Taming Master

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: <(2). Character Reset -1>

Jinsung ‘forcefully’ convinced Yuhyeon. Next, he got out of the capsule at a record-breaking time:

three hours. He then sat at his desk.

Of course, he wouldn’t sit there to study.

“Now, let us come up with a plan.”

He had made up his mind, so it was time to form a plan.

The phrase ‘going with the flow’ didn’t apply to Jinsung’s gaming life. Whatever game he played, he

preferred to study it and find out the most efficient and optimized way of playing.

“The first thing I should do… should be gathering information.”

Jinsung turned on his computer.

The first thing he looked for were the promotional videos. To be specific, they were the trailer videos

of the new classes that would be added with the grand update.

Jinsung first played the video of the class Assassin.

“Um… Just as I thought, this job is the best at hiding… It literally is an Assassin…”

The video was well made; however, he didn’t feel very attracted by it.

From the video, he could gather that the Assassin made use of fast movements and sudden attacks

to increase its damage for a short amount of time.

‘Wow, the damage of one single blow is really strong. Although it seems to enter a weak phase after

using all his skills….”

Jinsung continued to focus on the video.

‘But why do I not find it appealing?’

Jinsung soon found out the reason, “It’s very similar to the Archer.”

The class’ characteristic was based on its speed. So, although its active skills were slightly different,

its passive and utility skills were too similar to the Archer’s.

And assist skills like setting traps were what Jinsung frequently used while playing as an archer.

“I’ll pass.”

He wanted to experience a totally different class, hence, he excluded the Assassin from his list

without hesitation.

Jinsung clicked the next video right away.

It was the promotional video of the Dark Sorcerer.

He focused on the video for a while and muttered in low voice.

“It’s like a Necromancer.” A class that felt like the commander of the undead.

Jinsung used to enjoy playing the Necromancer in a PC game when he was a child and the Dark

Sorcerer had many similarities to the Necromancer class he knew.

Watching the video of dozens of skeletons fighting under the command of a single user, Jinsung got

quite interested. It almost felt like watching a party playing.

“It seems pretty good for a guy like me who prefers to play solo…”

Jinsung pondered on this for a while, however, he then decided to look at the next trailer first. The

Dark Sorcerer looked good for him, however, he still had one more video to watch.

The final class was the Summoner.

“Summoner. Does it summon nature spirits?”

Jinsung’s eyes sparkled as he watched the video.

“Oh, it doesn’t really summon monsters, it just tames a monster from the field and forms a bond with


The user in the video – probably a GM – was taming the Red Wolf. A monster famous for being one of

the few unique class monsters in the low-level zone.

“Is there no limit to the rank of the monster tamed? Can we tame Hero or Legend Rank monsters?”

It was only natural for him to ask these questions.

As if it heard Jinsung, the subtitle in the video started to explain.

– Users can tame monsters of all classes. But event monsters that appear during quests and boss

monsters that exist inside instant dungeons cannot be tamed.

An exclamation came out of his mouth, “Oh…”

– However, as the level of the class gets higher, the difficulty of taming increases as well. Monsters of

Hero Rank and higher are almost impossible to tame.

Jinsung smiled.

“Impossible? I would need to drag around a monster of at least Hero Rank to look cool.”

Every monster and item in Kailan had a rank.

Starting with the most common and regular rank, we have: rare, unique, and hero. These were ranks

of monsters and items that most users knew about. It was said that Legend Rank was at the top.

Even though few had the chance to see them.

Kailan was a new game, it was released for less than half a year. So, a lot of information was still

unknown. Jinsung thought that there must be more ranks even higher than Legend.

The more he watched, the more he was interested.

Compared to the Dark Sorcerer and the Assassin, the Summoner fought less brilliantly. However,

there was more variety to the type of attacks executed by the Summoner.

The best thing about the Summoner is that they could tame a wide range of monsters. Moreover,

considering that even when using the same monsters, their abilities could be different depending on

how they were raised.

As soon as the video ended, Jinsung clenched his fists.

“This is it!” Jinsung made up his mind.

The Summoner job was perfect for his gaming style.

The way Jinsung played games was slightly unusual. He spent timepo choosing his every item and

skill. In fact, he found pleasure in analyzing all the factors in the game and finding the most efficient

way to play the game. He did not even neglect the smallest piece of information. Everything would be

put into his organized notes.

This was how he made it to the top of the ranking despite starting to play 2 months late.

For example, he once hit a single monster thousands of times to analyze all the potential damage. He

wanted to get the formula of how attack force and defense force interacted with each other.

To Jinsung, the Summoner was a very attractive class.

He was already eager to study the countless monsters in Kailan.

Jinsung decided on the summoner and started to find all sorts of information about it on the official


“The update is exactly a week away…”

Jinsung carefully thought.

“Usually it takes 1~2 days to achieve the level necessary to change class. However, since there’s a

test and I need time to adapt to the new stat once I reset my character, I’d better spare at least 3


Jinsung was planning to reach Lv.10 before the update and visit class changing NPC as soon as the

update ends.

“Then it leaves me with 4 days… so, I should do farming like crazy till the weekend for now?”

A plan was formed.

He wouldn’t be able to earn from the game after resetting his character, hence, he needed to earn as

much as he could before that.

Jinsung opened the fridge to eat something and went straight back into his capsule. He needed to

farm Gold.

‘Let’s earn just 5,000,000 before resetting.’

He needed every second he had.

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