Tempest of the Stellar War

Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Embrace

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Sometime after school began, Wang Zheng’s life began falling into a rhythm. Having attended the lessons once, he roughly knew what was demanded of Xiao Fei’s and some of the Mecha Department’s classes. Ever since he gained access to the MMA club’s training room, Wang Zheng went there twice a day punctually. It was too convenient.

Usually, Wang Zheng would use the gravity room in the early morning. Regular intensity training was definitely slower in producing results; however, with the gravity room, Wang Zheng was able to feel aches and soreness.

It was empty in the morning as always. Wang Zheng turned up the gravity to five times intensity. After some warm-up lifts, Wang Zheng began his finger strength training, switching between fingers. Under this sort of pressure, results were certain..

A hundred reps for each finger—his entire body was soaked in no time. This sort of training was brutal, so Wang Zheng’s food intake was also three times the average person’s. The good thing was he had extra money now. Even Wang Zheng felt that he would collapse if he continued eating instant noodles with this training.

While Wang Zheng was training hard in the gravity room, the door opened. Ever since Meng Tian “lost” to Wang Zheng, she also increased her training. She found it puzzling that she could not rely on her training to defeat Wang Zheng.

Seeing that the gravity room’s light was on, Meng Tian felt it strange. However, upon noticing that it was at five times intensity, she was absolutely shocked—this was no joke!

Wang Zheng’s training was showing better results as of late. Usually he would end at this time, but he felt like going for one more. Meng Tian was usually not here this early either.

Meng Tian saw a sight she would never forget in her life—Wang Zheng, topless, with sweat dripping like rain, inverted and doing one-handed push-ups. He switched hands every fifty reps.

What kind of strength was this?

Meng Tian had always felt that she stood a chance in the previous fight, but she never once thought that he had not even been serious about it.

This sort of strength was rare even in the military.

Wang Zheng sensed that there was someone and stopped. Seeing Meng Tian outside stunned, he smiled, picked up his towel, and walked out.

“Do you want to use it?”

Meng Tian shook her head in a daze. It was hard to believe that Meng Tian, the icy, beautiful queen, had this state of confusion. “How did you do it?”

“Haha, just daily training. Although it seems like I don’t have much muscle, I am actually very strong.”

Wang Zheng struck a pose. Indeed, he was not terribly ripped, but Meng Tian could sense that he was full of explosive strength.

Meng Tian bit her lip as she suddenly said, “Can you make me stronger?”

Wang Zheng was surprised for a moment. He could tell that Meng Tian was earnest, but for a girl …

“Actually, my style of training is not very suitable for the average person,” Wang Zheng said. A normal person would die if he trained like that.

“I’m not afraid. As long as I can become strong, I am willing to do anything!” Meng Tian exposed her usual stubbornness.

Wang Zheng did not really know how to reject a girl. “This … we can try. Actually, I’m also not very sure how to coach you.”

“Even just by sparring with you, I can improve!”

This was what Meng Tian had thought of all along, improving through fighting. Except, as a girl, she felt that it was not good to always be harassing others. However, upon seeing this, she could not care anymore. During the test with the explosive strength measuring machine at the beginning of military training, it could have been that the machine was not faulty. Perhaps it was that Wang Zheng’s strength had already reached incredible levels.

“Can do. I need the training anyway.” Wang Zheng smiled.

Wang Zheng took a shower and was done in five minutes. When he came out, Meng Tian had already changed and was practicing various swift kicks.

Her movements were very tactical. Her flexibility and mobility were both pretty good, and there were not many flaws. It was evident that she had gone through strict training. It was only because Wang Zheng had gone through the pillar training that he could see the skill gap between them.

Her footwork was very orthodox and had little change, while the pillar training was endlessly varied.

“How is it?”

Meng Tian asked after one round. The beads of sweat on the tip of her nose made her cuter.

“Not bad.”

“That can’t be all, tell me the truth!” It was clear that Meng Tian was not satisfied with this type of patronizing answer.

“Flowery fists with fancy footwork.”

“Haha, your moves are actually not bad already, but your strength and speed still have room for improvement. Also, it seems like you are very obsessed with routines. Actually, fights are ever-changing and are very dynamic. Reflexes and adaptability are important skills to have. You need to have a good grasp of speed, accuracy, and lethality. Like this.”

Wang Zheng followed Meng Tian’s demonstration and threw out a set of kicks, except his were lower and quicker and as ferocious as a whirlwind.

Wang Zheng, who moved over ten meters in a moment, looked back. Meng Tian was in a daze again.

“What’s wrong?”

“Maybe someday I will need a favor from you,” Meng Tian said suddenly.

“We are schoolmates, no problem. I will definitely help if I can.”

Wang Zheng had actually not previously appreciated Meng Tian’s capable personality. Besides, the two had the common goal of becoming excellent pilots.

Wang Zheng certainly could not use Bonehead’s training methods on a girl. Moreover, this was not the Rubik’s Cube. If he was not taken away by the police, he would at least be sent to the mental hospital if he tried them on her.

“Balance is most important. This horse stance training will do you good.”

Wang Zheng taught Meng Tian the female horse stance. The male version was wider. Based on a female’s body, it needed to be closer and triangular. This stance was also most stable.

“Is this useful?” It has to be said that this stance was not very pretty.

“Haha, try attacking me. If I move, you win.”

Wang Zheng assumed the horse stance. Meng Tian’s eyes lit up. She really intended to try.

After pulling back some distance, Meng Tian cried out femininely and threw a low flying kick towards Wang Zheng. Wang Zheng smiled. This was a strong blow.

Bang …

Receiving it easily, Wang Zheng’s body did not move.


She did not want to waste this opportunity of a live target. Meng Tian was not polite about it and launched a fierce attack towards Wang Zheng. There was no one around, so Meng Tian did not have to worry.

Meng Tian’s attack was rather ferocious, with the intent to deal harm. Although Meng Tian altered her position and adopted a more violent style, her lethality dropped drastically.

“No problem. You can attack anywhere, or you won’t be able to show your power.”

When Meng Tian heard this, her brows furrowed slightly. Her style became colder, but Wang Zheng became stronger under greater attacking pressure. Wang Zheng received a series of three kicks easily. Meng Tian felt her leg go limp and fell over.

Just when student Wang was finding this rather fun, Meng Tian suddenly collapsed. He quickly supported her … this was overexertion.

“Are you okay?” Wang Zheng asked, touching her forehead. “I’m letting you try, no need to try so hard; we have no deep hatred,”

Wang Zheng teased. She was okay, just a little faint

Meng Tian’s faced turned red. “You are really great. I might have to always trouble you from now on.”

“We are schoolmates, no problem. Besides, it is my honor to be of service to a beauty.”

Meng Tian’s face turned redder. At this moment, the training room’s doors opened. A bunch of students engaged in loud conversation entered.

The training room fell silent immediately. Everyone looked at each other. Meng Tian, blushing, was in Wang Zheng’s arms …

“Oops, we have walked into the wrong place.”

“Yes, we didn’t see anything.”

Meng Tian stood quickly. Wang Zheng waved his hand. “Just exchanging pointers; Meng Tian accidentally hurt her leg.”

“Have to trouble you to send me to the infirmary.” Meng Tian had restored her cool.

Amidst the crowd’s laughter, the two of them left quickly. Meng Tian’s pursuers were many. It was a pity no one could beat her, much less think about anything else. Wang Zheng’s personality was easy-going. The crowd also felt that he was better than the arrogant Guan Tao.

Wang Zheng supported Meng Tian out. Meng Tian suddenly said, “Do I have to call you ‘Master’ next time?”

“Oh, no need to be so exaggerated. We will just exchange pointers.”

“Is Ye Zisu your girlfriend?” Meng Tian asked suddenly.

“No, we are schoolmates and friends. How can she fancy me?” Wang Zheng laughed.

This was the truth. Ye Zisu was the school flower and Wang Zheng was just a passerby.

Solon was doing rather well in recent days; he could even laugh in his dreams. His superiors were very pleased with his performance. It was said that the board meetings also took a new turn and no one was raising the matter of his dismissal.

Sometimes, when the path is right, the sky could really rain pies. Lin Huiyin’s inspiration for her new song actually came from Skeleton’s battle videos, and it was a hit. Even the official website was promoting this person. The question was: once the main website begins publicity and more experts are attracted, could the Wargod No. 1 withstand it?

Regardless, Solon was clear that there was no turning back, and this was not something he could decide.

Solon was busy looking for opponents, and it was actually rather difficult. Experts with a name for themselves were not very willing, and the usual opponent would be meaningless.

After all, people who were willing to use the Wargod No. 1 were still rare. This included Wild King, who specialized in using his own high-end mech. If one used Wargod No. 1, he could operate it without problem, but his fighting strength would be greatly impaired. If one used a high-end mech, it would not be fair. This would be a bit of an insult to the esteems of the experts if they won, and it would be much worse if they lost. Hence, it was a rather awkward phase.

Under Wang Zheng’s suggestion, Zhang Shan’s trio also entered the assistant’s group. Xiao Fei also had the intention to nurture them. The three were rather talented; given some time, they would not do badly. However, in Xiao Fei’s eyes, only Wang Zheng’s future was boundless. His worldview was too good. Perhaps a top physicist who has been nurtured for eight to ten years would also only be at this level.

With Zhang Shan and friends, Wang Zheng’s days were better. It has to be said that an opportunity like this was hard to come by. Although they were only involved in minor activities, it was also eye opening. Although they were freshmen, the four of them certainly surpassed their seniors in some aspects by too much.

Student Wang was absent for most of the Physics Department’s classes, apart from Xiao Fei’s. Professors would occasionally take attendance, and student Yao Ailun would mimic their voices to make fun of them. Not to mention his imitation was vivid.

Wang Zheng would be immersed in the Mecha Department as if he was stupid or drunk. Wang Zheng had gained a fundamental understanding of mecha during his one month at OMG, and he found it very interesting now that he could apply some theory with the actual thing.

First lesson: mechanical science. Eighty plus people came to the school’s equipment warehouse. There were many mecha parts. Unfortunately, Ares College’s finances were not doing very well in recent years, so the equipment was older.

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