Terror Infinity

Chapter 11-1

Vol 11: Chapter 11-1.

The Spear of Osiris pierced deeply into the Scorpion King’s chest. A golden light emerged from the wound then this light began to corrode away every part of the Scorpion King. It was turning into dust bit by bit. Several seconds later, the Scorpion King vanished in from of Zheng’s eyes.

Zheng dropped to the ground. He could barely find the energy to stand up. Explosion was a powerful technique but without the recovery rate of the vampire bloodline, Zheng was lucky to be still alive. He wouldn’t be able to resist even if Imhotep was to kill him now.

“Completed the Scorpion King mission in advance. Obtained 10,000 points and two rank B rewards. Unlocked the Bracelet of Anubis. The pyramid will collapse after thirty seconds. Please escape from the pyramid.”

Zheng was enjoying the first part of the notification. 10,000 points and two rank B rewards put him among the rich with a tier A reward. However, the second part almost gave him a concussion. He felt the familiar power returned to his body then jumped up and yelled. “F*cking God!”

Imhotep also recovered his power. He hid Anck-Su-Namun behind him and looked at Zheng cautiously. “What’s wrong with you? Uh. You also recovered your power right?”

Zheng said in a hurry. “The pyramid is going to collapse in thirty seconds. Hurry up and run!”

Imhotep was surprised. “I have my way of taking Anck-Su-Namun out. Thank you for this time.” His body turned into a sandstorm and enveloped Anck-Su-Namun in the center. Then he swept to the exit.

A thought came to Zheng’s mind and he yelled. “Wait. Wait. Take me out also. Please.”

The sandstorm wrapped Zheng up and carried him out. He could look around freely and felt like floating in mid air despite the whirling sandstorm. It was fast and steady. They returned to the entrance of the pyramid in just ten seconds. Zheng looked at the collapsed corridor in surprise.

Everyone was lying on the floor but there were no injuries. When they saw the sandstorm came out, they looked in sorrow and rage. O’Connell and Ardeth pulled out their guns. Xuan’s expression didn’t change but he also readied his pistols.

The sandstorm flew past them into the forest ruins. Then it flung a person out. Zheng unfortunately smacked into a pillar. Though he didn’t pass out since his power had recovered.

He shook his head then jumped up. “Hurry, this place is going to collapse! Follow our plan and come over!” He took out a rope with several ends from the ring and threw the ends over to the others. Then he took out the Sky Stick and tied the rope to it. After everyone stepped onto the circle ends of the rope, he piloted the Sky Stick and flew away. The pyramid began trembling and slowly sunk into the ground.

“It turned into a quicksand.” Ardeth sighed. “Without the holy power of Anubis, this place will revert back to the desert and the pyramid also sinks.”

Jonathan suddenly yelled. “Lower, right, left, just a little more.” He hooked onto the rope with his feet and lowered his body. As the Sky Stick flew past the top of the pyramid, he grabbed the diamond at once. The Sky Stick immediately dropped a notch and gave everyone a scare. Luckily, it continued flying away.

“Shit, I want to murder you! You almost killed everyone!” O’Connell yelled at Jonathan.

They returned to the dirigible. Everyone was tired and hungry after a day of fighting. After a quick meal, they began to lecture Jonathan for grabbing the diamond at such a dangerous situation.

However, Jonathan didn’t care about anyone else. He embraced the diamond in his arms and admired it. It was slightly smaller than a soccer ball, flawless and clear. The first person that stopped scolding was Evelyn. She seized the diamond and emerged herself at its beauty. Women were the same as dragons when it comes to shiny objects.

After the scolding, they asked Zheng about the sandstorm, which was obviously Imhotep. It was mind boggling that Imhotep survived the fight then carried Zheng out of the pyramid. Zheng had to explain their agreement. Ardeth was doubtful but since they had the Book of Amun-Ra and Imhotep didn’t really have any conflicts of interest with them, there was no need to take care of him.

Zheng apologized to Ardeth. “Sorry that I went against the mission of your tribe and let him go.”

Ardeth laughed. “We are not that stubborn. Many of us are hoping for a change. The world is changing rapidly. If we want to live a better life, we have to let go of some burden. Imhotep is one of them. We don’t really have to kill him. The only reason we had guarded against him for so many years was because we were afraid. If he could let go of his hatred and leave the country, we can also let go of the burden. We also have gold now, lots of gold, enough to change our standard of living. It was all thanks to you, my comrade.”

Zheng also laughed. “No need for all these talk when we are comrades. After this mission, I have to stay in Egypt for several more days. I will also come back several more times in the future. I will bring you enough gold to give your tribe a better life next time.”

As soon as gold was mentioned, Jonathan joined the conversation. “Ah, comrade. Aren’t we comrades? Haha.”

Zheng waved his hand. “Don’t, don’t speak in such a tone. You give me goosebumps. I know you want gold. This diamond is worth a lot after you sell it. And hadn’t I given you enough gold already? I still have a few more cubic meters. The three of you can take one cubic meter each and leave the rest to the Medjais. This should be enough for a luxurious life.”

Jonathan laughed. “Luxury isn’t my goal. There’s never enough money. Haha.”

Almost everyone decided to give the diamond to the only woman. Jonathan sat in a corner all by himself. They stayed there for another night and leave for Cairo the next morning.

At night, Xuan called Zheng outside. Zheng knew what it was about and told him about the rewards as they walked, including the special ability of the Bracelet of Anubis.

“So you should have at least 10,000 points and a rank A reward. The Spear of Osiris and the Bracelet of Anubis. The rewards certainly live up to the difficulty.”

Xuan nodded. “Then let’s summon the army of Anubis. Use all your energy. The quantity of the army will influence my plans for future movies.”

Zheng nodded. He channeled his blood energy into the bracelet then a red light flashed over the bracelet.

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