Terror Infinity

Chapter 18-3

“Yes, I can save him if we act in time. But I am missing some important surgical tools.” ChengXiao said.

Behind him was an ice statue. The Freezing Pill froze its user to ice after a fatal injury. He would remain frozen until someone releases him. However, he would die soon afterward if that happened.

ChengXiao pointed at the statue. “Gungnir has confirmed this frozen status is an ice attribute energy. Zheng’s Qi or anyone else’s battle Qi can remove the buff. To protect his life, you will have to carefully defrost his wound while keeping the rest of the body frozen. Looking at his injuries, the injuries on his lungs are most severe and next are his arteries. Luckily his heart is fine but the damage on the arteries are still fatal. I brought artificial lungs and blood vessels but…”

“But what?” Aragorn’s emotion was in an upheaval. He thought Boromir couldn’t live but the players gave him hope. He couldn’t contain himself and grabbed ChengXiao by the shirt collar.

ChengXiao held out his hands and said. “I do have all the necessary medical tools. The artificial lungs can work for a hundred years by consuming bio-energy. Artificial blood vessels have the same structure as regular blood vessels, so the transplant is easy. Yet, there’s something we couldn’t bring in large quantity, blood. Blood expires too easily. He has already lost so much blood and will lose more in the surgery. Furthermore, to prevent his body from rejecting the transplants, I will have to use a Gu that consumes even more blood. It’s not possible to proceed with the surgery without enough blood supply. Otherwise, he will not last through the surgery.”

“Blood?” Gimli yelled. “Take my blood. My blood is boiling. I will not frown no matter how much you take!”

Zheng shouted. “Calm down! Aragorn, we are comrades so we won’t let anyone die so easily. The Freezing Pill has an extremely long duration. There’s no need to panic and do the surgery now. I say we go to Rohan first. There will be a safe and clean place for the surgery. You don’t know about blood but humans have different types of blood. We need a large number of donors for blood then choose the ones that are the same type as Boromir’s.”

Aragorn took a deep breath. He nodded. “I’m sorry. I was too emotional… He’s a true warrior. He fought for the people of Gondor, the freedom of Gondor. They are waiting for him in the White City but he may not return.”

Zheng slapped Aragorn’s shoulder. “No! He will live. We will all live!”

Still, when the rest of the movie characters saw Boromir frozen in ice, their expressions were terrible. At the same time, the scan images from Lan showed that team Northern Ice Land had followed Frodo and Sam. Their group of five were heading toward Mordor. While team Africa chased after the Uruks due to Aya being captured. Zheng could no longer see Richard from where he was standing.

Zheng looked over the ruined battlefield then turned to Xuan. “What should we do now? The other two teams have chosen their paths.”

Xuan nodded. “Yes. It seems that they have made their decisions way before this event. Team Northern Iceland have less team members but their leader is strong. So following Frodo is the best choice for them. This path has the least people in the original movie but also the most dangerous. Gungnir is probably planning to kill more monsters on the road for points.

Team Africa also chose a path appropriate for their team. They are the weakest of the three teams. In the movie, the road Merry and Pippin travels is the least dangerous and goes through multiple forces, the Ents, Rohan, Gondor… Neos will definitely choose this path. He wants to obtain the influences of this world.

We are the last of the three teams.” Xuan muttered. “We are the strongest even without Haotian and the Nemesis. So the head on clash of the war is left to us. I have an interesting idea.”

(Another interesting idea… I don’t know if I want to hear him say this or not.)

Zheng gave in and said. “So tell me what is it you think is interesting.”

Xuan waved his hand. “I won’t tell you that easily. Wait for the time to come. I also need to test it. If the conjecture stands, we can take down the follow battles against Mordor without much effort!”

As they spoke, ChengXiao bandaged everyone up. Heng and Legolas were cleaning up the field. The movie characters learned that Frodo, Sam and the three people from team Northern Ice Land left and Merry and Aya were captured. Aragorn immediately decided to rescue the captives when he heard one of them was a woman.

“The Uruks are different from Orcs but both were sexually promiscuous. Women will suffer miserably in their hands. We have to rescue them before the Uruks stop or return to Isengard.” Aragorn said with determination.

The group quickly ate their biscuits under Aragorn’s request. The three movie characters then followed the traces left by the Uruks. Since Boromir was frozen, Zheng had to get off his mount and tied the statue on the horse. He grabbed the rope to the horse and advanced with the others on feet.

And so team China following the movie characters also chased after the Uruks. Dead bodies of Uruks lay on the ground throughout the road. They were dying in groups of tens. Their bodies seemed to be shattered by a large weapon. It was the strength of Berserker. A few days past tracing after the Uruks.

“Please, you psychopath! I don’t want to fucking die with you. Get away from me!”

A young man with black hair standing on a sword yelled. He was wearing thin strips of cloth. His clothe looked like it was cut by a dagger or something sharp. His hair was a mess. His face had several small cuts.

A man with long hair stood on top of a tree underneath him. His clothe looked better but it was also filled with marks of cuts. There was burning on his face and hair.

The man with long hair smiled. “I can’t let you. The story has just begun. If you caught up to them now, the story can’t go on anymore. Listen and be a good boy. Watch they ripen the little apple with their blood, friendship, sacrifices, and courage. Don’t you feel such a beautiful scene makes you want to crush it? Let them build up their friendship and as they are about to return, kill off all the movie characters. Oh such taste. Even just imagining it…”

The young man with black hair expressed disgust and shouted. “Zhao ZhuiKong you fucking psychopath! Don’t treat everyone the same as you. I don’t have such disgusting hobby. We are not team Devil. We don’t kill everyone in the other teams. I am only going to verify the people in those teams. You really think I am scared to fight you? I didn’t lose even when I fought your clone!”

“If you want to fight then…” ZhuiKong nodded with a smile. “The harvesting season isn’t here yet. It’s not a bad idea to treat my boredom with a fight. XiuZhen (Cultivation) and third stage look quite powerful. Want to give it a try?”

He swung his arm. An object flashed across and at the same time a golden light appeared surrounding the man with black hair. Yet, it still added a bloody mark to the man’s face. The wound was not deep but quite visible.

He was enraged and shouted. “I didn’t fucking provoke you! What gives you the reason to block me… or did you already confirmed there’s someone we want to kill in one of the teams?”

He threw eight little flags down. “Vanquishing formation!”

The flags grew as they traveled. They reached five meters by the time they landed on the ground. The flags surrounded the tree ZhuiKong was standing on, each flag radiated a different color.

ZhuiKong stopped his smile. His gaze was cold. “Do you really want to die? Retrieve this thing or I won’t hold back anymore.”

“Cauldron of the Eight Trigrams!”

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