Terror Infinity

Chapter 19-1

The black hair young man threw down eight flags then he weaved various patterns with his hand as he chanted. “Qian, Dui, Li, Zhen, Xun, Kan, Gen, Kun.” (Sky, Lake, Fire, Thunder, Wind, Water, Mountain, Earth)

The characters of these eight words gradually emerged from the flags. The flags began to slowly rotate. As his chanting continued, the flags rotated faster and faster. His voice grew louder and airier. It sounded as if the voice came from the sky.

“Purple flame of the Eight Trigrams, I command you…”

He was still chanting. A huge Taijitu was surfacing underneath his sword. The Taijitu faced the rotating flags that were confining ZhuiKong. Purple flame revolved within the Taijitu. They were waiting for the chanting to finish then the flame would descend onto ZhuiKong.

Right at this critical moment, ZhuiKong’s eyes grew cold as ice. A 70cm short sword suddenly appeared in his hand. He slashed at the air in front of him. Black hair quickly dodged to the side. Yet, his arm was still cut in two. There were only a few words left to his chanting.

“Pick up the phone. Pick up the phone. I am his woman…” Just then, a sound came from his chest and interrupted his rhythm. Black hair wanted to force those last few words out but he paused for a few seconds then vomited a mouthful of blood. His face turned pale white. He took out an antique looking phone from his pocket.

“Hello… I get it. Hand the phone to Adam… I am not far from the waterfall of Caradhras… but he makes me rage… understood.” He then threw the phone to ZhuiKong who caught it and placed it by his ear. “Hello, is this Adam? Look time no see. Thanks for letting us go the last time. Or I would have lost two garbage cleaners.”

A calm voice responded through the phone. “There isn’t much to be said. Zheng Zha has to die. I think you have met team Devil. There only needs to be one demon like him. Two would be troublesome even for you. End of discussion here. If you want to play your art of manipulating people, you can kill Luo YingLong here. He’s going to revive in God’s dimension anyway as long as his Core remains. However, if I see his Core return to the Sky and Earth Mirror in my hand, it signifies a declaration of war. I will use all our resources to kill you even if we were to let the other three team go. That will let the demon escape but you aren’t that much less of a threat from him.”

“Is that so?” ZhuiKong pondered for a long while before he said with laughter. “I can’t die yet. I can’t die before my little apple ripens. Then let’s compromise. You can’t attack him before the end of the battle at Gondor. Because his strength supports the life of team China and my little apple is in that team… This is my bottom line. If you refuse, you can see the beautiful Core fly through the sky.”

He did not hesitate before speaking his words despite being on the ground while LuoYingLong was in the air. LuoYingLong’s cheeks turned red. He almost couldn’t control himself from attacking.

“Deal. And there’s one more thing I have to verify. I heard that man is also in team China. If possible, let him know that I am in team Celestial. Otherwise, this realm will be too unexciting.”

Team China of course wouldn’t know what was happening far away. Zheng and his group followed Aragorn and the other movie characters. The nine of them rushed their way as they wanted to catch up to the Uruks before they rest. Aya was in risk of getting defiled. That was under the assumption that team Africa failed to save Aya.

They were getting close to the Uruks after a few days of rushed chasing. The dead bodies on the ground never stopped appearing. They had become the marker for their route.

After four days and nights, another morning came. Everyone including Zheng was feeling their bodies unable to keep up. Aragorn had no choice but to agree to rest for three hours. The sun would come up in three hours and they could continue the chase again.

“The sun is in the color of blood. It seems like a massacre happened not that far away last night.” Legolas stared at the sun and said.

Everyone looked tired. They had been running for four days without rest, only stopping to eat and drink. Yet, they still hadn’t caught up to the Uruks. The Uruks had extraordinary endurance.

Once everyone got up, Legolas handed them each a piece of biscuit. He then went to check the ice statue. That was what he did everyday. He led the group on the road again, following the traces on the ground.

They arrived at an grassy field stretching as far as they eye could see. Judging by the map, they had entered the Rohan territory, a kingdom of cavalries. Rohan’s specialties were horses and elite riders. Their force was only second to Gondor among the kingdoms of man.

By noon, everyone was tired. A series of whinny suddenly came from the distance. Their hearts skipped a beat because clops of numerous horses running followed after the whinny.

The group hid behind large boulders to be safe. They saw a group of cavalry charging by. The cavalries were elites. The horses were smaller than the Nightmare but were obviously fine breeds. The size, defense and speed of a horse determined the strength of a cavalry’s charge.

“You can see they are well trained. They maintained a defensive formation while running.” Xuan answered when Zheng asked about the strength of the knights.

Zheng nodded. “The last question is, can they use battle Qi? If they do, this army would be overpowered.”

They cavalries had ran past them. There were about five hundred of them. Some of the knights also were leading extra horses. Aragorn came out of hiding and yelled. “Riders of Rohan! What news from the Mark? You look like you just fought a battle.”

When the leader in front stopped, the rest of the knights ran around to his back as if someone were commanding them. They continued to maintain their formation. The leader of the cavalries looked at Aragorn then led his knights over.

Gimli, Legolas, and the players also came out.

The knights encircled the nine of them in the center. They pointed their spears at the group. Nine people seemed so insignificant among several hundred cavalries. The leader entered the circle.

He questioned the group in a cold voice. “What business does an elf, a man, a dwarf, a woman and a girl have in the Riddermark? What do you plan to do with such a strange group!”

Gimli couldn’t hold himself back. “Give me your name, horsemaster, and I shall give you mine.”

The leader got off his horse and walked over to Gimli. Their heights were such a contrast. He said in a cold tone. “I would cut off your head, dwarf, if it stood but a little higher from the ground.”

“Cut off your head?” Right as the leader finished his sentence, Zheng’s sword was already on his neck. Zheng repeated the question with the same cold tone.

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