Terror Infinity

Chapter 12-3

The intertwining black and white colors were the visible forms of refined Qi and Magic. Every collision between the two increased the amount of energy that was released. The law of conservation of energy still held true. This type of energy increase was more properly explained by the conversation between mass and energy. Such conversion was much more powerful than the release of energy taken place in a typical hydrogen bomb.

Hydrogen bombs converted less than one percent of its total mass and the resulting explosions enormous. Imagine a conversion that turned a hundred percent of mass into energy. There was a joke that you could bomb the Earth with a chair. A chair that was completely converted into energy would probably have the power to blast the Earth to pieces.

This was the reason the energy beam started slim and grew to over a thousand meters by the time it reached Tokyo Harbor. Its color hadn’t turned into pure white yet, which meant fractions of refined Qi and Magic still existed separately. However, the team could no longer see the reaction happening inside the beam once it shot into the land that Tokyo was on. It was still expanding as it traveled. The slightly dimmed energy beam still carried a force that was unrivaled even after it traveled into the ocean and underneath the island. By the time it stopped expanding, the diameter had reached ten thousand meters. Energy became unstable and the beam appeared extremely volatile. It finally exploded deep beneath ground level.

The huge explosion traveled through the earth to the surface. With a deafening explosion, the people could see a giant piece of land blasted off into the air. It seemed as though the land had covered the sky. Revealing underneath the land was light bright as the sun. An enormous ball of fire was blazing up. Its size could no longer be gauged by the eyes. The members of team China squinted their eyes hard and could only made out a silhouette of the fire ball.

They glanced over Xuan by chance and almost passed out in fury. The glasses this dude had been wearing somehow darkened to the shades of a pair of sunglasses, allowing him to stare straight into this blinding light while the rest of the team were squinting their eyes.

“That’s cunning. No wonder he always wears those clear glasses. He has been expecting this test fire all along.” ChengXiao denigrated Xuan again. He could have kept the words to himself but he had to speak it out at a volume just loud enough for Xuan to hear.

Heng and WangXia had no energy for him. Their eyes were fixed at the blazing fireball in shock. The only thought that remained in their minds were – fuck.

They had witnessed the power of nuclear bombs, although only tactical nukes. The true power of nuclear bombs were recorded in many accounts in the real world, powerful but the the affected area was still measurable with the bare eyes. This explosion seemed boundless from where they were standing. Its diameter had exceeded the size of Tokyo. Destruction beyond the fireball affected an area ten folds larger. The land crumpled from the impact of the shockwave. The shockwave continued traveling further and blasting land and everything on its way up to the sky. Its power gradually diminished with distance but still, it surged waves a hundred meters high when it reached Tokyo Harbor.

Everyone, or actually, the members of team China all turned to Xuan in an instant. It was easy for the team to leave using the Sky Sticks before the waves reached them in the next minute. However, that would abandon this ship of witnesses. Who else was there to witness the fall of Tokyo? Judging by the power of the Magic Cannon, perhaps the whole island was going to sink into the ocean.

The Lambda Driver was the only wide scale defensive ability the group possessed. Xuan determined whether they would keep the witnesses alive or fly away. There was nothing the rest of the members could do in this situation and so they left the decision to fate.

The cruise had sailed quite far away from Tokyo Harbor. The Nightmare could ignore gravity but it couldn’t negate the recoil from the shot, which was dispersed to the cruise. Fortunately, the force induced by the refined Qi and Magic wasn’t strong when they left the barrel. It only pushed the cruise a few thousand meters away, even farther away from the harbor.

All the normal people on the cruise were still in shock, not knowing that death was close by. Everyone watched with their jaws dropped. The fire had dimmed and the blinding light was blocked by a layer of immensely dense dust. Yet, they knew that Tokyo was gone. Whether Japan still existed was also a question by the looks of the destructive force. In an era where nuclear weapon hadn’t been introduced, a volley of cannons was the most magnificent sight to behold, but it was nothing compared to this scene that was like the end of the world. The Caucasians murmured their god’s name as they believed god had sent a divine punishment to the world.

When the huge wave was a thousand meters away from the cruise, a deafening boom reached the people’s ears. The sound of the explosion only just traveled to the cruise and it woke everyone from the shock. People yelled and screamed as though their lives were on the line. The cruise was so insignificant underneath the hundred meters tall wave. People uttered their final cry of despair.

Xuan quietly reached for his glasses. Those who were closely paying attention to him let out a sigh of relief. He had decided to use the Lambda Driver.

What was the limit to the Lambda Driver? Perhaps not even Xuan knew. He didn’t have the opportunity to test its limit. The level that he had discovered was shocking to him already, if he had such emotion.

Upon activation of the glasses hypnosis, Xuan’s eyes became resolved and zealous, like hot blooded young adults who would do anything for their friends. This expression coming from Xuan was piercing to the eyes to look at. The members of team China frowned. A Xuan without emotions was scary. A Xuan with emotions seemed even worse… They couldn’t guess what kind of person he would become like this.

This hot blooded Xuan gained the foundation to use the Lambda Driver. Whether his beliefs were fake or not, the power the Lambda Driver displayed was profound. As the wave came crushing toward the cruise, a layer of dazzling light blocked the water at fifty meters away. No matter how mighty the wave seemed, it couldn’t break through this thin layer of light. The wave then pushed the cruise further away from the harbor. People could finally make out a mushroom cloud in the distance and the island Tokyo was on could no longer been seen. Perhaps it had disappeared from the Earth.

When one possessed power so enormous that it ignored any techniques, this power would be the simplest solution to every problem. Even though team China had just killed hundreds of thousands and perhaps a million people, the team members felt a little excited. The Magic Cannon’s power proved beyond anything they had imagined. Nuclear bombs seemed small in comparison. It was on par with the Continental Oscillator that could be used as a mean to bring an end to every party. Actually, they might not even have to die in the process. It would become a simple solution to any upcoming movies, barring the unexplainable ghost genre. One shot would put an end to the movie or if there were any team battles, just fire a shot at the other team. Points would come rolling in.

“Points? The power of the Magic Cannon is linked with the energy stones used. I used seven rank A energy stones, twenty two rank B, and a hundred rank C. We have used up half of the items we obtained from Adam. If you want to farm points, go exchange a similar quantity of energy stones and you will reproduce this power.” Xuan told them the truth.

The truth tasted sour to the rest of the group. The cheat to farm points was nothing more than a delusion. If they had the ranked rewards to exchange three rank A energy stones, they might as well combine them into a rank S reward and exchange a Cultivation manual. The magical items of a Cultivator would probably be as powerful as the Magic Cannon.

Although the dream of using the Magic Cannon to farm points was shattered, their plan proceeded smoothly. The people on the cruise was going crazy because WangXia explained their intention and their plan to destroy North America. He let them know the only object they wanted was the Buddha statue’s piece. If they couldn’t get the piece, mankind would end in annihilation. The tourists on the cruise included Caucasians from several European countries. They demanded the captain to broadcast everything they had seen using telegraph. In the danger of annihilation, every human erupted their potential.

Forty minutes after the explosion, every major government watching this affair received the information of the fall of Tokyo and team China was flying toward North America.

One day and less than two nights left before mankind would be wiped out – twenty nine hours before the seven day limit.

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