Tempest of the Stellar War

Chapter 47

Chapter 47: Comeback

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“How dare you! Your true intention is to seduce the pretty girls in the art society!”

“Of course not; only you would treat me like a treasure.” Yan Xiaosu laughed.

An Mei loved Yan Xiaosu’s personality and she believed a boy’s charm lay in this. But to be honest, Yan Xiaosu wasn’t lacking in any of the other departments either. He was born in an acceptable family and his personal life was satisfactory. So wherever he went, An Mei was proud of him.

“Who is this Wang Shishi? Where did she come from? When I return to the city, I will have to report that this lady is too beautiful and elegant for Wang Zheng!”

An Mei said.

“How could she be as beautiful as our Meimei? She’s inferior compared to you.”

Yan Xiaosu spoke with his conscience.

“Tsk, I’ll give it to your silver-tongue, but if you are trying to change topics, it is futile. Be honest and don’t tell me you don’t know!”

An Mei pinched Yan Xiaosu’s loin.

“She is Wang Zheng’s distant relative who visited Earth before. Perhaps she thought that the Earth’s environment was refreshing, so she decided to transfer over.”

Student Yan Xiaosu upheld his brotherly loyalty.

An Mei nodded. “Aslan girls are certainly quite elegant… even though she wore an ordinary dress, it was enough. How is she any better than Zisu? You guys don’t have the eyes for girls!”

An Mei hit all of them with a stick and Yan Xiaosu laughed bitterly as he cried out, “Boss, we brothers have been unjustly blamed on multiple occasions because of you.”

On their way back, Aina didn’t talk about the potential rivals. It was not because Aina thought that she was advantageous, but rather she understood Wang Zheng.

Although the time they spent together wasn’t very long, it was love at first sight that kept them going.

The physics class in the afternoon finished relatively quickly for Wang Zheng. To him, the definition of time had lost its meaning when Aina was around.

After school, both of them would surely be on a date, and Aina wanted Wang Zheng to battle!

As the Princess of Aslan, Aina had come across skilled fighters. The Aslan empire was not short of elite warriors. After the ban of the extremist group, the famous killer that was from there could not even deal with a single blow from Wang Zheng. This made Aina extremely curious about the circumstances of Wang Zheng.

As for Skeleton’s battle history, Yan Xiaosu was thoughtless enough to have forgotten all about it. Aina, however, remembered it clearly. It was kept by her side in Aslan, when she was always surrounded by people and had little freedom.

It was during battles that Wang Zheng was the most charismatic.

As for his ID, Wang Zheng did not have the intention at all to hide it from Aina.

When Wang Zheng entered CT, Aina wanted to observe, so naturally he felt the need to perform well.

Once Skeleton’s ID was connected into the system, countless notifications started to buzz.

Rainbow would wait for him whenever he was online. His brothers often ridiculed him; he was going to get kicked out of the police force if he continued having such a slack attitude.

Rainbow, on the other hand, remained very calm. Who said that a policeman had to train intensely all day long… even a robot also had its hobbies.

Once he saw that Skeleton was online, Rainbow immediately signaled to the rest. Within the internet bar, there were instantly people crowding around him. They were all from the special police force, and they had heard about this demon that surpassed that their big boss. They wanted to understand this special person.

The Skeleton Corps was all fired up as though it was a festival celebration.

Rainbow notified Chen Xiu, and Chen Xiu immediately told Tao Ailun and Yan Xiaosu. As established members of the Skeleton Corps, their attendance was almost certain.

What everyone was curious about was his opponent.

Wang Zheng was afraid that the opponent he was freely matched with would be much inferior. As he was scrolling through the list, he saw a familiar name appear.

Wild King.

This person was quite competent in his skills in mech piloting. After browsing through his user profile, Wang Zheng laughed. He was a very direct person. He was planning to use his trusty mech instead of the Wargod No. 1, and if he were to lose again, he would join the Skeleton Corps as a firm believer.

This did not bother Wang Zheng at all. Instead, he was sure that it would be because of him that Aina would get to observe an interesting battle.

Skeleton VS Wild King

Everyone was shocked. Didn’t this fella lose the last round? Was he not convinced and wanted another battle…

But soon, everyone was stunned.

They had not came across someone that was so shameless.

Wargod No. 1 VS Light Cavalry Model D

Even old friend Solon was in a daze. Skeleton was up for anything.

In the last battle, Wargod No. 1 nearly failed. Although the mech did make a comeback, everyone could tell that it was a risky one. Wild King was definitely one of the top in Asia, and now he was going to use the model that he operated best in.

Skeleton was just asking to be killed.

Everyone in the hall was staring at their screens. There was a limit to one’s skills. Would Skeleton be daring enough to accept?

Rainbow and his gang of brothers were also watching with the jaws agape.

“Boss.. this guy is doomed; there is no way the Wargod No. 1 is able to defeat the Light Cavalry. I can bet my surname on it!”

“Wild King is one of the hottest players around, and he has a formidable record in the diamond ranks. It is rumored that he became even fiercer after Skeleton stepped into his territory.”

“It is an unwise move. The last win was risky enough, but this…”

Rainbow was reluctant to speak. He had battled against Skeleton before, and he’s always had a special gut feeling about Skeleton. He felt like Skeleton was not performing to his fullest but was watching and dissecting his moves. In this aspect, he felt that Skeleton was like him.. just that he was on a completely different level.

Wild King had way more technological advantages, so it was going to be a rough battle, and with it came greater anticipation.

Wild King could not believe himself that his opponent was willing to battle on such uneven grounds.

No matter the outcome, he would applaud Skeleton for his courage.

Wild King was waiting. He was preparing for his special training stage to get ready for the three military schools’ exchange program. The principal got news that Ares College was secretly preparing, so he could use a victory to welcome the disgustingly intense training to come.

Light Cavalry Model D, the Aslan empire’s conventional mech model. It was the model that had the performance balance. Simply put, it was a model that could ensure that the full potential of the pilot’s ability and awareness were utilized. The MP5 laser guns that came with it allowed for extreme accuracy in shots during movement and unstable environments. The laser sword was also a necessary weapon upgrade with the model.

Wild King did not make the first move as he already had such an advantage over Skeleton’s mech.

Countless players were watching patiently online. What would be Skeleton’s next move?

Instantly, everyone’s spectacles shattered against the floor.

Simple Arena!

It was the cruelest and most direct battle arena. There was nowhere to block and nowhere to hide, and it relied solely on the pilots’ stamina and skills.

It was a place to showed competency, whereby accidents could be minimised.

This was unbelievable!

“He is so cool. The Earth is no longer able to tie down Skeleton!”

“How dare he choose that arena. He’s just looking down on his opponent!”

“If he can win, I will no longer believe in love!”

“Dude, this has got nothing to do with love!”

“Then me believing in love ain’t got nothing to do with you!”

The gods of the different districts were promptly replaying, the different PK were out of control, and votes and victory bets were also increasing sharply.

In this kind of situation, there were still four impossible people who thought that Skeleton could win. A few newbies were shocked to the core. Were they really so dumb?

Within the Skeleton Corps, Yao Ailun and Chen Xiu were passionately singing Lin Huiyin’s new single – NOT AFRAID. No matter who the opponent was, their allegiance was clear.

“Hello, everyone. I am Young Deer, the ubiquitous Young Deer. I have been recording the program since early yesterday. In the diamond ranks, players are pitted against each other until noon. I was still planning to have a nice afternoon nap, but who knew that a certain someone would appear again… let me see,” Young Deer said in a tone of ridicule. “Incredible.. who would be so arrogant. The Wargod No. 1 against the Light Cavalry. Everyone must have heard of Wild King, but to remind you of his battle status, Wild King is currently on an 11 battle winning streak in America’s diamond ranks for one-on-one battles. As for five-on-five group battles, he has a 9 battle winning streak, and he was re-elected as the top place amongst the diamond ranks’ light cavalry mech players.”

Young Deer swallowed his saliva. “Easy Arena Map, excellent. Let us look forward to Skeleton’s moves. Amen.”

He traced a cross sign on his chest. In the forums, people were spamming comments. There were comments that either insulted him or complimented him. It could not be helped if you drank two bottles of milk and had diarrhea for a week.

Young Deer was onto Skeleton. He did not believe that Skeleton was undefeatable.

Aina was right next to Wang Zheng. She liked Wang Zheng’s calm confidence. Even in her position, she was uncertain about the outcome, and after listening to the introduction, she knew that the opponent was strong.

Back in the spaceship, Huiyin was curled up in her sofa, enjoying her popcorn. He eyes lit up. “Interesting, interesting. Let me see how good you are… haha.. love can really blind a person!”

It was apparent, based on the time, that her cousin was already there. As for the boy, he would make his way there immediately if he was rash, and rashness most likely caused bad endings.

“Angela, do you want some popcorn?”

“Thank you, Your Highness.”

“Angela! You don’t have to be so serious. Do you think Skeleton has a chance of winning in this battle?” Huiyin smiled. “Such a rebellious name to begin with.”

“This guy must be stupid. The Wargod No. 1’s performance and configuration are inferior compared to the light cavalry. Unless his opponent is a pig, it is not possible for him to win.”

Angela said blatantly.

“Spectators, the long awaited battle is about to begin. It will be a battle to remember, and it will be the last lowly battle that I will be commentating. Thank God, I am finally free.”

Young Deer said nonchalantly. He was definitely neglecting the audience’s feelings. Apparently, he had quite a lot of supporters. After all, there were swarms of new spectators every battle.

In the CT hall, the workers were bedazzled. A competition like that had resulted in the sales of eighty thousand tickets, with ten thousand VVIP spectators.

What was this rhythm?

Ailun hung a cross on his chest. God bless, please don’t let it be his last dinner.

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