Taming Master

Chapter 45

Chapter 45: (4). Ian’s Achievement -3

Muran, capital of the Luspell Empire.

At Flinor Square, east side of Muran.

Among users, this square was called the Square of Classes. Many people had gathered there.

They talked among themselves as they stood on one side of the Square while looking at something.

“What? Is this real?”

“Of course it’s real. Or what? Would it be Fake?”

“Does it even make sense? The Summoner’s Tower was the first to be built among the three new


The users were there for a reason.

Flinor Square was called Square of Classes because the towers of all classes were there. Currently,

there was a new building being built in there.

When the construction first started, everyone started to watch with joy, thinking ‘one of the users from

the new classes has finally reached Lv. 50.’

However, an hour later, the later parts of the Tower were finished. It turned out to be the Tower of


Everyone had believed that it would be the Tower of Dark Sorcerers. However, it wasn’t. No, it wasn’t

even the Tower of Assassins. It was the Tower of Summoners. Summoners who were known to be

slow at gaining levels. Therefore, everyone was surprised.

Most of them were shocked, but some were happy.

“Wow, I never imagined that the Tower of Summoners would be the first one to be built!”

“Yes, I should wait here and get a class quest as soon as it is finished!!”

“I only wished for the Tower of Summoners to be built earlier than the one from the Kaimon Empire…

to think that it was built first among all the new classes…”

Of course, the ones making the comments were Summoner players.

When the Tower of class was built, players from the class could get useful information at the Tower

and receive class quests.

In addition, if they completed many quests and received a huge Contribution, they would be able to

receive books of the class’ Advanced skills and items, so the Summoner users were very excited.

While these users talked, the Tower was rapidly being built.

About three hours later.

All uses from the Luspell Empire saw a system message.


  • The first Lv. 50 Summoner has appeared at the Luspell Empire, Kolonar Continent.
  • The ‘Tower of Summoners’ has been built at Muran, capital of the Luspell Empire.

Then, players started to talk, not only at Flinor Square but everywhere in the Empire.

“What? The Tower of Summoners’ has been built!”

“Great!! Let’s stop hunting and go to Muran!!”

These were the Summoners who were delighted.

“Have you seen the system message?”

“I just got it. What is this? Is this even possible?”

“Ha, I am Lv. 20 now… and there’s already someone at Lv. 50? That’s crazy!”

“This has to be an error. It makes no sense. There isn’t even a Lv. 50 Dark Sorcerer yet.”

“It’s a bug. I’m sure. We should report it on the bug page of the LBsoft’s homepage.”

There were still some who couldn’t believe reality and denied it, “Who is it?”

“It must be a user who was helped by a huge guild.”

“Hu, how are common users like us supposed to live?”

Some users were jealous.

Most of them were players with other new classes.

  • From now on, Summoners of the Luspell Empire can receive class-related quests at the Tower of


However, after the last message came up, most users in Luspell Empire were glad.

Anyway, it was good for the players from the Luspell Empire to get the Tower before the Kaimon

Empire did.

That day, the official community of Kailan was very crowded.


Jinsung woke up after 10 a.m. He stretched and went to the kitchen.

As usual, he was going to eat corn flakes with milk…

However, differently from what he used to, he had slept for almost 12 hours. He was feeling very


It was all because he had become the first Summoner to reach Lv. 50.


Jinsung repeatedly yawned as he took the bowl of corn flakes. He then went to his computer desk.

Today, he was going to research for information at the official community before logging in.

“Huh? What’s this? Why are there so many posts today?”

Jinsung was surprised when he opened the Summoner’s page.

There were dozens of pages where each post was marked with a red ‘N’, which meant the article had

been posted less than 24 hours ago.

The page which was normally very active had never seen such a large amount of posts.

Soon, Jinsung found out why.

‘Hhh… everyone has been moved by my achievement.’

Most of the posts were about the Tower of Summoners, which had been built because of Jinsung.

He got excited and started to read the posts.

Originally, he was going to go into his capsule as soon as he finished his bowl of corn flakes, but now

he was being sucked into the monitor.

‘Huh? What is this article?’

Jinsung read pages of posts and finally found one with an interesting title.

  • I know who the Lv. 50 Summoner is that you all want to know about.

This post had 20 times more clicks than any other.

‘What? You know me?’

Jinsung knew that most of the posts like this one were useless fakes or jokes, but he got so curious.

He couldn’t help clicking on it.


However, he was so surprised when he saw the post.


When Jinsung clicked on the posting, the first thing he saw on the screen was none other than a

screenshot photo of Ian, Jinsung’s character.

Jinsung hurried to scroll down and read.

Hello, I am a Lv.60 user from the Knight page.

You all have seen the screenshot photo on top, right?’

Many of you must think that I’m lying, but you are wrong.

I am not lying.

I am sure that the Summoner who appeared on the screenshot is the first Summoner to reach Lv. 50.

Why am I so sure about it?


Ian swallowed hard and kept reading.

Where do you think the photo was taken?

Those who have been there would immediately recognize it. It’s the North Continent that had been

opened recently.

It’s the Crupia Mountains in the North Continent.

Can you see the monster the Summoner user is capturing in the photo?

Surprisingly, it’s an Ice Troll, whose average level is about 57.

Then, how high is that Summoner’s level?

What is the minimum level required to capture a Lv. 57 Ice Troll alone?

Even if he had great gears and powerful pets, his level must be in the late 40s.

The user had closed all his personal information, so I couldn’t find out his ID, guild or level, but I was


I even saw him hunting and he hunted even faster than me, a Lv. 60 user, as if his items were all Hero

rank items.

What do you think?

I will let you Summoners decide.

The post was very logical and the Summoner in the photo was clearly Ian himself. He was greatly


Soon, he acknowledged the reality and nodded, ‘Hu, I didn’t want to be bothered so I kept my

information closed and moved quietly… but now I have been exposed.’

Ian also felt pride, ‘I will be famous soon. Shall I check the comments?’

Ian scrolled down to see them.

However, his expression soon turned strange.

  • Why did that Knight come to another class’s page to tell lies? People, don’t you think it’s all lies?
  • You are right. Even if there was a Summoner at about Lv. 48, why would he go there? It’s hard to

believe that he could hunt there but, even if he could, it would be very inefficient.

Ian started to get angry.

‘What are they talking about? That place is a great hunting ground, it’s very efficient to hunt there!’

  • Hu, I can see that you are lying with an edited photo.
  • Guys, look at that red wolf. It’s as big as an Asiatic Black Bear. Is that even possible?
  • That’s what I wanted to say. If he wanted to edit the photo, he should have at least done it properly.

If you want to draw attention, at least spend some time on photoshop-ing.

Ian was really mad now.

‘You idiots!! I am so shocked!! Oh-!’

Ian huffed as he turned off the computer and got up.

He looked somewhat frustrated.

Ian was still huffing when he logged into Kailan.

‘Do kids these days all have some kind of suspicion disease? It’s a perfectly fine photo! It wasn’t


Ian continued to complain, sad that he couldn’t become a ‘celebrity’. Then, he summoned Ly to use

the Training skill.

“Ly, summon!”


It had been only 10 hours after the hard five-day-long hunting, however, Ly growled and rubbed his

body against Ian’s to say that it was glad to see him.

Ian stroked Ly.

“I wish Bukbuk was a good pet as much as Ly is.”

He summoned Bukbuk as he remembered it.

“Bukbuk, summon!”


Bukbuk looked very angry.

“Bukbuk, didn’t you miss me?”

Bukbuk turned its head away. Ian sighed.

“You like me only when I give you meatballs, right? You want a meatball?”


However, Bukbuk looked very determined, as if saying meatballs weren’t enough.

Ian was surprised, ‘What? Is Bukbuk finally fed up with the meatballs?’

Ian glanced at Bukbuk.

‘That can’t happen. There’s got to be another reason…’

Ian thought about it and he recalled something.

‘Oh, maybe… is it because I carried him on my back to use him as a shield?’

That would be enough to make it feel bad.

Ian was a little sorry, too.

‘But it is so great. I cannot stop it!’

Ian crouched down in front of Bukbuk.



“Are you mad at me because I carried you on my back?”

At this, Bukbuk turned its head to look at him.

Its expression told him that he was right.

Ian felt the necessity to soothe Bukbuk.

“I survived many times thanks to you.”


As if it didn’t want to hear it, Bukbuk turned its head away again.

Ian started to convince Bukbuk.

“Bukbuk, listen. It would be the loss of the Luspell Empire to not use a great pet like you. Don’t you

think so?”

To Bukbuk, that made sense.

Bukbuk looked at Ian again.

Ian spoke with a pleading expression.

“I had nothing to fear with you on my back. Can’t you protect me again?”

Bukbuk’s big eyes started to shake.


Bukbuk, the turtle, had a tender heart.

Then, Ian proposed an attractive offer that Bukbuk couldn’t resist.

“If you keep protecting me, I will give you three meatballs in the morning and four in the evening every

day. This will be your wage. How is that?”


Bukbuk thought about it.

It was a sweet offer. It would be able to eat delicious meatballs regularly.

However, it soon shook its head.

It had become quite immune to the temptation of meatballs. Ian sighed.

So, as if he was backing down, he changed his offer, “Fine, then I will give you four meatballs in the

morning and three in the evening! How’s that?”

Bukbuk thought about Ian’s new offer and slowly nodded.

It meant it would accept the deal.

“Bukbuk, you are a smart, great turtle.”

Bukbuk arrogantly looked up at Ian, as if saying, ‘You realized that only now?’.

‘Huhu, he is so cute.’

Ian succeeded on persuading Bukbuk by using a well-devised ‘strategy’. He tossed a meatball to

Bukbuk and sat down on a rock.

‘Hu, what should I do with this arrogant turtle?’

Ian muttered quietly, looking at Bukbuk enjoying the meatball.

‘But he is cute. Plus, he is useful in battles now.’

Ian sat for a while to watch Bukbuk eat. Then he checked on the blinking message icon.

Someone had sent him a message while he was logged out.

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