Tempest of the Stellar War

Chapter 1439 - Armistice agreement

Chapter 1439: Armistice agreement

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Once they calmed down from their crazy desires and ambition, even Bolet had cold sweat. It would be best if nothing had happened – they could only make the most appropriate choice. Moreover, with Wang Zheng’s reminder, some details were questionable. For example, Bolet’s spies amongst new humans had been too cooperative, and the cooperation felt intentional. Human Ability X users were unable to see through their thoughts as well, and based on the signs, it may have been an act.

Thinking back, since Lear could control the new humans to attack, their thinking could have been affected as well. This was the same characteristic of the Zerg, and he hid this from them from the start. Perhaps it was to delude himself.

Bolet was a typical Manalasuo citizen, very decisive. Lear could no longer stay. Manalasuo could not become the criminal of the whole of humanity. All of them had to be eliminated, and not a single one would be left alive. This was Bolet’s attitude.

The arrangements were done with utmost secrecy. The problem with the new humans was that they were no longer the same species as humans. This was something Lear may forget occasionally. When he made modifications, many things were changed.

The sudden attack was a cooperation between the two strongest human fleets. The ships in Lear’s new human fleet were constantly destroyed, becoming fireworks in space.

The whole operation was revealed only to a few key personnel. Bolet was silently watching the battle. Next to him, Jondi Lilick was silent as well. He knew what Lear was like – tolerant and ambitious, and he had the ability as well. He had come to Manalasuo full of ambition, ready to show off his abilities, and thought that he would gain Manalasuo’s support. However, Jondi Lilick knew that Bolet thought nothing of him. He was a pawn that Aslan did not want, which meant that this pawn had plenty of problems. Manalasuo would only make use of him, and would not be soft-hearted when it came time to dispose of him, but they did not expect the time to come so soon. This would definitely be a fatal blow to Lear, who had always thought that he was a genius.

Luo Fei could not help but say, “Boss, Boss, let’s go, we can’t stay here any longer!” When things were going well, Luo Fei’s attitude of not doing anything was tolerated, and Lear was too lazy to find stuff for him to do. There was no lack of people in his army.

Actually, in the world of new humans filled with ambition, only Luo Fei was rational. The modifications did not affect his thinking, as he was the only person who did not undergo modifications for survival or for ambition. He simply wanted to repay his debt, and this was a path of no return.

Luo Fei was extremely smart, and that was why he acted foolishly. This ending was fate, as no country would accept them. They would only make use of them, but he did not want to burst Lear’s bubble. Doing so would be useless as well.

The ending had finally come.

This blow was too much for Lear. He was not afraid of failure, as he could learn from experience, but what was going on?

All along, he thought that he was smart, but he was treated like a fool from the beginning. He was fooled by a bunch of people he looked down on?

The act… was ending?

He did not care about the screams around him, he did not care about how many casualties there were, but why?

“Boss, let’s go. There is still hope as long as we are alive,” Luo Fei said once more as the space shuttle was violently shaking.

With their abilities, if they decided to leave, no one could make them stay… not even Wang Zheng.

Lear looked at the approaching Saruman Snake fleet. Wang Zheng once again, this had to be happening because of Wang Zheng!

Get rid of Wang Zheng?!

This thought exploded immediately in Lear’s mind. He could no longer keep his cool.

However, at this time, three middle-aged men appeared in the ship silently. No one knew when everyone in the command station had died.

Three Heaven-rank warriors from Manalasuo!

In the main battleship of the Saruman Snake fleet, Wang Zheng was silently watching the battle from the command cabin. Lear… Luo Fei, they were teammates once, hence he did not do anything. Bolet was indeed Bolet. Since this matter started with Manalasuo, it had to end in Manalasuo’s hands, there was no need for other countries to intervene, this was Manalasuo’s pride.

After a while, Wang Zheng lightly sighed. He had the resolve to kill Lear, but he could not kill Luo Fei.

The battle was nearing the end. The enemy had almost collapsed. Xie Yuxin walked up and stood next to Wang Zheng with a smile on his face. “There must be an end to this, but for us, this battle is merely the beginning.”

Wang Zheng looked at Xie Yuxin with one eye. “Who was stronger, you or Ren Yixuan?”

Even Wang Zheng would occasionally gossip.

Xie Yuxin smiled gently. “You should go and ask Ren Yixuan.”

At the same time, in Arbiter’s fleet, Ren Yixuan stopped the attack, as there was no need for him to waste his energy to clean up the battlefield. Arbiter and Manalasuo had reached an agreement, and there was no need to consider Maya and the Darkness Empire. Whoever had the power would make the decisions.

Arbiter received news about Roland’s situation as well – it was bad. Actually, there was no need for the war to go past this stage. The battle against Xie Yuxin was merely Ren Yixuan trying to test the waters. The opponent was indeed strong. If the two of them were equals, the wise ones were more suited for this type of battle than humans. As the wise ones adapted and gained more experience, there might be no one in the Milky Way Alliance who could defeat them.

As for Lear, he felt nothing. This person had given the various countries an opportunity to stop the war, so at least he had some use.

If Lear knew that this was someone’s evaluation of him, he would have exploded, but now he would not be able to know, as he was under attack by three Manalasuo Heaven-rank experts. Lear could no longer hold out. The destruction of new humans was a huge blow to him, and the worst thing was, Wang Zheng had not struck. He was in the battleship opposite him, but he would not strike!

Lear roared. His face became twisted and his body changed shape. Luo Fei, who was next to him, was fighting against a Heaven-rank warrior. He was full of wounds, and upon seeing Lear’s condition, he took a direct punch, grabbed Lear, and instantly disappeared.

The three Heaven-rank warriors used their domains and began searching, but found nothing. The violent energy destroyed the whole battleship.

The details of this battle were not known. To be honest, it was a mistake. After the battle, the eight countries were back to the negotiating table, and they became much more rational. Manalasuo gave up the right to ask for reparations for this war. This was why Bolet was shrewd. Manalasuo had already gained much, and if they were to be greedy, it would result in problems.

Arbiter received reasonable war reparations, as this war was started by Aslan. As for Maya, they received some benefits, but compared to their losses, it was nothing. It was at this time that they realized what a wise decision it was by Atlantis to remain neutral, because after the war, Atlantis remained as Atlantis, while Maya dropped by a level.

As for the Darkness Empire, they were simply here to mess around. They were about to face countless protests and resistance from the Fairy Star, and once the Milky Way Alliance regained its function, they would not be able to do as they pleased.

That was a problem for tomorrow. After nine days of intense negotiations, the armistice agreement was made. This world war, which had gotten worse over time, was finally stopped before things got out of hand.

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