Terror Infinity

Chapter 13-1

Zheng ended up being a suspect to ZhuiKong and his group. With Li-Kong lying dead beside his feet and blood stained all over his body, he was the most conspicuous person standing. Several people immediately threw concealed weapons at him. These attacks were destined to be fruitless but they still annoyed him quite a bit. He had his full attention on YinKong at this time.

YinKong was staring at Zheng with a pair of eyes covered in veins. She had not attacked, yet the pressure she was exerting robbed him of the chance to dodge at will. He could not take his eyes off her and could only rely on his speed and toughness to take on the incoming weapons. If he were to glance away for even a split second, she might come charging at him.

The situation was difficult for Zheng. He could only use a fraction of his power, which was restrictive and irritating compared to the outside world. And he wouldn’t want to inflict serious injuries on YinKong. Who could tell what would happen to her if she died in the dream world? The worry held Zheng back from taking actions.

Before Zheng made his next move, Rui-Kong suddenly snapped her fingers. A click boomed right next to his ears and he coughed out a mouthful of blood. That sound struck him as hard as his punch in Explosion. His Qi and Blood Energy became agitated from the sound and damaged him internally.

(No. This force didn’t come from her attack. It’s caused by my energy going out of control. What the heck is this sound that could agitate my own energy? This is still in the dream!)

Zheng was utterly shocked. He suddenly realized a terrifying possibility. All the fourth stage players he had encountered before were fighter types. Psyche force users faced the most difficulty in unlocking the genetic constraint in this realm. They were the core of the team and were protected by all other members. Danger rarely reached them to push them to unlock the genetic constraint. If their lives came to be in danger, it would be difficult to survive with support abilities and a lack of strength. Psyche force users who advanced to the higher stages were nearly unheard of because of these conditions.

The obstacle to the fourth stage was related to a person’s mind to begin with. Psyche force users did not display impressive power in the first three stages. Would the fourth stage bestow them with a transformation?

Physical types would unravel their bodies’ potential through unlocking the genetic constraint, whether they were fighters like Zheng, ranged attackers like Heng and Zero, or people who relied on abilities like Xuan and WangXia.

What did unlocking the genetic constraint do to a person’s psyche force? The first three stages did not show much in this aspect. But, would the fourth stage also enhance the physical body for them?

“This feels amazing. This feeling… I can’t describe it in words. It’s like rising to the surface of the ocean and seeing the world for the first time. Is this what life is? Is this me?” Rui-Kong’s eyes were completely white. She raised her hands and looked at them for a moment. Then she glanced over the people here with a smile. Everyone felt that she was looking at them. That was such an instinctive feeling. It was like she looked right into their minds.

“ZhuiKong is here too?” Rui-Kong giggled and snapped her fingers again. “Remember when I told you about infinite psyche force? Every person possess the same psyche force that hides deep inside their consciousness. If this consciousness is a sea, normal people lives on the surface of the sea. When they fall asleep, they swim to the middle of the sea. Brother, I have swam to the deepest layer of this sea. If I go even further down, I will reach the bottom. What is down there? I feel like something is calling for me.”

ZhuiKong couldn’t hear her words as he had fallen to the ground and coughed up blood after she snapped her fingers. His mind was still conscious but he could only kneel there debilitated. Those around him however, were lying on the ground and bleeding from their eyes, ears, nose, and mouth, like a bomb had exploded next to them.

YinKong suddenly struggled violently as if something tied up her body. Before long, Rui-Kong snapped her fingers and YinKong stopped. Her expression seemed loss as she had before.

“Can’t help it. It’s difficult to control a person in the fourth stage when I haven’t reached the bottom.”

Rui-Kong then turned to Zheng. She was surprised as she looked over him then muttered to herself. “You’re strange. You seem like YinKong yet you are not her. I somehow can’t control you… I will have to kill you then.”

Zheng was on guard against Rui-Kong. It was obvious she was in the heart’s devil state by her abnormal actions. The difference being others who were in this state weren’t as conscious as her. They would turn into a killing machine that knew of nothing else. What was happening with this girl? How did she remain conscious in addition to the jump in power?

Rui-Kong’s attack went beyond his expectation once again. A queer monsters with many legs suddenly appeared and charged at him. It had a resemblance to a starfish and an octopus. The monster whipped its legs at him. Zheng jumped in a hurry and dodged the legs at a split second. He immediately discovered something was off. Those legs swung through the ground without causing any damage.

(An illusion? Is she using hypnosis on me? I wouldn’t be scared of a simple illusion after overcoming the heart’s devil.)

Zheng made a decision while he was still in the air because YinKong was moving toward him with this opportunity. Distraction was a taboo in high level battles. Li-Kong was slightly stronger than Rui-Kong but he lost because he wasn’t paying full attention. Zheng ignored the multi-legged monster and fixed his gaze at YinKong.

Thump! The monster slapped him at the chest with one of its legs. Zheng felt that the world was spinning the moment he was struck. By the time his mind recovered, he had punched himself on the chest with his hand. The force penetrated his body and he coughed up several mouthfuls of blood. His ribs were on the verge of being fractured. Fortunately, his body was much tougher than other people’s. He leaped back up before YinKong reached him.

(Was I hypnotized? Since when? That’s impossible. I have no holes in my mind after overcoming my heart’s devil. She couldn’t have hypnotized me! Yet, how did the monster come into being? Why did I hit myself? I didn’t sense anything happening at the time.)

While Zheng was baffled, he noticed two streams of tears on yk’s face. Even though her expression seemed lost and her eyes were covered with veins, her tears continued flowing out of her eyes. The sight surprised him because when one person controlled another, it would be through the mind. The person being controlled shouldn’t have any idea of what he was doing. Why was YinKong weeping? It wasn’t logical.

(Could it be… her body was controlled and not her mind?)

The possibility was terrifying. A person’s body was not a marionette. Without unique abilities exchanged from God, how could a person bypass another person’s mind to control the body? Rui-Kong did nothing other than snapped her fingers or maybe she said a few words. There was no sign of any energy invading YinKong’s body. How did she bypass YinKong’s mind? Was this the unique ability gained from the fourth stage?

(What is this ability? Mid-fourth stage allows me to unravel the deepest potential from the ancient genes in my body. YinKong and ZhuiKong probably have the same abilities. The genetic constraint.. It has to be related to genetics by the name of it. I get it! No wonder there are so few psyche force users who unlocked the genetic constraint. The world would be out of balance if it such power is so easy to obtain.)

Zheng guessed the answer to the origin of the illusion. No wonder Rui-Kong said it was difficult to control people in the fourth stage. She only controlled a part of his body at a time, like his eyes and hand.

If physical types gained control over their own genes, psyche force users could gain control of other people’s genes. Rui-Kong was controlling the genes in order to control their bodies.

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