Tempest of the Stellar War

Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Crazy Tempo

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Looking at Xiao Fei’s intense expression, Wang Zheng racked his brains. Suddenly, it occurred to him that she was referring to his time spent in the Mathematics Department. It was something that he had completely forgotten about as it was quite insignificant.

“Ah, could you be referring to the question on the blackboard in the math classroom? I wasn’t taking it seriously and was just messing around. Crap, I hope I didn’t cause any problems for anyone”

Student Wang didn’t know what to say. Why was he being questioned about this? Answering some question on a blackboard honestly wasn’t that big a deal.

Xiao Fei shook her head helplessly and took a deep breath. “You really are trouble. You know that? You screwed up big time.”

“It was just random scribbles! It’s not a crime! Worse come to worst, I can just help the Mathematics Department clean the blackboard,” Wang Zheng objected.

“That’s not the issue! The problem is that now Marcus wants to enroll you into his 4th year math classes!”

Student Wang’s frowned in annoyance, creasing his forehead with three dark lines. This was supposed to be a school, not some black market! How could the teachers just forego the rules and lawlessly compete for him?

Xiao Fei could not help but burst into laughter at the sight of Wang Zheng’s pitiful expression. “Your ‘random scribblings’ solved an age-old question that has stumped math geniuses all around the world! It has even caused several Mathematics Department students to create a fan club around you! Put yourself in Marcus’ shoes. Of course he would want to headhunt you!”

Wang Zheng let out a huge sigh of relief. So he wasn’t in trouble. That’s good. The Principal had told him not to offend anyone among the faculty, as it would create difficulty for Wang Zheng if he were to petition for a change in departments later on in the future.

“You little rascal! You’re obviously quite gifted, and it is expected that other people would want to snatch you up! But you belong to me, remember that. That old b*stard Marcus might as well be dreaming if he plans on stealing you away from me! Don’t worry, big sis will protect you!”

Xiao Fei was extremely forward as she patted Wang Zheng’s shoulder. As she was just an arm’s length away, Wang Zheng could not avoid seeing her exposed skin. He could not distract himself from its snowy-whiteness. Her skin was absolutely spotless.

In the Rubik’s cube, Skeleton had trained him for confrontation with beautiful members of the opposite sex. However, back then, his heart knew that it was fake. Yet in the present, what was in front of his eyes was as real as could be.

“Ahem, this is…”

Noticing that Wang Zheng’s face was completely red, Xiao Fei stared blankly at him for a while before realizing the compromising situation that she was putting him in. She decided to use her feminine charms to press her advantage. “Not bad, right? And I know you still don’t have a girlfriend. What about me? A student-teacher relationship would be…exciting to say the least.”

Xiao Fei was used to using her sexuality as a persuasion technique. The devilish lady was deriving satisfaction from seeing Wang Zheng’s awkwardness and embarrassment.

“Looks like I frightened you. Big sis has high expectations for her partners, but you just barely meet the requirements. Work harder and in the future and big sis might just give you a chance,” Xiao Fei said, as she charmingly gazed at Wang Zheng.

Our dear Student Wang was so frightened that he wanted to escape as quickly as possible. If he stayed, Wang Zheng wasn’t sure what would happen. He was a young and virile adult male, and he definitely felt the effects of Xiao Fei’s charms. Xiao Fei was seductive, intelligent, and beautiful. No one was immune to her advances. Wang Zheng had to escape.

Xiao Fei laughed seductively. She was like a child who was extremely proud of herself. To her, bullying little boys was addictively fun. However, she knew that she had to properly protect this little b*stard. Xiao Fei already had to compete with the Mecha Department for Wang Zheng’s affection. If Wang Zheng were to join them, Xiao Fei’s relationship with him would just get problematic.

With such an excellent foundation and grasp of mathematics, Wang Zheng was a genius solely born to do physics!

Meanwhile, on the faraway Planet of Aslan…

Aslan was the most well-planned planet in the Milky Way. Its structural layout had been meticulously thought out, and everyone who visited the planet was surprised at its aesthetics and beauty. Aslan was filled with an abundance of greenery and elegant communities. Surrounding the planet were twelve intelligent satellites which would periodically absorb sunlight to provide Aslan with solar energy. These twelve satellites could also function as defensive weapons during times of war.

Located on the 36th floor of Aslan’s famous Star Pagoda was the music recording studio for Lin Huiyin’s Nature’s Echoes.

“Your Highness, I do not understand the need for such a risk! There is absolutely no reason to do so!”

“Indeed, it is as he said. We have the best team available. If you wanted to try a new style or take a new direction with your music videos, we would definitely be able to create something of much higher quality!”

A group of workers was currently surrounding a little girl. Despite the disparity in their ages, the little girl was clearly in charge of the room. She seemed to possess the atmosphere of a goddess. The girl with bared legs was currently dancing to the music, moving in accordance to the rhythm of the room. Right outside the window were Aslan’s unique, ring-shaped butterfly mechanical constructs. They were automated flying machines tasked with keeping everything neat and tidy.

“I want to know about this CT player that she is obsessed with!” one worker said.

The girl absentmindedly chewed on her lower lip. She was the famous beauty that could move mountains, the one and only Lin Huiyin of Aslan.


This was Nature’s Echoes’ new single. The moment it debuted, the song rocketed to the top of the Milky Way Alliance’s Top 18 charts, where it was ranked ‘the most played single’ for 10 different categories. Such a feat had never been seen before!

This was something that numerous music critics would never have imagined. Although Lin Huiyin’s popularity was partially attributed to her youthful beauty, it was her unique singing style that had won over the inhabitants of the Milky Way.

However, solely relying on her sweet, demure personality also had its limits. After Lin Huiyin released her first 2 albums, she was confronted with an important career-making decision. Critics all around the galaxy were highlighting the limits of her current genre choice. As such, she could either choose to change her direction, or she could remain as she was. This was a choice that Lin Huiyin had to make for herself.

Of course, Lin Huiyin did not have to bother with such criticism. She did not have to change. However, after watching Skeleton’s latest CT match, she was inspired to write a new song… a song that would make one’s blood boil and instill courage among the people. To the average Aslan individual, this was not a significant issue. But the response to her new single had completely exceeded Huiyin’s expectations. She felt that this song was not too mediocre, but never would she have expected that this experiment would have turned into her best song yet.

NOT AFRAID was the most played song among the top 10 charts, and it satisfied even the harshest of critics. They simply had nothing bad to say about the song.

This was Huiyin’s first singing and rapping single!

It has to be said that many young people became absolutely infatuated with the song. Every radio station was playing it! Just listening to it a single time was enough to hook a person and fill them with extreme fervor!

The music video was even more stunning. A montage of a lone Wargod No. 1 facing numerous battles. Regardless of the enemy, the lead player always triumphed, demonstrating unparalleled skill and a courageous aura in all of his fights.

I’m not afraid to take a stand

Everybody, take my hand

We’ll walk this road together, through the storm

Whatever weather, cold or warm

Just let you know that, you’re not alone

If you feel that you’ve been down the same road

At this point in time, the MV showed Lin Huiyin in full military attire, pointing towards the sky. In the background, it showed the Wargod No. 1 in a moment of desperation, cornered by its opponents and turning the whole match around by executing a pentakill with godly skill.


The song escalated into a feverish climax!

I will be what I set out to be, without a doubt undoubtedly

In the MV, Huiyin and the Wargod No. 1 took up the two sides of the screen. One after another, the opponents of the Wargod No. 1 would appear and be coolly destroyed.

Regardless of the enemy, we will definitely fight till the end!

Rays of light beamed in all four directions. The Wargod No. 1 would fight mech after mech, with the music intensifying in the background.

And to the fans, I’ll never let you down again, I’m back

As the music died down, the MV showed Wargod No. 1 and Lin Huiyin standing together, both exuding radiant light.

Back in the dormitory, Chen Xiu and Yao Ailun were both dancing ecstatically, giddy with delirium. This was perfect. This song would be the Skeleton Corp’s anthem.

The song’s influence was slowly spreading. Wang Zheng’s battle videos became the most searched video in all of Asia. People from other regions were unaware that Skeleton was fighting a real battle, and they imagined that the whole gameplay footage to be staged. However, everyone in the Asian region knew it to be true and that Skeleton’s abilities were the real deal.

It was just that Nature’s Echoes’ influence was too large, directly catapulting the music video to the top.

Wang Zheng had also seen the MV. Needless to say, he was absolutely shocked. When Wang Zheng was still in middle school, he was a fan of Huiyin’s gentle, soothing music. However, after experiencing the Rubik Cube’s training, Wang Zheng’s personality had experienced a drastic change. He no longer enjoyed listening to such gentle music. As a result, he had stopped listening to Nature’s Echoes. Yet NOT AFRAID had fully encapsulated the feeling of his battles! He could never have imagined that Lin Huiyin was such a genius!

The song resonated within him. Only Wang Zheng could truly understand that air of haughtiness and the drive to overcome adversity and attain his goals.

The title of the song was the cherry on the icing: NOT AFRAID. It was akin to telling oneself that regardless of adversity, one had to keep on going. There was nothing in this world that was truly frightening.

Zhang Shan was also dancing. No one knew that he had a gift for breakdancing! “Unparalleled. This is f*cking awesome. This song is perfect!”

“My Nature’s Echoes wrote this song all on their own!” Chen Xiu said, like a proud parent boasting about his child.

“When did they become yours?”

“I am Nature’s Echoes number 1 fan! I have been a member since the very beginning. I am a senior member!” Chen Xiu beamed.

Yao Ailun adjusted his spectacles, haughtily pushing them up the bridge of his nose. “You call yourself a fanboy? Your brother here has collected all of her albums and posters, including the Aslan Special Edition. Can you say the same?”

“Bro, you are truly my blood brother. Can you let me see it?”

“If you act accordingly, I will even let you listen,” Yao Ailun said, with a smug face. He enjoyed the feeling of being worshipped.

“Wang Zheng, it looks like we’re the only two rational people in this dormitory,” Zhang Shan said. Although he liked her songs, he would not lower himself to their level of fanboy groveling and peacocking.

“It is quite nice to listen to,” Wang Zheng said sincerely. He truly felt that the song resonated within him.

“It’s incredible; the music video has boosted Skeleton Corps’ popularity and increased the number of applicants! We have reached the maximum number of members for our corps’ level! This is unacceptable, we need to upgrade it!” exclaimed Chen Xiu.

“We need to find an administrator. Agh, the administrators have already used Skeleton’s gameplay footage for their promotional videos. They need to give us some compensation!” Yao Ailun angrily slapped the table. The two of them started to bicker.

Wang Zheng and Zhang Shan were speechless. Yao Ailun and Chen Xiu usually acted like old men, but depending on the scenario, the two could revert to acting as if they were 5-year-old children!

“Oh, Zhang Shan, by the way, I have told the Professor Xiao Fei about your proposal, and she said that she would consider it,” Wang Zheng said. He felt that being Xiao Fei’s sole assistant was just too dangerous, and having Zhang Shan around would greatly reduce his anxiety. Also, Zhang Shan was truly a genius, and Wang Zheng wanted to help develop his friend’s abilities.

“Thanks! I need to leave now, but don’t mind me! You guys keep talking.”

Zhang Shan heavily clapped down on Wang Zheng’s shoulder. As Wang Zheng’s body was extremely well-built, Zhang Shan was not afraid of hurting his friend.

“This b*stard has had a windfall of good luck with the ladies. F*ck, he is probably off to take advantage of young girls,” Yao Ailun said with disdain. He styled himself as omniscient and was capable of anything.

“I have a friend who is currently in the Skeleton Corps. Could you help him increase his rank? He is also crazy about Skeleton.”

“Not a problem. Your friend sounds like a good guy.”

Yan Xiaosu’s personality truly fit well with the other two.

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