Tempest of the Stellar War

Chapter 1438 - Lear’s Sad Life

Chapter 1438: Lear’s Sad Life

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This was not what Lear wanted, hence he suppressed the thought of going to the Abyss. Lear had seen the power of the Zerg of the Abyss. If he had control over such an army, his status would be different. However, if he did not deal with it properly, he would become the enemy of all of humanity.

The negotiations continued, but people like Bolet were not involved, and the negotiations were left to the professionals.

The negotiations continued for another three days, but there was little progress. Both parties were unwilling to let go of their bottom lines. The pressure on both fleets were high; it felt like a huge war was about to begin.

There was a lot of movement in both fleets. Ren Yixuan’s fleets appeared in the direction of the Solar System’s fleet. Ren Yixuan was the only person who could handle Xie Yuxin. It could be said that the performances of these two were extremely important.

As the negotiations had yet to achieve anything, the empires decided to strike first. As long as they defeated Xie Yuxin’s fleet, the empires would not lose. While the republics looked impressive, everything would fall apart with one defeat, as they were not as united as they seemed.

Moreover, Lear’s fleet was secretly hiding within Arbiter’s fleet. This was the reason for their confidence.

Manalasuo and Arbiter had reached an agreement. Ren Yixuan would fight Xie Yuxin, and in the critical moment, Lear would strike with his fleet, making it two against one, completely destroying any tactic the enemy had. As long as the Saruman Snake fleet led by Xie Yuxin was destroyed, it would be a matter of time before the republic alliance was defeated, and the alliance might even collapse.

This was all within Lear’s expectations, as the terms of negotiations would never satisfy the empires, and it would not satisfy the republics. Getting rid of Xie Yuxin was undoubtedly important.

With regards to Arbiter’s movements, the Solar System treated it seriously. The Saruman Snake fleet was shifted to the front, to counter the enemy’s intimidation.

The eyes of the whole world were on them. Would it be Ren Yixuan who was stronger, or Xie Yuxin? At the same time, Manalasuo was pressuring the Hail Cloud Alliance, while the Darkness Empire was pressuring the Gemini Star, and Manalasuo was responsible for dealing with Aslan’s fleet.

The empires had set their main target to be the Solar System, and while the negotiations continued, the intimidation by military strength continued. Was this to increase the number of bargaining chips? Or a method to delay the negotiations?

Ren Yixuan’s Glory fleet and Xie Yuxin’s Saruman Snake fleet were confronting each other, intimidating each other. As the top commanders of the current Milky Way Alliance, they disapproved of each other. This confrontation had been going on for four days. Both sides felt the danger of this. It was easy for things to go wrong in the presence of such intimidation. Those on the negotiation table are furiously arguing as well, one round after another.

In the end, no one knew who, but one of Ren Yixuan Glory fleet’s battleships accidentally fired a laser, and it sparked the clash between the two fleets.

The thing everyone was most worried about happened. It did not matter if the other fleets exchanged fire, but these two fleets meant too much, and the negotiations stopped halfway. Both parties were staring at the screens. The result of the battle between these two fleets would determine if negotiations would continue, and how they would continue.

Everyone witnessed the most artistic battle between two human fleets. Faced with Ren Yixuan’s umbrella attack, Xie Yuxin reacted by evading with an arc formation, followed by an S-shaped formation to retaliate. The whole Saruman Snake fleet was like a fire dragon, and after their first battle, they experienced a transformation. The reactions of the wise ones were faster than that of the humans!

Ren Yixuan’s fleet made a prompt response. Barrel roll evasion. While its movement looked messy, they quickly reorganized after evading.

The battle between the two commanders was like art. An average fleet would have been destroyed by this kind of attack a long time ago, but the two of them could control their fleets to defend themselves.

It was clear that this was something only Ren Yixuan and Xie Yuxin could do. Both of them were testing the waters. As the two most similar people in this world, neither of them would miss out on this opportunity to determine who the strongest was.

Even after half an hour of unbelievable battle, the casualty rate remained at zero, but suddenly, a fleet charged towards the battlefield. The Saruman Snake fleet, which was trying to escape, were trapped by Ren Yixuan.

It was Lear’s fleet!

Getting rid of Xie Yuxin was the first step of Lear realizing his plan. As long as the balance was broken, the war between humans would continue forever.

The eyes of the new humans in the battleships were red, filled with blood lust. They were unlike the earlier generations, like Lear, who could control their emotions. The later generations of new humans were incomplete products, monsters in human skin.

Looking at the Saruman Snake fleet, which was anxious to escape, a cold smirk appeared on Lear’s face. After getting rid of Wang Zheng’s right hand man, the next step would be to get rid of Wang Zheng. Perhaps there may be a satisfying conclusion today – wipe them out all at once.

Wang Zheng may be on the Saruman Snake fleet, but Lear was not worried. Instead, he was slightly excited.

Pincer attack – Lear’s fleet was ready for battle, and at this time, Xie Yuxin’s Saruman Snake fleet scattered, while Ren Yixuan’s fleet attacked with full firepower.

The laser cannons blasted on Lear’s battleships, and sparks flew in an instant. The scattered Saruman Snake fleet fired back as well.

Instantly, the lights illuminated space. Lear’s battleships were violently shaking, Lear… was completely stunned…

Back to ten days ago.

In a Manalasuo planetary level battleship’s conference room, there were three people. The atmosphere was unique. If other people saw this scene, they would be shocked.

Next to Bolet was Jondi Lilick, but opposite him was Wang Zheng.

Wang Zheng’s sudden appearance surprised Bolet. Moreover, he had managed to escape the detection of the Heaven-rank warriors, it could only mean that Wang Zheng’s strength surpassed that of an average Heaven-rank. However, Bolet did not panic, and neither did Jondi Lilick next to him. If Wang Zheng wanted to kill them, he would not have shown his face, and a man like Bolet was not afraid of death.

“Lilick, relax, he is an old friend.” Bolet smiled. He was indeed the representative of Manalasuo’s revival. His magnanimity alone was worth his admiration. Jondi Lilick was indeed nervous. They were now enemies, and Bolet’s importance to Manalasuo was indescribable.

Wang Zheng smiled. “General Bolet, long time no see. Lilick, my intention here is to talk.”

Jondi Lilick was expressionless, but it was clear that his heart heaved a sigh of relief. In the past, he could deal with Wang Zheng easily, and even looked down on him, but now, meeting Wang Zheng once more, he could feel the immense pressure. The person in front of him now was unfathomable. This period of time, the most discussed topic amongst the four empires was Wang Zheng. It could be said that this situation was caused by Wang Zheng single-handedly. This person was the core of the republic alliance, but there was no solution for him. Even people like Bolet had to be protected, but Wang Zheng did not need protection. After he got rid of three Heaven-rank warriors, the various countries felt tremendous pressure, and from analysis by Heaven-rank warriors, after Wang Zheng had reached Heaven-rank, he understood a domain not touched by others. His movements did not belong to Ability X, and there were no limits to them. This was proven today. With no signs of Ability X being used, Wang Zheng had come here.


No, to be honest, while they were enemies, it was hard for Jondi Lilick to hate Wang Zheng from the bottom of his heart. Instead, he wanted to fight alongside Wang Zheng, but Jondi Lilick knew what his responsibility was.

“Wang Zheng, if you are here to help Aslan, to be honest, I can’t change the terms, as this involves the interests of the country. Nothing would change if you killed me.” Bolet smiled. This excellent commander did not feel the pressure he normally felt from Heaven-rank warriors.

Strength could be shown, but the aura was of a different level. While they may be different, the outcome was the same.

Wang Zheng gently smiled. “General Bolet, I am indeed here to stop this war, but there is another reason. I am sure you will make the right choice.”

“Oh? Why don’t you say it.” Bolet did not bat an eye.

“You should have heard of the name Wang Dong, and know about Saint Church’s inheritance,” Wang Zheng said.

Bolet silently nodded.

“That was not a legend, and I am the successor for this generation. Humanity’s greatest enemy is coming. The Abyss is the entrance that the Zerg have been trying to break through. With the enhanced Zerg army, the seal can no longer hold. The warriors now will become the main strength to resist the Zerg army, so the war must be stopped,” Wang Zheng said.

This was everything Charcoal had told him. The seal kept the Zerg out, but it was not possible to completely seal them away. The Zerg was a species that could evolve endlessly, and they would find a way to break through. Moreover, once a human took Zerg genes, the seal would weaken. The queen Zerg’s power had extended beyond the seal. Charcoal did not know the exact timing, but the seal could be broken any time by the Zerg.

“You are saying that Lear… ” Bolet frowned and thought silently for a while. “Will getting rid of these monsters now stop the Zerg from appearing?”

“It’s too late. The queen Zerg has sufficient information, and even if it has yet to reach that step, they will break through sooner or later. In the past few years, activity in the Abyss has been frequent. This is something Lilick should know,” Wang Zheng said.

Lilick nodded his head, but would the seal really be broken?

There was no basis for Wang Zheng’s words. To believe him or not? This would depend on Bolet.

No one knew about the contents of their secret meeting, but after Wang Zheng left, Bolet thought long about it alone. He had to make a decision, a very dangerous decision.

The first person Wang Zheng went to was Bolet, as he believed that Bolet would make the right choice, and the second person was Ren Yixuan.

That was right, Ren Yixuan.

When Wang Zheng appeared, Ren Yixuan was not surprised at all. The location was Ren Yixuan’s room, a very simple room. During the discussion, Ren Yixuan was casually reading his book. He was always able to find his peace when others are anxious.

When he saw Wang Zheng, Ren Yixuan smiled. “It’s not convenient for me to move. There’s tea and coffee, feel free.”

Wang Zheng did not hold back. “Either is fine. I heard that Arbiter’s coffee is not bad.”

Ren Yixuan was judging Wang Zheng, and Wang Zheng was judging Ren Yixuan as well. They were youths who were able to change this era. Wang Zheng poured a cup of fragrant coffee for Ren Yixuan as well. He could tell that this was Ren Yixuan’s interest.

“Speak your mind, I am curious about how you will stop this war,” Ren Yixuan said.

“Oh, you don’t think that I’m here to kill you? Once Arbiter loses you, their battle strength will be greatly reduced,” Wang Zheng said as he sipped on the coffee.

Ren Yixuan lightly smiled. “If you killed me, Arbiter would go all out to start this war. This is the nature of Arbiter. Moreover, with my understanding of you, you might kill me on the battlefield, but you would never assassinate me in the midst of negotiations.”

Wang Zheng did not know whether to laugh or cry. “Should I be thanking you for thinking highly of me?”

Ren Yixuan smiled and did not say anything, he simply looked at him. “Back to the topic at hand, I’ve been waiting for you.”

This time, Wang Zheng was curious. “How did you know I’d be coming?”

Ren Yixuan did not beat around the bush. “Part of the Saint came to Arbiter. I know a bit about the Oracle, you, me, Xie Yuxin, Aina, Lear. At least for now, this proves that the Oracle was reliable. The reason the five of us are here is not for this meaningless war, and you are the most special amongst us, so I want to know what answer you will give me.”

Wang Zheng shrugged. “You are like Xie Yuxin, it is easy to talk to the both of you.”

The same topic. Wang Zheng said it once more to Ren Yixuan. There was no evidence, and it depended on Ren Yixuan to believe it.

After a while, Ren Yixuan finished his cup of coffee and looked at Wang Zheng. “You are trying to say, based on your words, that I am supposed to stop this war?”

“Whether you believe it or not, we will stop this meaningless war. It is just a matter of whether the situation is salvageable or not.”

Ren Yixuan suddenly smiled. “Just wait, I have a pretty good plan.”

“Oh, what do you have in mind?”

After Ren Yixuan finished, Wang Zheng was stunned and frowned slightly.

Ren Yixuan smiled. “Wang Zheng, now it is up to you, to believe or not to believe me.”

The plan was for Ren Yixuan and Xie Yuxin to cooperate, and deal with Lear’s monster fleet once and for all. Leaving the matter of the Zerg aside, they could not leave these monsters as they were. Based on the abilities of the Zerg, these monsters would be controlled. Avoiding startling the enemy was the best way to eliminate them.

However, if this was Ren Yixuan’s trap, it would leave the Saruman Snake fleet with no return.

Cannon fire filled the skies. It was proven that Bolet and Ren Yixuan had made the right choice. They had chosen not to believe Wang Zheng, but the war was ongoing. Intelligence from Roland Garros was endless -, the activity of the Abyssal Zerg was frequent. The front line had been lost, and Jiang Feng had submitted numerous reports, but the Milky Way Alliance was crippled. Everyone was busy killing, and no one had the energy to deal with this. What if the Zerg escaped from the Abyss?

This was a result no one would be able to bear!

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