spear was lost. My apologies but without the spear, the elders won’t agree to you searching for the Scorpion King.”

Zheng’s face looked bitter. In the plot of The Mummy Returns, the spear first appeared in Jonathan but the movie never mentioned how he obtained it. There was also no mention of where in the tomb was the bracelet. Everything seemed like an illusion. It was very likely that he couldn’t find the Scorpion King’s treasure. He didn’t know how his clone completed this mission in the first Mummy movie.

“Ay, true. We don’t even have the bracelet. Not to mention the Spear of Osiris. This already seem impossible.” Zheng muttered.

Ardeth laughed. “We know the whereabouts of the bracelet. It’s hidden in the tomb. Unfortunately, we lost the key to open it, the key that opens the Book of Amun-Ra and the Book of the Dead. Otherwise, we could have first obtained the bracelet. So that even if you can’t find the spear, we can hide the bracelet and keep it safe.”

Zheng took out the key from his ring. “Well, I have the key but not the spear. I don’t think you can defeat the Scorpion King with normal firearms. So let’s talk about the excavation first.”

The Medjai had been wanting to excavate Hamunaptra for quite some time but they didn’t have the funds to sustain the operation.

They dreaded the curse of Imhotep before the first movie happened and didn’t enter the tomb. However, after the first movie, it was already too late when Hamunaptra collapsed. The gold inside was also buried. When they learned of Zheng willing to excavate Hamunaptra, they were delighted and therefore became agreeable to searching for the Scorpion King.

Zheng sighed at this world after learning everything from Ardeth. Money was the most power item in the world. At least more useful than he imagined. Yet, he was lacking so many things but gold.

Anyway, with the help of the Medjais, he sent a telegraph to O’Connell then began hiring workers using the organization’s name. The pay was the best of it’s kind so everything was set within a week. Three thousand workers and a thousand camels carrying tools and some machines headed toward Hamunaptra. The expenses were through the roof since this took place in a desert. Zheng traded three more cubic meters of gold and let the curator handle the money. He went to Hamunaptra with Ardeth.

Ardeth looked at the crowd in front and said. “You are overemphasizing. Our people are experienced in this kind of excavations. It would only take a group two hundred people half a year to clear a site. You didn’t really have to hire so many people. It was too wasteful.”

Zheng laughed. “I don’t have the time. The curator probably told you already that I am not from this world. My comrades died in another mission so I can’t waste any time. I have to pay a price to come back here. And because the price is so high, I only have three months. The excavation must complete within three months at any cost. I need the Book of Amun-Ra to revive my comrades. That’s why I asked you for help. I am too weak by myself. I need you.”

Ardeth gritted his teeth and said. “Understood. Men of the desert won’t forget a favor! I will use my power to influence the elders’ decision. Some of our men said the Spear of Osiris appeared in a small country in Africa. However, it was stolen away afterward. I will sent people to investigate. Let us finish what’s in front of us first. Don’t worry, you will obtain the Book of Amun-Ra within three months. If the excavation isn’t going fast enough, I will let our men help.”

Zheng suddenly thought of a possibility. Even though it seemed absurd but perhaps it was a coincidence.

“Hope the heaven will bless me.”

Zheng muttered as he looked out to the sky.

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