Taming Master

Chapter 44

Chapter 44: (4). Ian’s Achievement -2

Ian got curious.

"Can a Dragon Tamer bring life back to Karseus's Soul Stone?"

Orkley shook his head.

- No. I didn't mean reviving Karseus when I asked you to take the Stone to the Mage of Dimensions.

However, a Dragon Tamer can revive Karseus's soul as a new War Dragon with his Unique Ability.

"But you are Dragon Tamer, too!"

- I have locked myself here. I cannot fully use my powers.

For a moment, Ian felt a little bad.

'It must be a great pet, to be called God Dragon… I wish I could have it…'

Still, at the same time, he felt proud about being a Taming Master as it was a higher class than the

Dragon Tamer.

- Anyway, take this Stone to the Mage of Dimensions. He is not a Dragon Tamer, but he will find a way

to let the War Dragon's line be continued.

Ian nodded, "Okay, I will take it to him. I promise."

Orkley smiled with satisfaction.

- At last, someone who will fulfill my long wish arrived.

Orkley gave Ian a white feather accessory.

- You have heard about your duty, so here is your reward.

A system message appeared.

- You have obtained the [Dragon Tamer's Feather Accessory].

Orkely continued to speak.

- It's an artifact that has been handed down to the leaders of Dragon Tamers for generations.

It looked very rare so Ian grinned, "Heh… thank you."

- But, you must meet the Mage of Dimensions and ask him to disable the magic seal on it. Only then,

the artifact will be able to unleash its full potential.

Ian was disappointed when hearing that the item wasn't perfect yet, but he soon nodded.

He was going to do the quest anyway.

'The Mage of Dimensions… I will find him.' Ian nodded and answered.

A smile appeared on Orkley's lips.

- Finally, I can put down everything and rest in peace.

"Where should I go to find him?"

- East end of the North Continent. The Magic Tower of Dimensions is there.

Orkley, who had started to glow in blue, started to fade.

- Please, bring back the descendant of the God Dragon in this land…

With that, Orkley disappeared in the air.

"Ha… it seems like I just got a crazy quest…"

Ian had cleared a few B rank quests before he reset his character, so the quest's rank alone wasn't

the problem to him.

However, judging from what he had heard from Orkley, he was sure that there was something more

than a B rank difficulty level.

'This must be a related quest. The Mage of Dimensions would probably ask me to do a few things for


That was what Ian's gamer instincts were saying.

'I will reach the end of this!'

Ian was determined. He then took out the Dragon Tamer's Feather Accessory which Orkely had given


'He said it was sealed but… shall I check it?'

Information about the item came up.

[Dragon Tamer's Feather Accessory]

Category: Hair accessory

Rank: Legend(sealed)

Usage Limit: Doesn't exist

Defense Force: 36

Durability: 150/150

Option: All battle stats +15%

Option: Leadership +150(sealed)

Option: Friendship +200(sealed)

All summoned pets' stats increase by 20%, fatal blow probability increases by 25%.

While wearing it, you can capture monsters unlimitedly regardless of your Leadership. (However, you

cannot summon pets and use them in battles if the required Leadership is higher than yours.)


While wearing it, the required Leadership to command pets from the Dragon class becomes half.

The item belongs to the user [Ian].

It cannot be sold or given to other users and it will not drop when the user dies.

Hair Accessory of a legendary Summoner from ancient times.

Ian's mouth was wide open, 'This item is crazy!?'

First of all, the stat increase options were massive.

+15% to all battle stats was great too, but Leadership and Friendship were almost doubled!

'It would be the ultimate item once I disable its seal!'

He really hated the red (Sealed) next to the stats.

'To be able to capture monster regardless of my Leadership… and only half the amount of Leadership

necessary to command Dragon pets…'

To put it simply, the option that eliminated the Leadership limit to capture monster didn't look


Just capturing many monsters might look useless because they couldn't be summoned and used in


However, the moment Ian saw that option, he immediately realized how to use it.

'I can dismiss pets in battle when their Health drops and summon new pets!'

In other words, he could get substitute players to use when the key players were exhausted.

Additionally, the option to decreases the necessary Leadership to command Dragon class pets was

cool as well.

Of course, Ian didn't have any Dragon pets, but he would get one someday.

Taming Dragons was the dream of all Tamers.

'Kee… and it belongs to me.'

Lastly, was the 'belong to the user' option.

Usually, it was not good when he received an expensive item with that option because he couldn't sell


However, Ian would definitely use the Feather Accessory item until he quit the game.

He would never sell it, so not having it dropped when he died was a great thing for him.

'I will succeed!'

Ian had gotten another reason to successfully complete the quest.

Ian clenched his fists.

'I would be mad to do a B-rank quest right now… I must gain some levels first.'

Ian felt his heart beating fast with excitement.

Ian was very strong for his level, however, he would have to be at least Lv. 70 to complete a B-rank

quest alone.

Ian hurried to leave the cave.

Every second counted and he didn't have time to hesitate.

Ian had spent a lot of Health to fight the Chaos Drake, but he didn't rest. He went back to hunting right


Ian had to gain levels quickly, in fact, he had to hunt as much as possible before the First Finder of the

Dungeon effect ended. Ian couldn't take a rest.

"Uh… my eyesight is getting fuzzy now."

He hadn't slept for more than 2 hours a day for 5 days straight.

It would be strange if he was fine.

Ian killed the last Ghost Drake in front of him and yelled, "Last one!!"


- You have leveled-up. You have reached Lv. 50.

- Summoning Magic stat has been created.

- Spirit Magic stat has been created.

A sound informed of him leveling-up.

With that, Ian plopped down on the ground.

However, unlike his drained body, a satisfied smile was on his lips.

'Kee, I knew it. A goal that was theoretically possible can definitely be achieved.'

Ian felt proud of himself.

Actually reaching Lv. 50 before the First Finder effect ended was a hard-core goal even Ian wasn't

sure about.

However, he reduced his sleeping time to less than half and he did it.

'But what kind of stats are Summoning Magic and Spirit Magic?'

When reaching Lv. 50, class stats were formed for users of all classes.

'Summoning Magic' and 'Spirit Magic' are the Summoner's class stats.

'Well, I cannot find the answers now… shall I go to get some sleep now?'

Ian decided to think about the two new stats later. He yawned loudly and stood up.

He would be able to get a good night's sleep today.

Ian was going to log out, but he then saw more messages.

- You are the first Summoner to reach Lv. 50.

- You received 1500 Reputation.


Ian felt so good that his tiredness momentarily went away.

System messages continued to come up.

- A Lv. 50 Summoner has appeared in the Luspell Empire, Kolonar Continent.

- [Tower of Summoners] is created in Muran, capital of the Luspell Empire.

- Your Contribution to the Tower of Summoners has increased by 5000.

- From now on, Summoners from the Luspell Empire can receive class-related quests at the Tower of


1500 Reputation was good, but Ian most liked the fact that he was the first Summoner to reach Lv. 50.

Moreover, Summoners now had a tower thanks to him. He felt like he had done something great.

He was finally solving the regret he used to have about not starting to play as soon as Kailan came


And that wasn't the end.

- Pioneer of Summoning quest is activated.


Ian stared at the quest information blankly.

[Pioneer of Summoning (Empire Quest)]

Of those who are walking the path of the Summoners in the Luspell Empire, you are the Pioneer of


Your reputation had been spread across the entire Luspell Empire.

As a result, Selias, the Emperor of the Luspell Empire, heard about you. Now, he wants to meet you,

the Pioneer of Summoning.

You must go to the Emperor within 3 days.

Quest Difficulty Leve: ---

Quest Limit: The first Summoner to reach Lv. 50.

Time Limit: 3 days

Reward: unknown

Refusing the quest would decrease Friendship with the Emperor.

(If you don't have any Friendship, Hostility would increase.)

Ian's eyes widened.

'Empire quest!'

In the normal route, at least 400,000 Reputation was necessary to get the Empire quest.

However, Ian's Reputation was less than 15,000 now.

Ian quickly found the answer to the questions he had, 'I remember Remir the Mage of Red Flame.

She had less than 200,000 Reputation, but word got out that she was doing the Empire quest.

Everyone said it was a bug…'

Remir, the Mage of Red Flame, was currently ranked No. 1 among Mages.

'She must have gotten the Pioneer of Magic. Or another kind of special quest.'

That explained everything.

This was a great opportunity.

Doing the Empire quest would give Ian massive Reputation, reward, and Contribution.

Contribution was the most important.

With enough Contribution to the Empire, Ian could receive a title from the Emperor. With a title, he

would be able to have subjects of his own. Of course, the subject's abilities would depend on how

high Ian's title was.

'Kailan is like many other games. An advantage is given when you excel over others.'

Ian felt once more what he had felt many times as he played the Summoner.

'I should really sleep now. I will go to Muran as soon as I log in tomorrow.'

Ian then logged out.

If he had stayed longer, he would have fallen asleep in his capsule.

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