Taming Master

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: <(2). Character Reset -2>

Three days later.

“Uh! I’m finally free!”

Jinsung came home after taking the ‘hopefully’ last test of the semester. He then logged in to the

game right away to check on the auction.

“How much did I earn?”

– [Ogre’s Warrior Pauldron] – 2,200,000 Gold.

– [Naga Queen’s Frost Necklace] – 1,530,000 Gold.

– [Thunder Bird’s Feather] – 120,000 Gold

– [Sapphire Ring of the Abyss] – 1,350,000 Gold.

“Good, good. Everything except for one or two items has been sold.”

Ian was satisfied.

Seeing the huge amount of Gold piled in his inventory, he could not help but grin widely.

“I earned even more than I had expected. I won’t have to worry about money for a while.”

In his inventory, he had about 19,000,000 Gold.

Of course, he didn’t earn 19,000,000 Gold in just three days. He earned 8,000,000 by selling items he

had in storage. He already had about 5,000,000 Gold and the remaining 6,000,000 was from what he

earned during the last three days.

If he cashed in right away through Kailan’s official money exchange system, it would be 35,000,000

Won excluding the fees.

If he were to deal directly with the users, he could avoid paying fees and get about 40,000,000 Won.

“I still have enough money for the living expenses, so, I should cash in about 10,000,000 Won for


The more Gold he had, the better. In the past, he had to hunt with patience by using weak items.

However, he was not going to repeat that, in fact, he planned to buy everything he needed through

the auction.

“Now, resetting the character is the only thing left…”

He had finished preparing, however, he couldn’t help but feel a little sad as the big moment came


In Kailan, there were two ways of resetting the character.

The first way was to reset was by using the ‘Reset Account’ function of the system, the second way

was to use an item called the Potion of Reincarnation.

Usually, people who wished to reset their characters were beginners with low levels. And their

reasons were mostly ‘because I want to change my nickname’ or ‘because I changed my job and

don’t like it’.

They usually just reset their account as the Potion of Reincarnation was too expensive for beginners.

In this first case, everything was reset, including the level, abilities, and items in possession. The user

had to start from the tutorials again.

Beginners who had some money could entrust their items and Gold to their friends and reset their

accounts, although it was a little bothersome.

However, even though most users who reset their characters were beginners, high level users like Ian

sometimes reset their characters as well.

They had many reasons; however, the most common case was that the players wanted to ‘wash’ their

Evil Fame.

In Kailan, there was a status called Reputation.

If a player PKs (Player Kill) another user or do something bad, their reputation goes down. If it drops

below 0, their Evil Reputation will be increased instead of Reputation.

Once a user gets Evil Reputation, it does not disappear even if he gains his Reputation back. In fact,

most of the NPCs in Kailan are hostile toward users who have a bad Reputation. The rest of the

players would also learn of their Evil Reputation, hence, it was a huge penalty.

Usually, they earned money by taking the other users’ item through PK. And when they got enough

money, they chose to reset their character to get rid of their Evil Reputation. Unlike beginners, they

had a lot of Gold and other items, hence, they didn’t use the ‘Reset Account’ function of the system.

They used the Potion of Reincarnation.

The potion’s effect was that everything except for the level and statistics were maintained.

In addition, it sometimes randomly gave a small number of stats as a bonus, so, it was beneficial for

high level players to use the potion, no matter how much it cost.

In total, there were four ranks of the potion. One of lowest rank would cost about 200,000 Gold, while

the most expensive potion was sold at about 1,000,000 Gold.

The higher the potion’s rank, the higher the probability of gaining a big stat bonus, so, its price went

up consistently.

There was once a story in the community about a wealthy user who spent a huge amount of money to

buy and drink five potions of reincarnation. He got five bonus points on the first reset and he got

nothing from the four attempts afterward.

No one could find out the reason clearly, however, it was assumed that the bonus stat the potion gave

had something to do with the user’s level and stat before resetting.

“Let’s go buy the potion…”

Of course, Ian was rich, so he wasn’t going to use the ‘Reset Account’ function.

Ian got out of the auction house and moved to buy the potion.

He could get a Low Rank potion at the auction house, however, potion of reincarnation of the highest

class couldn’t be bought at auction. Although many were not aware of it, Ian knew where he could buy

what he wanted.

Trumbon. The largest city of the southern part of Malik.

Trumbon was the most prosperous city. Not only in the southern continent but in the entire Kailan. It

was one of the three cities where players could choose a base when creating a character. Its

geographical conditions were good as well.

Additionally, in the underground area of the city, you would be able to find the largest black market in

the south.

Usually, when people step into the black market for the first time, most of them tended to slightly

hesitate because of its unique atmosphere.

It was dark down there, but ironically, the market was crowded. It was also strangely quiet, even with

all those people.

You couldn’t help but feel strange.

However, there was one place that was a little noisy…

On a corner of the black market, for some reason, many people were surrounding an old man. There

were various goods displayed in front of him.

A guy was examining them one by one with a serious expression.

“I want this one.” Soon he chose one of them.

It was a strange sword with a shining jade green hilt.

“You cannot change your choice after deciding on one. You know that already?”

The guy’s eyes trembled slightly at the old man’s question. However, he calmly nodded.

“Yes, I will take this.”

The old man continued to talk in a dry voice.

“Every item is worth 100,000 Gold.”

The guy handed him 100,000 Gold while his shaking hand.

Judging by his gears and his attitude, 100,000 Gold was clearly a big sum of money for him.

The old man gave him the sword right away. The guy then took out an Appraisal Scroll.

People around him watched interestedly.


The guy stared with excitement at the sword as it floated in the air.


White light shrouded his sword and dissolved. Information about the item he just bought was exposed

in the air.

[Long Sword of a Brave Goblin Warrior]

Category: one handed sword

Class: rare

Attack force: 125~130

Use limit: Strength higher than 50

Durability: 75/75

Option: strength +5 / speed +5

Long sword used by a brave Goblin Warrior.

Its quality is good, but it is a common weapon found at any forge.

The people who were watching snickered.

According to the item’s information, it was a weapon for a level 20 beginner. Its options weren’t that

good either. It was a cheap weapon that was worth 5,000 Gold at best.

The guy’s face turned red. He put the sword into his inventory and left.

He probably had hunted for days to get that 100,000 Gold.

The old man smiled coldly at him.

“Is there any other adventurer who wants to try?”

The old man’s name was Fleur.

He was a celebrity of Trumbon who was famous in Kailan’s official community. He was an NPC called

‘the gambling old man’ among users.

Then, there was a guy who made his way through the crowd and stood quietly.

He was Jinsung.

Ian looked at the clock hanged on the end of the alley and muttered.

“It’s time for the gamble to end….”

After the guy who bought the Long Sword of a Brave Goblin warrior at hundreds of times of the

original price, one or two more people gambled.

No player succeeded. The last user was the luckiest. He got an item that covered the cost of the

money spent.

Soon Fleur packed his goods and started to move.

Ian followed him.

Fleur walked slowly and then stopped as if he had reached his destination. This was when Ian started

to approach him slowly.

Their eyes met, and Fleur spoke: “What business do you have?”

Ian answered right away.

“I am looking for the Potion of Reincarnation.”

Fleur’s eyes brightened at hearing this. He started to speak slightly differently.

“You’ve come to the right place. You’re very lucky. I have what you want.”

Ian followed the old man and entered the building.

He was then given a silk pouch containing a bottle made of glass.

“You know the price?”

“Of course.”

“It’s 5,200,000 Gold.”

It was a bit expensive, however, Ian didn’t hesitate to give him the money.

“Here is your money.”

“You are straightforward. I like it.”

The old man, Fleur, grinned.

Ian took the potion, slightly bowed his head at Fleur, then got out of the black market.

He could drink the potion right away, however, the black market was way too crowded. Ian didn’t want

to draw attention.

He then sat on a rock at a desolate waste ground and took out the bottle.

[Potion of Reincarnation]

Category: general item

Rank: Hero

– Potion brewed using ancient alchemy.

– Drinking it will reset your character.

– All abilities, including the level, will be reset.

Ian opened the bottle and gulped down its content.

A white light shrouded his entire body.

He read the information window that was a death sentence to players, however, Ian didn’t hesitate.

– You drank the Potion of Reincarnation.

– All abilities, including the character’s level, will be reset.

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