Terror Infinity

Chapter 2-1

Vol 11: Chapter 2-1.

Inside the museum. The curator brought out his valuable tea, carefully lit the alcohol burner, then brew the tea in a little pot. The fragrance smelled refreshing.

“The current trend in Europe is to put sugar and milk in the tea. I have received several travelers from the east who brewed this kind of plain tea for me and it tasted delicious. This is the true taste of tea. The east is just as mysterious as you. Zheng, can you tell me where did you learn of the Scorpion King’s treasure? I don’t believe the Medjais leaked anything. Is it the descendants of Imhotep’s monks?” The curator took a sip then asked Zheng with a smile.

Zheng also took a sip. To be honest, it had been a long time since he last had the chance to sit down and drink tea so leisurely. This was authentic West Lake Dragon Well, one of the best tea. The taste of home made him sipped a few more.

Zheng laughed. “If this is the real world, I wouldn’t be allowed to tell you anything. Furthermore, I would lose points for talking about that place before our team accumulated three unlocked members. It doesn’t matter now. I won’t be punished for saying anything. I am not from the same world as you. I came from another world.”

The curator didn’t appear surprised. He took another sip calmly. “We guessed you were probably not from our world when you disappeared outside the tomb. Where is the afterworld? Are you from heaven?”

Zheng waved his hands. “No, that’s not what I meant by another world. You are making me sound like I had died. I said my comrades and I belong to another world. Uh, we are not dead. We came here to complete missions.”

The curator thought for a bit then laughed. “Killing Imhotep was your mission last time? The mission is done, so what are you back for? To obtain power and treasure? Why are you back by yourself? Are you doing it behind your comrades?”

Zheng lowered his head. “No, they all died in another mission. That’s why I have to find the Book of Amun-Ra. In order to seek revenge, I also have to search for the Scorpion King’s treasure. Whether I can obtain it is another question but I don’t want to tell them I did nothing but drink tea during their death.”

The curator shook his head. “It’s not that I am not helping you but I don’t know how to. The Scorpion King’s treasure is merely a legend. You have to obtain the bracelet of Anubis then used the it to find the pyramid. However, all if it is just a legend. We don’t even know if this bracelet exist or not, not to mention the existence of the Scorpion King’s pyramid.”

“Even if you are to obtain the bracelet and find the pyramid, we will stop you from waking the Scorpion King. If you fail to challenge it, it will destroy the world with its army. The biggest missions of us Medjais are to guard Imhotep and monitor the Scorpion King’s army. So we can’t agree to your request!”

Zheng sighed. “Then at least do me a little favor. I want to excavate Hamunaptra and dig out the Book of Amun-Ra. It requires a lot of people to do so, but I will hire people to go over there. I need you to not hurt those people and make sure our transportation of supplies are safe. Can you agree to this request? Since I helped you kill Imhotep.”

The curator also sighed. “I think we have no problem with this, but our men have to keep a watch over all the people. The gold that comes out belong to us, and we will safeguard Imhotep’s body.”

Zheng nodded. “That’s fine by me. I won’t take the gold nor Imhotep’s body even if you don’t mention them. Aside from this, I wish you can help me get in contact with O’Connell and Evelyn. Are they doing well?”

The curator laughed lightly. “They are of course doing well. They just returned from honeymoon in Africa not long ago. They bought a house in England with the gold you gave them and living a well off life. However, that woman couldn’t keep herself in one place. Since the Book of the Dead is actually real, she firmly believes there are numerous hidden treasures in the world, like the Mayan golden mask that turns people into vampires, and the seven crystal skulls of Alantis. She had gone crazy thinking of treasures. I received a letter from her a while ago. She hoped I can send a letter to her on behalf of the museum to trick O’Connell into letting her go on adventures.”

Zheng giggled. That actually seemed like what Evelyn would do. O’Connell couldn’t get some peace even after they got married. “Can you get in contact with them? Invite them to Cairo on my behalf. Just say I need their help. A comrade that once fought with them needs their help.”

The curator sighed. “They should receive the message pretty quick with telegraph, but it takes about ten days to get here from England. If they start moving as soon as possible, you should see them in half a month.”

Zheng nodded. “Then I will leave it to you. I need to hire a large number of people so I need money. Can you contact a well known bank? One that has good reputation over the world. Because I need to sell a lot of gold.”

“For a bank with good international reputation, the English Barclays bank that has a branch in Cairo is a good choice. America’s Citibank and some others are also…”

Zheng said. “Citibank then. I have heard of it. It’s reputable over the world. Oh and curator, help me prepare a concealed room. I can’t just go over with the gold.”

The curator was confused by what Zheng meant but he found an empty room for Zheng. Then he watched as Zheng took out a bag and started pouring. An endless stream of gold bars poured out like a magic show. Zheng stopped when the gold reached one cubic meter. Then he said to the curator with a smile. “Is one cubic meter enough? It’s a little more than 19 tons. I wonder if Citibank can take them all.”

The curator stared with his mouth open in shock. Though his attention wasn’t at the gold but the dimensional bag. He jumped at Zheng and grabbed the bag at once.

Zheng didn’t care much and handed it over to him. “Go take a look. Be careful not to point the opening down, or the things inside will fall out.”

The curator couldn’t hear his words anymore. He studied the bag with full concentration, then put his hand inside. Zheng ignored his excitement and dragged him out the museum. He didn’t have the time to waste. He had to exchange the gold, to hire workers, to arrange the transportation of supplies for the workers, and discuss with the Medjai to protect the workers’ safety and monitor the excavation.”

“Anyway, do what I can do first, exchange the gold, get people, and send the telegraph.”

Zheng said as he dragged the curator along. At the same time, he was more sure of his guess. God wouldn’t leave these worlds behind without a reason. If it took so many points and a rank D reward to enter, there should be a use for these worlds. He believed he could obtain the Scorpion King’s treasure. Even if it gives no points, the army of Anubis alone is worth the risk.

“Do your best to grow stronger. For survival, and for revenge!”

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