Terror Infinity

Chapter 10-2

Vol 11: Chapter 10-2.

Zheng and Imhotep jumped back simultaneously. Zheng retained his senses for danger since the unlocked mode wasn’t taken away. He felt as if a weapon was aimed at him from beyond the door.

Imhotep on the other hand was familiar with the scent of the undying, since he was one himself. He felt a horrifying scent of death the moment the door opened. A scent that induced fear in the resurrected undying who experienced the Curse of the Hom Dai.

Under their gazes, a large, half human, half scorpion walked out from the room. It was near six meters tall, with a muscular human torso, and the limbs of a scorpions. Its pairs of pincers seemed like two pairs of scissors. It stared at the three people in the room with interest.

“Imhotep, interested in a cooperation? We will deal with our problem after killing this monster.” Zheng gulped.

No one could have expected that Imhotep’s body was shaking. He hadn’t gotten to do anything when Anck-Su-Namun started running to the exit, seeming frightened. Zheng looked behind the Scorpion King into the room it came from and saw countless two to three meter big scorpions swarming out. These were the same scorpions he fought when he obtained the Bracelet of Anubis. Their speed, strength, and venom were difficulty to deal with even with enhancements back then.

The Scorpion King finally found his target. It smiled then charged at Anck-Su-Namun with excitement. Its large body felt overwhelming as it knocked away several cauldrons as he ran.

Anck-Su-Namun was rather unfortunate. She reached the exit but then collided with an invisible wall and fell down. The Scorpion King was getting closer and closer to her.

Imhotep roared. Perhaps he feared the Scorpion King and begged for mercy in the movie, but he was a man at this moment. He jumped at the Scorpion King then slashed a big wound on its torso with the sword.

The Scorpion King began howling. However, its pincers couldn’t reach Imhotep who was on his back. Imhotep hacked at it several more times then it climbed up a pillar to the ceilings with its legs as if it defied gravity and Imhotep final fell off.

The Scorpion King gave off a cruel smile as it raised its pincers at Imhotep. Suddenly, a series of bullets crushed the pincers and shot it down from the ceiling. The firepower even tore the Scorpion King into pieces as it was falling.

Imhotep looked at Zheng in shock. The man’s arms and torso became extremely muscular. He was holding a huge Gatling cannon. After he killed the Scorpion King, he turned the cannon to the scorpions coming out of the room. Another round of shooting and the big scorpions were crushed. The Gatling cannon’s firepower was immense, as was its recoil. Zheng could barely sustain the shooting with his current body. Just two rounds and the thenar space of his hands had torn open. Both his arms were shaking non stop.

Imhotep and Anck-Su-Namun got up from the ground. There was fear within their eyes when they looked at Zheng. If the Gatling cannon were to fire at them, it would probably be just an instant to get crushed. Yet, before Zheng could do anything, Imhotep yelled. “Behind you!”

Zheng sensed that danger and rolled forward as soon as Imhotep yelled. Even then, a big piece of muscle was torn from his back. The Scorpion King was hanging directly above from where he was standing. Its six meter body allowed its pincers to reach Zheng even hanging from the ceiling.

The pincer closed up and the piece of muscle was split in half. Zheng’s body was soaked in blood. At the same time, the Scorpion King jumped down at him. He was still half kneeling on the ground. There was no way to dodge this time.

Imhotep yelled. “Careful!” He held out his hand and a pool of sand swept from his palm to the Scorpion King. It pushed the Scorpion King away several meters at the last moment. Zheng jumped away immediately, then noticed he was full of cold sweat.

“F*ck! Use your magic earlier when you have them! Do you want the three of us to die here?” Zheng shouted.

“I wouldn’t be getting thrashed if I have magic. This is the last bit remaining. However, this is the Scorpion King. The monster that was blessed and cursed by Anubis himself. Its immortal. Only the Spear of Osiris that was bestowed to the Pharaoh by the Sun God Ra could kill it!”

Zheng was dazed for a moment then cursed himself for being retarded. He immediately took out the staff from the ring then twisted it open. It turned into the golden Spear of Osiris.

Imhotep’s hands trembled for a bit but when he looked at Anck-Su-Namun, he said with a bitter smile. “I want to make an agreement with you.”

The Scorpion King had reached several meters in front of Zheng so he had to use the Gatling cannon to crush it again. Then he yelled. “We are going to die and you are talking about agreements! Leave it after we got out!”

Imhotep pointed his sword at Zheng. “After we recovered our powers, it will be difficult for me to kill you, and you couldn’t kill me without the Book of Amun-Ra. However, what if I run as soon as I recovered my power? I will hide and kill your friends. You can’t guard against me for your whole life. I also can’t stop you from killing my people with that speed and strength. So let’s come to an agreement. I won’t hurt you and your friends. In return, you have to let me and Anck-Su-Namun go. We will leave this country. My servants had told me that this world is large. We will go to a country named the United States.”

Zheng sighed. This man was a slave of love. He died for her several thousand years ago and experienced the pain of the curse. This love didn’t change even after resurrecting. He knew Zheng couldn’t deal with them at this moment, that was why he chose to make the agreement now. However, he didn’t know this woman didn’t love him nearly as much as he imagined.

Zheng nodded and Imhotep put away the sword. The Scorpion King’s body parts were coming back together quickly then turned back into half human half scorpion form. It jumped at the three of them. Zheng raised the Spear of Osiris and threw it at the Scorpion King. He didn’t use any qi or blood energy. However, the spear was still moving fast since he had the strength for being in the second stage of the unlocked mode.

Yet, the Scorpion King grabbed the spear with its pincers. A sense of despair overcame Imhotep and Anck-Su-Namun. But this was expected for Zheng. By tradition, God would definitely raise the difficulty until he was on the brink of death. Only his own ability wasn’t included in God’s calculation for difficulty!

Explosion! Zheng used the last remaining of his qi and blood energy. He roared then charged up. He grabbed the end of the spear with both hands and pushed it forward into the Scorpion King’s chest.

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