Tempest of the Stellar War

Chapter 48

Chapter 48: Rhythmic Crushing!

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The arena was as grand as an ancient Roman amphitheater, and it would ignite the fighting spirit within every warrior.

Without doubt, this was the place where the warriors would want to fully display their skills.

Wild King’s Light Cavalry No. 1 arrived on the scene. Aslan Empire’s designs had always been meticulously beautiful and mighty, and this model was no exception… even the face of the mech was astoundingly handsome and could only be possibly made with a strict proportion of pure gold.

Of course, none of that mattered as much as the warrior’s abilities.

On the other side of the arena, Skeleton’s Wargod No. 1 also landed.

Wang Zheng moved his body with light movements. Aina was by his side, so needless to say, his emotions at that moment could not be expressed with words. She made her way casually to his side. However, Wang Zheng knew that she would not feel comfortable.

What Wang Zheng could do was to express his feelings through his battle.


The battle had not begun, the crowd suddenly saw the usually unresponsive Skeleton write a word.

He had only just loaded into the game, why was he apologizing? What was the meaning of this?

Wild King got a shock too. Was Skeleton already planning to back out of the battle?

Suddenly, a sense of threat emerged from Skeleton. This feeling was similar to that of a crisis in a street fight. The Wargod No. 1 was emitting a terrifying aura.

The rookies, and surprisingly Wild King, were not able to sense it.

Battle Begin!

“We are finally starting. We are about to…. AYE… is the light cavalry about to use remote suppression?”

The light cavalry model that Wild King liked tended to be more violent and was more suitable for close combat battles, the mech was already swiftly aiming his MP5 laser gun.

The Wargod No 1. mech was rapidly gaining speed and was headed towards the light cavalry.



The light cavalry acted immediately. The power of the MP5 laser gun, in addition to Wild King’s techniques, could certainly negate Skeleton’s impact.

Wasn’t he a bit too extreme!?

The audience was also taken aback. With such an advantage with his mech model, accompanied by the suitability of the arena, how could he choose the easier way out?

But Wild King was not about to hesitate even the slightest bit. He could feel the strong sense of threat from his opponent now.

When the laser roared, Wargod No 1. accelerated and slid forward in an arc with great momentum.

Wild King was fully focused; his hands remained very stable without trembling even the slightest. The MP5 was charging it’s shot, but there was a minimum charge-up time.

After two sets of arc sliding steps, he was in a risky situation. Even if he were a robot, there was still a certain amount of reaction time. He was human and naturally had his limits; even the mech armor required additional time to react.

At this instant, Wild King’s laser gun was fully charged.

The Wargod No. 1 could no longer dodge the attack?


A laser blast was shot out and the blast streaked past.

Everyone’s jaws dropped. Was this a coincidence?

What surprised everyone even more was how the Wargod No 1. was able to easily dodge the laser beam. Just in the nick of time, he had dodged the round. What was even more surprising was that the Wargod No. 1 had discarded his own laser rifle!

Wild King did not have time to lose; he could still feel the clutches of terror slowly strangling him.

The MP5’s energy recharged quickly, and the laser gun started firing away again.

At this close distance, it was too late to do an arc slide.


Everyone’s mouths formed the letter “O.” The Wargod No. 1 made a sway to the left like a ghost, and the laser beam passed through the shadow of the mech. The armor escaped totally unharmed as though it had just performed a teleportation.

This was simply impossible!

If the opponent had been someone else, it would have totally destroyed the confidence of that person. However, for the case of Wild King, he still had faith in himself. The battle was not over yet, and the winner had not been determined.

The MP5 was fired again at the Wargod No. 1, who was even closer now. Out of the blue, a beam of light flashed past.

The Wargod No. 1 fished out the alloy knife and inserted it into the mouth of the laser beam.



The alloy knife bounced up from the impact. Wild King managed to get back on his feet in the nick of time and drew out his own laser sword.

What happened next was the first time ever in history for him.

If Wild King could relive this fight, he would’ve definitely stood still instead.

The Wargod No. 1 mech, which was in mid-air, had already gripped the alloy knife with a reverse grip at a lightning-like speed and was slashing right down at the light cavalry mech. How was the light cavalry treated so insignificantly? It was treated like an inanimate object.

Amidst the smoke, the two fighters clashed, the alloy knife against the laser sword.

Who knew that this would only happen once in the entire battle?

Both swords staggered, the laser sword was fiercely blocked off, and the Wargod No. 1 pushed forward with great might.

The sound rumbled like landslides!

In spite of the protection of the energy shield, the light cavalry mech was knocked down by the momentum.

Within the pilot cabin, Wild King was sent flying with great force.

Even though the mech armour was fine, it could not create a counter reaction to dampen the impact. It would have been much worse if a low quality armour was in place instead of the light cavalry.

The light cavalry armour could no longer afford any more movements. The alloy knife was heading straight for the kill.

Pound pound

Ancient European aristocracy had a type of sport that was still very much liked by the nobles and the rich. The sport was called fencing.

It included an action that produced high speed sword movements with a single hand.

A storm-like series of attacks combined into a single hit headed for the light cavalry mech


In the time needed to blink an eye, the energy shield was ruptured and the light cavalry was sent flying once again.

The Wargod No. 1 stood still at the same spot and observed quietly


Before the mech could even land, the cracks on the armor’s chest deepened.

Everyone watched in silence. Those who were watching it live were petrified by the image.

This may be a fight, but no one would have expected these results.

This was a chain of hurricane-like blows!

This was the god – Skeleton!

In the Skeleton Corps, waves of hysterical screams resounded through the sky.

Chen Xiu and Yao Ailun were bouncing around crazily in their bedroom.

This b*stard, he completely ruined the Wild King!

For someone of Wild King’s standard to be so thoroughly defeated that he could not return an attack… This was madness!

“Is this bullying kids!?”

“I didn’t even get the chance to see it properly and it’s already over!? Was it all an illusion?”

The slow motion playback was already being screened.

The scene of the laser beam dodge was being played on the screen. The arc sliding step was a movement frequently used by expert players. In this case, the dodge was made with barely any breathing space from the laser beam at the most critical moment. This required extreme accuracy and technical control on the pilot’s side.

However, this was only the beginning of the god-like play.

It was not the emergence of a phantom shadow, it was the pace that Wargod No. 1 executed the movement that was the most terrifying. The upper body and lower body seemed to move independently and thus distracted the opponent’s judgment for just a moment, allowing him to dodge the attacks.

These phantom-like movements were called bewildering steps!

This was also used by top players to mislead opponents. It was rumored that this move was a favourite of military ace pilots.

However, this was only the beginning. If one could not stand watching at this point, their heart would have exploded after watching what came next.

It was clear that the distance between the two mecha was less than ten meters. The knife launched towards Wild King’s laser gun with no mercy. Wild King’s will and determination were absolutely firm. Anyone who had gone through the the same scenario would have been very frustrated, but Wild King was able to keep his composure and once again aim his laser gun for another accurate shot. But… the laser gun exploded after a hit from the alloy knife.

Wild King did not make the same mistake as the Little Red Noob; he immediately activated his energy shield. Some also felt that he should not have activated his energy shield.

That simple hit on the shoulder had an astounding effect. A closer look at the slow motion playback showed that the Wargod No. 1’s shoulder was dented by the impact of the hit. What great force would this require!?

This tackle was sufficient to break the energy shield. Yet this was still not the limit for Skeleton. To make such a ferocious chain of attacks, even in CT, the pilots would have long ran out of breath. However, Skeleton’s reign of terror had just begun,

Continuous lightning-like strikes!

For the energy shield, fast continuous blows would break it.

This was the official explanation; even children would also understand it. As for it to actually happen, it was more so a question of who could attack so fast with such accuracy and consistency!?

Wang Zheng’s fingers and wrists played a pivotal role. In such a scenario, there was not enough arm-room towards the end, and the vibrations had to be generated by Wang Zheng. The superposition of the forces exerted by his fingers and wrists could also overcome the recoil force and push back the limit of the attack.

The energy shield was completely shattered and continuous pressure on it would create a force great enough to destroy the mech. If it were a real mech, the pilot inside would have been sent flying.

At the very last moment, what everyone saw was a light cavalry defeated as easily as a fallen leaf. Everyone felt helpless merely by watching.

The Wargod No. 1 stood in the centre of the arena, and it really did seem like the God of War at that instant.

Especially for the VVIPs watching amongst the audience, that immersive feeling was so refreshing that they could no longer control their excitement.

This was indeed a battle that could make one’s blood run!

Wild King buried his hands in his head. He could not control his tears from falling. He refused to accept the outcome. It was not as though he had never experienced failure before, but after each failure, he would stand up and challenge his opponents.

But in this battle… he really felt helpless.

Only at this moment did he understand the meaning of the ‘sorry’ from the beginning of the battle.

The official analysis of the battle came out. Solon stopped believing in God and had chosen to put his faith in Skeleton.

The new video was coupled with Lin Huiyin’s single – NOTAFRAID, making an invincibly sensational combination.

The number of viewers who paid for the live battle surpassed 100,000. Even 10 minutes after the battle had ended, most of the spectators had not left, and the number of people entering the arena was still increasing.

Everyone could only sigh.

Rainbow and his teammates looked at each other, speechless.

“If this man is not from the armed police forces, then he must be with the army….”

“Those actions… the average person’s body could definitely not handle those, that’d be possible!”

“Who might this guy be? Only a number of people are capable of this, and even so, it will only be used under special circumstances.”

“Boss, where could this guy who can perform miracles be from? My hands are itching from just watching the battle.”

“Come on, want to know the answer? Join the Skeleton Corps!”

Rainbow said, while smiling. The battle was getting more and more interesting, and his intuition was right. Before the battle, he had a gut feeling that the standard and pace of this battle would be like no other.

And it really did happen. The opponent this time was really of another level. It was a real spectacle for spectators, but for other warriors, it was an eye-opener. It was the first time a warrior of such high standards had appeared.

Not to mention the fact that devil-like training would be required.

In a Milky Way Galaxy spaceship, Lin Huiyin was noisily enjoying popcorn.

“The opponent was so weak, and the battle was over too soon. So meaningless.” Huiyin was musically inclined, but not so much on the battlefield.

She stretched out her snow-white legs and wriggled her toes playfully. “Angela, look how flexible my feet are. Bet you can’t do this…”

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