Terror Infinity

Chapter 15-1

“The current situation is this five thousand cubic meter of light sphere contains enormous energy within. If you were calculate it, the energy required to defend Zero’s shot is approximately the total energy released in the explosion of a fifty thousand ton hydrogen bomb. The variance should be within ten percent. However, that should at most expend only a thousandth of the energy it has… So in essence, we will need a month to expend its energy if we were to attack from a safe spot, assuming it does not regenerate energy.” Xuan said.

The rest of the group listened attentively. Zheng asked, “Doraemon… when did you modify your glasses again? What can you see through it now? Does it quantify each person’s power level like some scouters from a certain anime?”

Xuan glanced over him and ignored his question. “Nothing has happened within the sphere as of now. So we are safe here.”

Heng interjected, “Xuan, what’s a fifty million ton hydrogen bomb like?”

“Uh… about a shot from the Magic Cannon. Any issue with it?” Xuan calmly stated.

(So we are standing in front of a Magic Cannon. You don’t think this is an issue?) Everyone else thought.

An hour had passed since the land they were standing on arrived at the Sky Tower. Ten hours left before the seven day limit. However, the Yellow Turbans ceased to return since the Buddha statue became a whole again. Without this annoyance, the group began to discuss their plans.

“What do you suggest we do, Xuan? You haven’t mentioned the most important point.” Zheng looked at the light sphere again. It didn’t change a bit in the past hour. Time continued to flow and they continued to discuss. Yet, no progress was made on this bonus mission. Zheng couldn’t help but feel inpatient and asked.

Xuan gave him a nod then said, “Heng, WangXia. Dig four holes on the ground.”

(This dude is definitely hiding something.)

Zheng sighed as he watched Heng and WangXia grabbed a hold of Xuan. He knew Xuan was hiding something yet there was nothing he could do about it. He never once escaped from Xuan’s schemes nor figured out what he was thinking. Actually, trying to figure out what Xuan was thinking was more of a waste of time than continuing their discussion.

Zheng clenched his teeth for a second. “Whatever! We aren’t going to come up with a solution this way. Let’s fight. I refuse to believe we would lose to this prototype god. Everyone listen to me on the combat. Xuan, take out the energy stones and arrange the recovery formation we obtained from the Lord of the Rings. This battle might last some time. I need to be able to recover my stamina and energy. Zero and Heng provide ranged support. Be prepared to use the Mystic Eyes and Lightning Shot when I need you to. WangXia blast it with tactical nukes when I tell you to. YinKong – YinKong…” Zheng sighed. If it was the other YinKong, she could drain a section from the Force of the Soul exerted by the god and Zheng could charge through it. “Protect everyone. If change occurs on the sphere, or if it comes over, use the Air Waves and the built in ability of Excalibur. Our safety will be left to you.”

YinKong gave a deep look at him. There were so many feelings contained in the look that Zheng thought she had recovered her memory. YinKong quietly nodded without uttering a word. She gripped the invisible sword and walked to the front of the group.

Zheng sighed again and shook his head. He turned to Xuan and said, “I don’t know what you are hiding from me but I know you won’t do anything that would harm the team. If anything happens that will affect the team, you can take charge and do what’s necessary, including… scheming me. Okay? Even though I will lead this battle, but I still need your help. Enough with wasting our time here. Let’s go!”

Zheng drew Tiger’s Soul out of the Na ring. The translucent crimson blade emitted an alluring colored light that flowed in the air like a stream of water. The light lingered in place as Zheng charged ahead.

The moment Zheng stepped onto the land where the Sky Tower stood, the light from Tiger’s Soul dimmed, as though it was repressed by something.

“Descendents of the yellow race, this is a trial to test whether you have to power to protect the heritage of your ancestors. Those who do not should die here to prevent the other races from obtaining it. And we would await the next team.

“Eliminate the prototype god. Saints and Cultivators built thirty four dimensions using the prototype god as their blueprint. The few larger dimensions are designated as the last refuge when the end falls upon mankind. All other dimensions are trial grounds. The prototype god possesses the first rank of energy manipulation as with all the Gods. Cultivators provided the technology that engineered their physical form and Saints provided the technology to manipulate energy. The genetics of them have a 98% similarity to humans and they were the consumables in the front line. In consideration of your power, we will not unleash all its abilities. The prototype god only has defensive use of Light of the Soul and will not evolve into its combat form.

“Break through its Light of the Soul and destroy its core. The protective light will disappear from the Sky Tower. If you trigger the Sky Tower’s defense before the prototype god falls, all lives within a ten thousand kilometer area will be annihilated and only the god will remain.

“All flight items are forbidden outside the Sky Tower. Your victory should not come from external forces. Training yourselves is the only correct path! Do your best, our descendents. Do not lose the face of the Cultivators of our race. Do not lose the leadership status of our race.”

The message was printed into everyone’s mind the moment Zheng stepped onto the land. The three movie characters showed no reaction as though they didn’t hear anything.

The light sphere that was floating slowly descended. Its volume of five thousand cubic meters was gigantic. Even more amazing was that the sphere was a life form. The light began to dim after it landed on the ground and quickly faded.

Zheng let out a sigh of relief and turned around. “Haha. We’re good. They sealed most of the power of the prototype god. All we have to do is break through its barrier. I bet Destruction can do it… Eh? Why are you looking at me like this?”

The rest of the group stared at Zheng in a staggered expression, or actually they were staring beyond Zheng. Even Xuan showed expression on his face, that of fanaticism.

Zheng slowly turned his head around. The light on the sphere was being pulled inward and shrinking to a single point. The sphere’s surface was wriggling. Looking at it from afar, it seemed like a huge egg was hatching. The life inside the egg wanted to break into the world.

“The fuck? Are the Cultivators fooling with us? Why is it turning to a monster?” Zheng cried. He calmed himself from the shock since the battle had begun. He had to be at his peak to protect everyone. Furthermore, the Sky Sticks became unusable in this area.

Zheng rushed toward the wriggling egg. Before he moved a hundred meters, the top of the egg cracked open. A huge, abnormal hand reached out from the opening with a loud sound.

Several seconds later, the hand grabbed the shell and tore it to two pieces, revealing a humanoid monster about forty meters tall. Its skin seemed metallic. On its chest was a brilliant dot of light. Zheng was still a thousand meters away from from the monster at this point. The light on its chest burst in a flash and the whole area Zheng was standing on exploded.

This was the true form of the prototype god, the bio-weapons used by the Saints and Cultivators to battle the ancient monsters!

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