Terror Infinity

Chapter 14-1

Team China headed to a forest beyond the suburban area. It was night time and the Sky Sticks didn’t made much noise so there weren’t any jets intercepting them. Xuan clearly knew the terrain of this area and had already planned their escape route.

After everyone came off the Sky Sticks, Zheng felt a little feeble, or perhaps exhausted. Fortunately, he drained the last 40% of Qi and blood energy from the mithril rings which supported his empty body.

On the other hand, YinKong immediately jumped out from his arms then turned her body. It was a rather rare sight to see. She was as apathetic as Xuan usually. This reaction reminded everyone she was still just a fifteen year old.

Zheng was surprised to see her reaction but he didn’t pay much attention. He turned to Xuan and said. “Are we stopping here? Is there going to be any problems?” He was asking if Umbrella Corporation would send people to chase after them and Xuan’s next plan. He fell into Xuan’s traps too many times that he was scared Xuan was planning something imaginable again. He would set him up again for interest.

Xuan walked off the Sky Stick. He didn’t care much about Zheng’s words and replied. “We will enter this forest. It is 11:20 at night. There’s a creek 3km in. We will light a bonfire and rest there. Then we will continue moving at 5 in the morning. In about thirty minutes, we will reach an abandoned mining cave. From there we will then return to the board of the city and wait for the twenty days to be over.”

Zheng pondered over this plan. There didn’t seem to be any loopholes. Just then, he noticed Kampa carrying Zero on his back and was shocked. He immediately ran over to Kampa.

ChengXiao said in a serious tone. “His wound isn’t fatal but it’s not optimistic either. The blood vessels in his brain have minor rupture. He hasn’t gone into paralysis but the accumulating blood will eventually put enough pressure on his cerebral nerves and put him into a unconscious state. After forty eight hours…”

Zheng interrupted him. “I don’t understand the blood vessels and cerebral nerves. Just tell me if his life is in danger and can you treat him?”

ChengXiao thought for a moment. “No life threatening danger. I can also treat him but I need a spacious and clean area. The underground mining cave is impossible. Then I need five hours and an assistant!”

That was when Zheng connected the resting time and place Xuan decided on, which also had a creek. So that meant Xuan chose that place to save Zero.

“Save Zero? No. I chose that place to avoid the satellite searches.” Xuan refuted. “The movie showed that Umbrella Corporation has a satellite system. We were definitely locked on by the satellites when we escaped from the facility. However, satellites aren’t effective at all situations. The dense forest will reduce its detection effect greatly. If they lose track of us, they will send parachutes and bombers. Gando’s Valkyrie only has 20% of its ammunition left. Zero is unconscious. Heng’s arrows are powerful but he’s not suited for sustained battles. As for everyone else, you can’t battle over ten jets even with the Sky Stick. We are better off letting the satellites track us. They will not want a battle at night to avoid unnecessary casualties because they don’t know we are almost out of ammunition and has no sniper rifle. Our strength at the facility shocked them.”

Zheng was stunned as he looked at Xuan. He thought Xuan started to gain human emotion and became considerate for his comrades. Who would have known he was still so apathetic. Zheng asked. “Then? What are we going to do at five?”

Xuan sat by the bonfire. “Now the bonfire and the light from the Valkyrie showed our location. A large ground army will surround us in the morning with jets as support fire. So we have to leave at five. Head into the mining cave and destroy the path as we go. After we enter the water tunnel of the city, we will be safe.”

Zheng nodded. He was confident with Xuan’s decisions and plans. It was trust that Xuan had built up. He looked to the side with worry. ChengXiao was performing craniotomy on Zero and YinKong was his assistant. The tools he exchanged before this movie came into use for the first time.

It was also the first time the team witnessed his true medical skills. He disinfected Zero’s head with alcohol then pierced needles into several acupoints. Then he brought out a glass bottle containing colorful mini centipedes. The centipedes made them shivered but ChengXiao put his hand into the bottle and squashed the centipedes. He applied the centipedes paste on Zero’s acupoints.

“This stops bleeding, anesthetize and has strong antibacterial attribute.” He muttered. Then he took out a scalpel from his medical tools and began shaving Zero’s head. Zero finally lived up to his name with nothing on his head.

After ChengXiao opened Zero’s skull, YinKong became busy. It might very well be personal reason that ChengXiao chose her as the assistant but as an assassin, she knew more about the human body’s structure than the rest of the team. She started draining the extravagated blood on the surface of the brain. She seemed so skilled that they couldn’t believe this was her first time performing craniotomy as an assistant.

Time slowly passed. When light creeped up the horizon, the surgery was finally finished. Zero hadn’t woken up due to the anesthetics but the surgery seemed successful judging from ChengXiao’s overconfident talks. His medical skills were truly exquisite from finishing a surgery that would normally require multiple doctors and over twelve hours.

“Why do I feel like Zero’s face looks pale green? Are you sure the crab you fed him was fine?” Zheng still looked worried. Kampa was carrying Zero on his back.

ChengXiao immediately replied. “No worry. That wasn’t a crab. It was a spider, ok? It’s a type of Gu that can reduce the rate of blood circulation. We will remove this Gu using God’s repair after we return. Or I can do it also. However, several of Zero’s major blood vessels have fissures. They were not something I can fix with the tools on hand. We can only have him sleep until we return.”

Zheng sighed. He learned of what happened to Zero. He couldn’t believe it was the newly exchanged ability. The Mystic Eyes of Death Perception was unbelievably powerful but so was the strain it put on the user. It was probably worse than his Explosion. Not at the level of Destruction yet but Zero’s body was fragile in comparison. It seemed like Zero had to test for the limit of his uses in God’s dimension to avoid this happening again and losing a main force in the team.

“No matter what, his life is saved.” Zheng sighed then turned to Xuan. “What about you guys? I didn’t hear any notification about rewards but there was a notification about mission completed. Who received the points and rewards? And did you obtain the prototype T virus?”

Xuan nodded. “Correct, someone received the rewards. Now the question is the data on the prototype T virus shows it not only acts as a stimulant to unlock the first stage of the genetic constraint but it can also create Nemesis’s. We can turn the humans we created into Nemesis’s.”

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