Taming Master

Chapter 32

Chapter 32: (1). New Family Members -1 (Beginning of Part 2)

“Hu, Ly, shall we rest a little?”

Ian checked the statistics of Ice the Golem he had just captured. However, he shook his head and sat

down on the ground.

He looked exhausted.

Growl- Growl-.

Ly was tired as well, so it quickly came next to Ian and laid down.

“Ly, want a meatball?”

Ly, who had just closed its eyes, suddenly opened them when it heard Ian and immediately turned his

head toward him.

Ian laughed and took out a meatball from his bag.

“Here, eat.”

Ly took it from Ian and swallowed the meatball in a heartbeat. He then smacked its lips.

Then, a system message came up.

– Your pet Ly ate a chewy meatball.

– Health increased by 100, Speed increases by 20 for 20 minutes.

Seeing Ly smacking his lips, Ian offered it another meatball.

“These meatballs are too small for you, right? Do you want another one?”

Ly stared at the meatball and lightly pushed it toward Ian.

“Why, you don’t want it?”

Ly shook its head.

Growl- Growl-!

Ian wondered what it meant. Soon he understood what it was saying and smiled.

“Oh, you want me to eat it?”

Ly nodded.

Ian stroked Ly’s head and gave it the meatball again.

“You, kind boy. You care about me so much, but I am going to eat something else. This is for you.”

Ly understood him, therefore, it took the meatball.

No system messages came up this time.

‘The second one has no effect. I thought so…’

Ian looked at Ly resting and opened his pets’ information window.

There were Ly and two Ice Golems in it.

They were both at Lv. 37. Ian’s Leadership had risen up by a lot, so it was enough for him to take

three pets.

‘They are both fine… but I want more.’

Ian had been capturing Ice Golems for more than ten hours… the result of this was that the two Ice

Golems Ian had captured had far better stats than ordinary Ice Golems.

However, Ian was not satisfied after seeing Ly.

‘I want one that can evolve… huh.’

It could be that not all type of monster could evolve. Maybe Ly was one of a kind. If that was the case,

then Ian would be working in vain.

‘But I trust my guts!’

Ian’s instincts were telling him that there definitely were Ice Golems that could evolve.

After 5 minutes, he slowly got up.

“Ly, let’s try just a little more. We have spent 10 hours here, so we must get a good one!”

As if he understood everything, Ly nodded.


“He seems to be understanding me better and better.”

Ian thought raising Ly was like raising a one or two-year-old child.

At first, it only understood very simple commands but now he understood complicated orders as well.

It was amazing.

“Well, there’s an Ice Golem over there but it doesn’t look good.”

Ian had worked for more than when he had captured Ly, so he gained the ‘Golem Expert’ title.

So, he could recognize the promising ones.

After searching a few more places, he found one whose name was glowing in gold.

‘There it is. At least I found one with a golden name quickly this time.’

Judging from the brightness of the light, it didn’t seem to be better than the two he had, but Ian still

decided to capture it and turned his head to Ly.

And when he was about to give an order to Ly, he spotted something unexpected.

‘Uh? What is that?’

There was a small, cute turtle crawling slowly.

It was a big-headed turtle, in fact, its head was very big compared to its body.

However, what drew Ian’s attention was not its cute and funny appearance.

‘What? Unique rank?’

Ian completely forgot about the Golem and started to carefully approach the turtle.

He then checked the turtle’s information.

– Abyss Turtle/ Lv. 30/ Unique rank

‘Abyss Turtle? How come I’ve never heard of it?’

If you were to judge from its appearance, it looked to be quite useless.

It looked cute with its big head, but its fighting power was probably zero.

However, seeing that it was an unknown rare monster with a Unique rank. Ian couldn’t let it go.

‘I must capture it first. It must have something special about it.’

Ian was about to tell Ly to attack, but he stopped.

‘I think one blow will be enough to kill it… its head is too big, can it even get inside its shell?’

The turtle seemed to be way too weak.

Buk- Buk- Buk-.

While it was crawling, it was making some weird sounds. Ian then slowly approached the turtle and

lightly knocked its shell with his staff.

Then the turtle turned to Ian.

After glancing at him, it immediately hid inside its shell.

“What is this?”

Ian stared at the turtle shell near his feet.

‘Maybe, can I capture it now?’

Ian used the Capturing skill.


Before it even touched the turtle’s shell, the white light that came out from his hand bounced off and it

disappeared in the air.

“What? This has never happened before.”

Even if Capturing didn’t succeed at once, the light would remain on the monster’s body for a while and

then would bounce off. However, this time, it clearly bounced off as if it was blocked by some kind of


‘Do I need to decrease its Health?’

Ian raised his staff and hit the turtle’s shell.

Of course, he didn’t attack hard.

A system message came up.

– You attacked the [Abyss Turtle]. You have inflicted 1 damage.

“Was it too weak?”

Ian hit the shell harder and harder.

– You attacked the [Abyss Turtle]. You have inflicted 1 damage.

– You attacked the [Abyss Turtle]. You have inflicted 1 damage.

– You attacked [Abyss Turtle]. You gave 1 damage.

“What’s this?”

He had attacked with a decent amount of force, however, it only made 1 damage. Ian was confused.

So, Ian got a slightly angry and hit the turtle with all his power.


– You attacked the [Abyss Turtle]. You have inflicted 1 damage.

However, the staff still bounced off and the damage remained at 1.

“What is this thing?”

Ly, who had been watching, tilted his head.


“Ly, bite it.”

Ly bit the shell at his command, but it didn’t work, to the point where Ly yelped as if its teeth were


‘How high is its Defense Force?’

Ian kept banging it for a long time, eventually, he realized that it wouldn’t work.


Ian crouched in front of the turtle to think. Then he abruptly stood up.

‘Hhh, shall I tempt it with food?’

From the inventory, Ian took out one of the meatballs that Harin gave him.

He then put it in front of the shell.

“Turtle, this is really delicious. You would regret it if you don’t come out!” Ian tried to talk with the turtle.

He sat in front of it and waited.

‘Kids would always open their doors and come out when pizza arrives, even after fighting with their


He didn’t believe that the turtle would be able to resist when there was tasty food right in front of it.

‘I wouldn’t be able to resist, either!’

It was just a countryside turtle. It had never seen gourmet food like this.

Ian was certain of it, therefore, he waited.

Finally, his patience paid off.

The big-headed turtle poked out its head and glanced at Ian.

While Ian remained still, it started to eat the meatball.

As Ian was staring at the turtle, a cruel thought went through his head.

‘Will I be able to capture it if I quickly hit its head?’

However, he soon shook his head.

‘No, it will get pissed off and never allow itself to get caught if I hit it while it is eating.’

He wouldn’t want that happening to himself.

Imagining that someone hit him from behind while he was eating pizza, he then concluded that it was

something evil that should never be done.

While Ian was thinking, the turtle finished eating the meatball and went back into its shell.

Then, Ian thought of a good idea.

‘It’s a little dirty, but I don’t have a choice.

Ian took out another meatball and put it in front of the turtle. This time, he put it a little away, not right

in front of it.

Then the turtle’s head immediately came out.

“Turtle, you need to come here to eat this.”

At this, the turtle started to crawl slowly.

Buk- Buk- Buk-.

It still made that weird sound.

And when the turtle was almost there, Ian quickly took away the meatball.

The turtle glared at Ian again.

But he only smiled, “Come with me if you want to eat this.”

It was a childish and dirty plan.

The turtle shook its shell.

Buk- Buk-!

It made a weird sound as if it was protesting, but Ian wasn’t an easy opponent.

“Turtle, come with me. I will give you a lot of tasty things.”

But the turtle turned its head away.

Ian used the Capturing skill.


However, once again, it was bounced off before it even touched the turtle.

“Turtle, don’t you want to eat this?”

Ian shook the meatball in the air. The turtle’s head turned again.

“You think you can find something tastier than this in this barren land?”

Ian continued to attack.

“I can give you even tastier things than this.”

The turtle’s eyes shook slightly.

Buk Bukbuk-.

And Ian added.

“Ha, I would be losing a lot, but,” Ian then took out two more meatballs, “I will give you three meatballs

as soon as you enter into a bond with me!”

The moment it saw three meatballs, the turtle lost its patience.

As if its short legs suddenly became grew, it dashed toward Ian. It then raised its head toward the


Buk- Bukbuk-!

Ian was sure that they had reached an agreement.


A light came out from Ian’s hand and reached the turtle. This time, it glowed white and was sucked

toward Ian.


Ian closed his fist.

“You lofty big-headed turtle. Stars would be easier to tempt than you.”

Ian quickly opened his pets’ information window to check the turtle’s information.

[Abyss Turtle]

Level: 30

Type: ???

Rank: Unique

Character: simple

Evolution Possible

Attack Force: 15

Defense Force: 725

Speed: 5

Intelligence: 55

Health: 3520/ 3520

Magic: 1005/ 1005

Unique Abilities

– Ruler of the Water

Absorbs all Water-type attacks and recovers Health as much as the damage received.

– Hiding Shell

Defense Force increases by 5 times while hiding in its shell.

Turtle that lives in the abyss of the deep sea. It is known to appear only once every hundred years.

Its head is too big, therefore, it cannot walk fast.

Ian read the information and rejoiced.

‘It can even evolve!’

Ian hadn’t seen a single Ice Golem that could evolve for the past 10 hours, so he was very happy to

see that the turtle could evolve.

However, his joy lasted only for a moment and was soon replaced with confusion.

‘Its stats are crazy!’

Its Defense Force and Unique Abilities were especially strange.

‘No wonder I couldn’t even make a dent on its shell.’

Its Defense Force was 3625 when it was hiding in its shell. That was as high as Lv. 100 monsters.

‘Huu… Speed 5…’

Nevertheless, the stats showed that there was no way he could use the turtle in battles.

‘Shall I check its Potential?’

Ian opened the detailed information window and he was disappointed once more.

‘0 Potential? And 10 Friendship…’

The stats made him sigh. But Ian tried to comfort himself by reading about its Unique rank, Evolution

Possible and the good monster descriptions.

‘I might get a great monster if I can make it evolve!’

He tried hard to ignore ‘It’s head is too big, so it cannot walk fast.’

‘But I’ve seen it dash to eat the meatballs…’

Ian sighed, “Huu.”

Anyway, he got a new family member for the first time since Ly.

Ian summoned the turtle.


The turtle then appeared in front of him with a white light.


And the usual system message came up.

– You summoned the [Abyss Turtle] for the first time. You can give it a name.


Ian closed his eyes to concentrate. After thinking hard, he decided on a name.

“From now on, you are Bukbuk.”


“Why? It’s a cute name!”


– Bukbuk doesn’t like its name.

– Friendship with Bukbuk dropped. Bukbuk’s loyalty decreases by 5.

Ian shook his head.

“You are a turtle difficult to please.”

Ian didn’t forget their deal.

He gave the three meatballs to Bukbuk to keep his promise.

– Bukbuk likes the meatballs.

– Friendship with Bukbuk went up. Bukbuk’s loyalty increased by 10.


Ian could feel that Bukbuk’s character written on his pet’s information window, ‘simple’, was very


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