Terror Infinity

Chapter 13-2

YinKong was absolutely shocked. The scene in front of her was so astonishing. Those were over a hundred of the huge Creepers, not zombies nor humans. They had bodies that were seven meters big, monstrous strength and speed. If they were to encounter one of these Creepers in their second Resident Evil movie, it would take them some effort to kill it. However, Zheng killed all of the Creepers by himself. His power was beyond anything a human could attain.

YinKong had been drowned in her own thoughts ever since she was revived. The previous Resident Evil movie might have been long ago for the rest of the team but it seemed like yesterday to her. The familiar stranger that she had secretly liked and admired gave her only despair and hatred. Their battle still seemed to be going on in her eyes. That was why she didn’t fight Zheng after she was revived. She didn’t get to learn of his strength.

Zheng used to be stronger than her but that was only due to the second stage of the unlocked mode. After she exchanged The Shining, it was questionable who would win in an all-out fight.

Yet this scene overthrew her conception. Without knowing, Zheng had grown to such a degree that she lagged way behind, just like the person she hated.

“YinKong?” Zheng threw the Creeper’s head away. It shot into the wall like a canon and smashed into a paste. Zheng’s eyes were bloody red. He grinded his teeth and growled like a beast. His mind seemed to be in a berserk state. After he saw YinKong, a hint of surprise appeared in his eyes but then he roared.

YinKong was struck by the disappointment at herself that she forgot the Creepers chasing after her. One of the Creepers leaped from five meters away from her. Its sharp claws aiming at the back of her head.

Zheng moved as he roared. He appeared behind YinKong in just an instant. Soru in instant Destruction was too fast that YinKong couldn’t catch his movements with her eyes. By the time she turned her head around, Tiger’s Soul slashed upward and cut the Creeper in half. However, Zheng was too close to it that the light blade became ineffective. His wrist dragged through the Creeper’s teeth instead and was torn open a wound. Tiger’s Soul dropped to the floor.

At the same time, the second Creeper jumped down at him. Zheng didn’t have time to pick up Tiger’s Soul. But because YinKong was standing behind him spacing out, Zheng reacted with even more madness. He jumped toward the Creeper instead of backing away then kicked at its head. He had entered Explosion. The strength and speed of his kick shoved its head into the body. While still in midair, Zheng grabbed the Creeper’s shoulders and began tearing them apart. The Creeper was split in two from the middle. This seven-meter monster was like a toy in his hands. He then smashed the corpse into the floor. In the end, no one could even make out that this was a Creeper.

Zheng stopped his growling. He turned around to YinKong and said. “Are you alright?”

She looked at this man bathed in blood then suddenly woke up. This was a battlefield. That inexplicable spacing out could have gotten her killed multiple times. Even though Zheng’s madness saved her but as an assassin, she wouldn’t allow herself to continue showing her weakness.

YinKong shook her head. “Xuan said this place is going to explode in seven minutes. I took five minutes to run here. There’s about one minute and thirty seconds for us to leave. I will use The Shining which will get me out in forty five seconds. What about you?”

Zheng was stunned for a moment then cried. He charged over to YinKong then picked her up. “Shit. Don’t bother with The Shining. You only have speed in that state. Your reaction speed doesn’t increase. It would be strange if you don’t smash into a wall. Don’t talk and hold onto me tight!”

She was about to struggle to free herself when she felt a gust of wind. The scenery was flying backward at an insane pace. Zheng picked up Tiger’s Soul and ran with such impressive speed. It wasn’t as fast as Soru in instant Destruction but the speed was beyond anything YinKong could reach. The Shining might be faster but her lack of reaction speed was fatal.

Zheng didn’t know YinKong had fallen into her thoughts again. He entered Explosion and sprinted ahead. He could maintain this state for much longer than Destruction. The road he went past was embedded with his footprints. The alloy floor couldn’t stop his force.

YinKong quickly became accustomed to the speed. She pondered over her weakness and wanted to ask Zheng how he became so strong. But this was not the time to ask. Furthermore, everyone would keep the secret to becoming strong to themselves. They were merely comrades.

Instead, she asked. “Did you kill all the creatures in that room?”

Zheng replied with a nod. “Yes. I killed all of them. Haha, do I look like a devil now? Not referring to my clone but a devil that slaughters everything.”

YinKong was surprised as she looked at Zheng again. She frowned as if she couldn’t understand. “That’s surprising. You obtained the heart of a slayer.”

“Heart of a slayer? What’s that?” Zheng asked.

“Everyone has their soul. Some people are kind, some ruthless, some flexible and an assassin needs a calm and apathetic heart. Only when you do not care for the world anymore, will you be able to see the world calmly. An assassin kills people but he cannot be affected by killing. A normal person would feel scared for killing a person, sinned for killing two, and cold blooded and violent when he killed three, four, and five people. Such person is tainted by killing. An assassin needs the mindset that allows him to remain himself after killing. That’s what we call the heart of a slayer.”

YinKong was surprised to find herself speaking so much. Zheng was carrying her but they were in an urgent situation so she didn’t feel much about the act. Though it was still rather awkward. She could only talk to take away the awkwardness.

“Do you still remember the werewolf doctor of team India? He’s a classical example of being tainted by killing because he didn’t have the heart of a slayer. He’s not a complete assassin. I know of a person with the heart of a slayer but he did something inexplicable. You will at least not become tainted.”

Zheng was surprised then laughed out. “No such thing. I am just aware of what I am doing and what I want to do.”

He jumped out of the facility before they knew it. Fifty seconds had passed. YinKong pointed at a direction then Zheng gave a shout and charged ahead.

The battle in the sky was still going on. Most armed helicopters were downed. There were over a dozen broken helicopters on the ground and some burning in the sky. The Valkyrie was flying back and forth in the sky. Gando seemed to be panicking.

Zheng didn’t know how much time they had left so he kept running. As expected, he saw two Sky Sticks on top of a hill. Xuan was standing on one of them. He looked so calm even when he knew this place was going to get destroyed. After he saw Zheng covered in blood running over, he adjusted his glasses and lifted off with the Sky Stick. Zheng exited Explosion and stepped on the other. He followed after Xuan. Soon, a thunderous explosion came from behind. He turned his head slightly and saw two mushroom clouds.

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