Terror Infinity

Chapter 17-2

Aragorn spaced out staring at the pillar until the Nightmare’s clops arrived. He finally noticed the glow on Frodo’s sword in shock. That signaled Orcs nearby, or perhaps… Uruks.

Frodo also noticed the sword’s change. He said to Aragorn. “The sword…”

“Yes. Foes. Run, hurry and run!” Aragorn glanced at Zheng. He held up his sword then came out from the stone wall.

Uruks were swarming out from the forest. Their number was in the hundreds. The Uruks were fully armed with intact armors, helms, shield, and swords. Some of the Uruks even carried long bows that the elves used. Aragorn felt bitterness in his mouth but his support arrived. Zheng charged past him and into the Uruks.

This was his first encounter with the Uruks. They were two meters in height, had figures similar to humans but a more fearsome look and extremely muscular. The Uruks were orcs with a sturdier body. The difference between them and regular orcs were like that of a fighter and a girl.

Though Zheng had no fear of this Uruks despite having a vivid look of them. He enveloped himself with the light blade while the Nightmare was charging. As he reached the Uruks, he slashed Tiger’s Soul across. A sound of metals torn apart followed. Ten Uruks in the front were cut in halves and their dead bodies lay on the ground.

Aragorn saw Zheng’s fierceness but he still yelled to him. “Be careful! These Uruks were converted from elves. They could naturally use battle Qi at a low level but it would be enough to block your invisible blade.”

Zheng was surprised. He planned to charged into the swarm as he did in the Mines of Moria. Right as he heard Aragorn’s words, he ran through an Uruk and shattered it. The next Uruk summoned a faint glow that belonged to battle Qi. There was a boom as Zheng ran into it. The Uruk was sent flying ten meters back but it stopped Zheng’s charge. Uruks now surrounded him.

The advantage of the Nightmare came into show. Zheng had it leap onto a tree then the Nightmare ran up along the trunk. It didn’t stop until it reached eight meters above the ground. At the same time, arrows began to hit his light blade barrier. In just a moment of him pausing there, dozens of arrows hit him. Zheng looked over to the end of the Uruks but they were still coming out from the forest.

“Approximately a thousand. It’s going to take a lot of efforts to kill them all. Sigh. If only I have an AOE technique.” Zheng murmured.

Once sci-fi weapons were restricted, the team had limited area of effect abilities. Many of the magical weapons and abilities were not intended for such use. The few that did either required consumables or had other restrictions, like the unparalleled power of Ice Age from Gungnir.

In just a moment, numerous arrows hit his barrier and shattered. Underneath him, some Uruks began to enchant their arrows with battle Qi. His barrier was also wavering. Zheng pulled the lead rope. The Nightmare leaped down. Tiger’s Soul swung left and right, adding another dozen corpses to the ground. Yet, the huge number of Uruks quickly covered these corpses. The Uruk’s weapons hacked toward Zheng.

The rest of the players arrived. The players and movie characters clashed with the Uruks. But without the Nightmare nor the light blade barrier, they were pushed back by the Uruks in the first wave of attack. Zheng was the only person standing in the swarm swinging his sword.

Yanking was actually running in front, just right behind Zheng. However, as she came near the pillar, a sudden strange feeling attracted her attention. The feeling was foggy. Seeing that Zheng had started fighting, she frowned. Her eyes moved back and forth to Zheng multiple times until the Nightmare ran up the tree. She bit her teeth then chased after the direction of her feeling.

YinKong’s heart pounded increasingly fast the further she ran. This feeling she was experience was indescribable. But she knew there was perhaps someone waiting in that direction. The only person that she hated so much.

As she expected, a few minutes later, the sky brightened up. She came to a cliff. She could see a splendid waterfall underneath the cliff. To the side of the cliff stood a man with long hair.

“Yo, my little cousin. We finally meet again… Of course, to you, it should be we meet again. Hoho. You seem surprised that I am here. Do you have anything you want to say to me?” The man turned around. He smiled at YinKong. His expression was gentle and tender. It was as though he was speaking to his lover.

YinKong clenched his teeth. Her hands gripped so tightly onto the invisible hilt that her fingers were turning pale. After a while, she finally uttered the words. “Go to hell!”

YinKong took two steps forward then slashed the sword downward. There was a rattle. The sword cut through something in the air.

There were several wires invisible to the eyes hung between her and the man. If she charged forward without hesitation, the wires would have cut her up. That death would be a replication of her last one.

The man wasn’t angry. In contrast, he clapped his hands happily. “Great! You improved. I learned from my clone that he killed you because you hadn’t used that revival chance. He told me of the way you died and the beauty of that death… I couldn’t see the shattering of that beauty with my own eyes but just thinking about the moment of your death makes me excited.”

“Zhao ZhuiKong! You ought to die!”

The man was Zhao ZhuiKong. The crotch of his pants bulged as he spoke. It appeared that those words excited him. YinKong on the other hand were enraged that her eyes turned red. Naturally, she wouldn’t notice his lower body. She didn’t just charge at him this time and took a deep breath instead. “Are you planning to battle me today?”

ZhuiKong showed a bigger surprise. He laughed. “No. You still have room to grow. Your performance today surprised me. You know you can’t stop me if I want to leave so you choose not to waste your energy. Go help your comrades with your perfect strength. Chasing onto me will only disappoint you… I won’t kill you now because you have great potential ahead of you. And you don’t have a chance to revive anymore.”

YinKong stared at him. She quietly said. “I will kill you. I will… for them, for my childhood, for the past I buried… I will kill you!”

ZhuiKong suddenly disappeared and reappeared next to her. He ignored her pale hands that were gripping onto the sword. His hands reached out to the soft white skin of her face. Then he lowered his head and kissed her lips. Blood sipped out the corner of YinKong’s mouth from clenching her teeth so hard.

ZhuiKong returned to the edge of the cliff and said to her with a smile. “Be angry, hate, and live on… You are still too weak. When you have grown and the next time we meet, let me see the shattering of that beauty. My little cousin…” He jumped off the cliff, ignoring the fact it was a hundred meters above the water.

YinKong, still clenching her teeth, turned around and ran back toward the battlefield. She didn’t even take a look down the cliff. Blood was still flowing out the corner of her mouth and painted her lips red. It made her face so pretty.

(I am still too weak. And he’s stronger than the last time I met him… Become stronger! I have to become stronger than him!)

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