Terror Infinity

Chapter 18-1

The battlefield was still in a chaos. No one knew Zhao ZhuiKong appeared. No one knew YinKong met him. Everything happened according to plot. The Fellowship grew with the addition of the players. Yet, the Uruk’s number and strength also grew. It maintained a balance of the two sides just as how it was in the movie.

Zheng was charging back and forth inside the swarm of Uruks. At least two hundred died to his sword. The battle Qi could resist some of the damage from his light blade during slashes and charges, but he overpowered the Uruks in pure strength. Once his light blade barrier shattered, Zheng activated Explosion. More blood energy also channeled into the Nightmare.

Zheng killed a good number of Uruks in his normal mode. Now that he was in Explosion, his strength and speed increased by nearly ten times. Tiger’s Soul moved without resistance. The Uruks were cut in halves even with their battle Qi. The rate of casualties increased exponentially. By the time Zheng had his mind calmed down, the Uruks were scattering and running away as if they had seen a monster. Zheng felt fatigue in his arms and legs.

The battle wasn’t a one versus one after all. This battle was approaching the scale of war. The broken pieces of dead bodies on the ground evidenced he killed hundreds of Uruks. Not orcs but Uruks with battle Qi. Any one of them could rival ten human soldiers. So he was feeling a little fatigue.

“Phuu. Lan. Can you hear me? What’s the situation now? Give me the distribution map of the Uruks.” Zheng took a deep breath and said.

Lan quickly responded. She scanned the battlefield and sent the image to Zheng’s mind. There were still Uruks everywhere from the shore to the forest. And countless dead bodies of them. Zheng killed over three hundred Uruks. On the main road were three hundred more dead bodies. About five hundred surrounding the players and movie characters.

Zheng noticed YinKong coming down a slope. Something happened to her but there was no other person over at her direction. “Lan, what happened to YinKong? Why does she have such expression?” Zheng asked while he chased the Uruks.

Lan paused for a while then muttered. “The Ringwraiths were not the only ones that can avoid the psyche scan… Judging by her expression, she might have met that person…”

It was her personal matter after all. Zheng had doubts and was worried but he got his mind together. The mithril rings recovered his Qi and blood energy. He also meditated with his Chaotic Unity Qi on the Nightmare to recover his stamina. An Uruk appeared in front of him once more. It heard the clop of the horse then Tiger’s Soul crossed its arm and shoulder before it had the chance to turn around.

The rest of the Fellowship were surrounded by Uruks. The movie characters were a rather reliable force. Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli slain their share of the Uruks. They were capable in both long range and close combat. The players on the other hand were a mix of strong and weak. Richard was the strongest with his Berserker technique. He charged through the Uruks with his big axe. He suffered many minor wounds but at the same time his axe crushed through any Uruk along with their shields. Richard had activated Berserker.

ChengXiao was fighting with elven sword. You could tell he undergone systematic sword and combat training. Every attack he did took down an Uruk. After ten times or so, the Uruks realized this man wasn’t an easy target. They showed signs of avoiding ChengXiao. Gungnir though was rather stingy. He didn’t even use the regular version of Ice Age. His attacks consisted of throwing ice shards and defending with an shield. But that also meant he was having a rough time.

Aya was supposedly the only player with an AOE ability. She could summon poisonous bees. However, the bees were ineffective against the Uruks. They seemed immune to the poison. She had no close range combat ability so she ran along with the Hobbits.

Zheng came in on the flaming Nightmare and holding a red sword with style. He slashed through a dozen Uruks in a series of moves. Not one Uruk needed a second slash from him. As he was about to charge into a large group, Aragorn yelled. “Don’t worry about us, we are fine here! Go help Boromir. He’s protecting Merry. Hurry!”

At the same time, Zheng heard a clarion call coming from afar. Legolas yelled. “That’s the clarion from Gondor, hurry!” He fired several arrows at the Uruks next to Zheng and killed them.

Zheng replied. “Be careful! Back away when you can’t hold them! I will be back as soon as I helped Boromir!” He turned the Nightmare around and ran up a tree. The Nightmare ran to the top then leaped away and out of everyone’s sight.

Boromir was at his limit. He didn’t have to protect two Hobbits as in the movie because Pippin died. There was only Merry left. But he still had to protect an extra person, Aya. Both Merry and Aya could fight. So he was at a disadvantage. He couldn’t let any Uruk go past him. Though against the endless supply of Uruks, he wouldn’t be able to keep them away for much longer even without the two burdens.

“Run!” Boromir yelled with his lungs seeing more and more Uruks came to them. He slain an Uruk and turned around to run.

However, what he saw was the bitter smile of Aya. A hundred Uruks had surrounded them from behind. There was nowhere to run. Boromir was weaker than Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli to begin with. With the two deadweights, he couldn’t get away now even if he wanted to.

A 2.5 meter tall Uruk walked out of the group. It was muscular and radiated brighter battle Qi than the rest of the Uruks. It was probably an elite Uruk.

The Uruk stared at Boromir coldly. It brought out an elven longbow. Shockingly, it placed two arrows on the bow and aimed at Boromir. This Uruk could use Explosive shot.

The two arrows came into contact. The first arrow penetrated Boromir’s left chest then went through Aya’s leg. Both of them fell to the ground.

Zheng arrived to see this scene. The rest of the Uruks were swarming on to Boromir who was laying on the ground. The Nightmare jumped down from the top of a tree and stepped a Uruk into the ground. Zheng channeled Qi into Tiger’s Soul. He slashed horizontally, cutting the dozens of Uruks around Boromir in halves.

Zheng took out a Charm of the Three Pures Ones and a Freezing Pill. He threw it behind to Aya without daring to turn his head away. “Attach the charm to him! Don’t let him die. When he is about to die, feed him the pill! Take care of yourself!” He pulled the lead rope and the Nightmare charged toward the elite Uruk.

The Uruk had drew the bow to a crescent moon with two arrows aimed at Zheng’s heart.

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