Terror Infinity

Chapter 14-4

The so called prototype god was a gigantic sphere of light with a volume of fifty cubic meters. Its radiance and color were exactly the same as the sphere in God’s dimension. The only difference was their sizes. The name prototype god, were the Saints and Cultivators referring to the first version of God?

“Well, shit. Is this a joke? Are we going to battle God?” Zheng cursed then turned to Xuan.

Xuan had also seen the god in front. He ignored Zheng and instead said to Heng and WangXia. “Dig four holes on the ground. The size and space of a horse’s hooves.”

Zheng hadn’t turned his mind around to understand him. The other two though immediately grabbed Xuan’s shirt, knowing what he was planning to do. ChengXiao went over and whispered what it was to Zheng.

“What? You want to nuke this place with the Magic Cannon? You kidding me!?” Zheng yelled then grabbed Xuan’s collar. He was the only person to not fear Xuan.

Xuan didn’t give them an explanation. He looked away from Zheng and said in a calm tone. “It’s going to be the same either way… We might as well nuke it and avoid the risks.”

“Why did you look away? What are you feeling guilty of? Fucking. Was I talking to a piece of rock before? I said you can tell us whatever you are trying to do! We are comrades, not enemies! You are definitely hiding something! Tell me!” Zheng became more and more agitated as he spoke. The hand holding on Xuan’s collar was nearly trembling.

Xuan sneered without answering the questions. He pointed at the Sky Tower. “You want to get your rewards? Are you sure you can get the Cultivation manuals inside?”

Zheng was confused. “Are there no Cultivation manuals? What is there inside? Is that the reason you want to nuke it?”

“No. There are Cultivation manuals.” Xuan shook his head. “Since it’s a bugged mission designed by the Cultivators, there are Cultivation manuals without a doubt. However, the question is can you get them? See the silver light enveloping the Sky Tower? It’s the barrier to protect the Sky Tower from the upcoming battle. You are not going to enter the Sky Tower without finishing off the prototype god. If it’s designed to be possible, we could just have people hold up the god while you sneak inside to get the manuals. And then we could fly away on the Sky Stick and nuke the god from distance. Yet, do you think this plan is possible? Or do you think the Cultivators would allow this loophole to exist?”

“No…” Zheng sighed. “But we can defeat the god and go inside for the manuals. What if you destroy everything with a nuke? I have heard them describe the power of the Magic Cannon. It’s more powerful than nuclear bombs. Do you want to nuke away the treasures our ancestors left to us?”

Xuan also sighed. “Up to you… Even though the message has told us the prototype god, Hao 1, is the first version of God, but since it’s described as a bio-weapon, it’s probably… Let’s start the battle. You are responsible for the combat aspects for the team.”

Zheng nodded with relief. He looked to Zero. “Give this big guy a shot. It’s a pity to not shoot such an easy target.”

Without a word, Zero took out the Gauss sniper rifle and set it up on the ground. He aimed through the scope. The rest of the group held their breaths while they looked to the god. The ground was moving closer to the Sky Tower that even normal people could see its shape with their eyes. The gigantic sphere of light was especially prominent in sight. Every person’s attention was focused on the sphere.

Bang! A buzz lingered by their ears after a loud bang. The moment the gunshot sounded, the surface of the sphere rippled as though air had transformed into water. Only Zheng and Zero could see that the Gauss bullet stopped on the center of the rippled surface once the rippling subsided.

Zheng shuddered. He knew this scene too well. The memory from the dream world was still vivid in his mind. The mid-fourth stage psyche force user displayed terrifying power even in the heart’s devil state. Rui-Kong could manipulate a person’s genes and life, and was strong even in close range combat. Force of the soul, telekinesis, A.T. Field. This God-like sphere had the same ability.

“A platform, a light sphere, and void all around… Could the actual God’s dimension be also hidden under the ground?” Zheng gave a bitter laughter. “I know prototype means the first version of God. Prototype and A.T. Field reminds me of some overpowered robot.”

He looked at YinKong. She was still the girl who entered God’s dimension. The power of the fourth stage lay dormant within her. According to the other YinKong, she didn’t have the memory of the past unless she reached the fourth stage by her own strength. Zheng was worried since she had been quiet the whole time. Maybe she might remember something after seeing the force of the soul being used by the prototype god.

Zero fired a few more shots but the rippling barrier stopped every bullet. As the ground they were standing on was approaching the Sky Tower, Zero clenched his teeth and focused his mind. He readied himself to activate his ability, one that could end the life of any existence.

The team did not stop him. If Zero could kill the god from distance, it would be beneficial to the whole team. No one knew how powerful this prototype god was nor what abilities it possessed. Fighting in close range was dangerous. Furthermore, the Saints of the West could have set up traps that added increased uncertainty. Starting the battle with the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception was the best option.

Bang! Another loud bang. The surface of the sphere rippled again. However, the rippling waves crumpled into tiny pieces like shattered glass as soon as they appeared. The tiny pieces then faded into the darkness. Yet, the outcome differed from what the team expected. A blinding light radiated from the core of the sphere. The rippling waves continued to crumple but new waves instantly took their places. It seemed as though there was an endless ocean of waves. The crumpling eventually stopped and the sphere of light remained intact, like nothing had happened.

“Wah! I know this!” LiuYu cried. “It’s exactly like a scene from Evangelion. When an Angel appears, nearly all attacks failed to penetrate its A.T. Field. In the end, the particle beam was used to shoot down the Angel. This barrier also looks like an A.T. Field and the light radiating from its core is the Super Solenoid Engine.”

Zheng knocked his head and said. “Okay. That’s enough. We are in a real world, witnessing it with our own eyes, not in an anime. It’s not funny… Speaking of which, there’s a power source inside the prototype god that supplies it with energy. Maybe something like an energy stone? Even if its Force of the Soul is endless, there should be a limit to its strength. Perhaps we only need to break through its Force for an instant and destroy its energy source.”

“This is an living organism.” Xuan suddenly interjected. “We know from the information we have obtained that the prototype god is a living organism. A life form created by the Saints and Cultivators together, or an existence approaching life form. What do you think the sphere of light is like?”

Zheng and the others were puzzled. ChengXiao said. “Light bulb? Energy stone? The sun? What else?”

LiuYu suddenly cried again. “Oh! Is it an egg? Is it? The light sphere looks like a glowing egg. You want to say that it’s an man-created life form that’s only defending itself at this moment. However, as our attacks increase, it will evolve into other forms. Like evolving into a super organism like an Eva?”

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