Taming Master

Chapter 31

Chapter 31: (8). Ian’s Plan -3

“Hains, but why is that Summoner going to the Island of the Abyss? Is there a Summoner quest on

the Island?”

“I don’t know. It’s not like I am Summoner…”

“But you might have read about it on the community. You seem to be interested in Summoners, so I


“Well… I don’t know. Frankly, there must be very few Summoners whose levels are high enough to go

to the Island of the Abyss, so there won’t be much information on this.”

Ian wondered what they were talking about, but he soon lost his interest.

‘It’s nothing important.’

However, right when Ian was about to turn his head, they started to talk about something that drew his


“But Hains, you know my friend Lauren, right? The one who reset his Lv.20 Warrior character and

started again as a Summoner.”

“Yes, I know Lauren. You bragged about having a Summoner friend who leveled-up very quickly the

other day. Why?”

“Oh, yesterday, she told me that she found something called a pet’s egg.”

“A pet’s egg?”

Ian had never heard about that.

He was also slightly interested about this Summoner called Lauren who level-up fast.

Ian, with his eyes closed, concentrated even more on the duo’s conversation.

“Yes. A pet’s egg. It’s probably the egg of a Golden Python.”

“How can you tell.”

“She got it from the Golden Python’s nest, so…”

Ian listened to get more information about the pet’s egg, however, they didn’t say anything useful. So,

he was a little disappointed.

He also lost interest in Lauren as she should be below Lv. 30. This was because the hunting ground in

which the Golden Python lived was for levels at mid or late 20s.

‘But at least I got to know about the egg. I must try to find out later.’

While Ian was immersed in his thoughts, the two continued to talk.

“But she hasn’t figured out how to hatch the egg yet.”

“Well, won’t it hatch after some time?”

“Idiot. Does a chicken egg hatch when you wait?”

The duo kept quarreling, while Ian muttered quietly, ‘Is it really a simple monster’s egg? What is it? I

must search thoroughly once I find the monster’s habitat.’

The new classes had just been opened. Ian could feel others were discovering new information like


‘Can’t I get boss monsters as pets? They can’t be tamed, but what about getting an egg?’

Ian’s research instincts were activated again.

‘I must be careful.’

Even though he needed to level-up, Ian thought he shouldn’t neglect gathering information.

The two were still talking, but Ian had nothing more to gain from their conversation. Therefore, he

turned his head.

“Ly, wake me up when you see an island over there.”

Growl- Growl-.

Ian was tired because of the long hunting. He soon fell asleep while the ship was slowly approaching

the Island of the Abyss.

An hour later, a huge island made of blue ice slowly emerged out of a thick fog.

Ly was amazed when seeing this. It had never seen anything like this before. It looked around and,

when it could see the island clearly, it lightly pushed Ian’s shoulder with its head.

Growl- Growl-.

“Umm… are we there?”

Ian stretched his limbs and got up.

‘I’ve been here once, but this place is still wonderful.’

Creeek- Crack-.

With that creepy sound of wooden planks, the ship’s prow slowly touched the Island.

The ship stopped while the players got off the ship and looked around.

“Wow, I’ve never been here before, it’s somewhat creepy. With all this ice, it’s very cold as well.”

“Yes, it’s freezing.”

The users shuddered because of the chill while Ian did the same.

‘Uh, should I have worn more clothes?’

The other players hurried toward the middle of the Island to complete the Sorcerer quest. The Tower

of Magic, the location of the Sorcerer quest, was situated in the middle of the Island.

Ian looked around and then moved.

Unlike the other users, he started to move along the shore.

Ice Golems were everywhere on the Island. However, Ian knew there were more of them on the

western shore than in the middle.

“Shall I start?”

Ian found a good spot to capture Ice Golem. He then sat on a rock: he was going to eat the food he

had received from Harin before he started.

“Ly, try this.”

Ian threw a meatball to Ly. It was too small for Ly, but he took it gladly.

Soon Ian saw a system message.

– Your pet Ly ate chewy meatball.

– Health increased by 100 and Speed increased by 20 for 40 minutes.

Ian exclaimed when seeing the messages.

“Oh, and Speed went up by 20 this time!”

He only expected to get more Health, therefore, it felt good to get an additional 20 on Speed. Moreover,

the duration had doubled.

“Shall I try one?”

Ian picked up a meatball, unfortunately, it had too much raw meat in it.

‘There was a reason why she said it was only for Ly.’

Ian gave up on the meatball and started to eat his steak.

‘Wow… this is so good!’

Ian marveled at its taste. When he finished it, another message came up.

– You ate tender high-quality steak.

– Your Health increased by 500 and Defense Force goes up by 30 for an hour.

Ian marveled at the steak’s effects which were even better than the meatball’s, however, he soon saw

an even more surprising message.

– You ate a high-quality dish for the first time. All stats will be increased by 3 permanently.

Ian felt dumbfounded.

‘Stats can go up permanently?’

He immediately checked his statistics window.


Lv. 35: 179,540/700,000 (25.64%)

Race: Human

Job: Summoner (Taming Master)

Title: Master of Hunting

Reputation: 7,536 (If Reputation drops below 0, it becomes Evil Reputation.)

Strength: 67 (+15)

Speed: 102 (+12)

Intelligence: 52 (+25)

Stamina: 70 (+40)

Friendship: 67

Taming: 108

Leadership: 105

Health: 2,955

Magic: 1,750

Ian got excited to see his statistics window.

‘All stats have gone up by 3 for real! Including Friendship, Taming and Leadership!’

Seven stats increased by 3, so he had gotten a total of 21 stat points. Counting only the stats, it was

as if his level had just risen by 4!

Ian suddenly missed Harin.

‘I must get more food from Harin…’

Of course, it seemed that the stats rose permanently because it was his first time, but no one knew

when Harin’s food would help him in the future. Plus, it tasted so good.

Full of joy, Ian got up.

“Let’s go, Ly. Let’s catch some ice blocks!”

Growl- Growl-!

Ly was also feeling good thanks to the meatball as it wagged its tail.


Trumbon, one of the major cities in the Luspell Empire.

In the middle square, three players emerged out of thin air.

Other players muttered among themselves when seeing them.

“Who are they? Why are they in their underwear? They must be some perverts!”

One beginner female player screamed. A male user at her side looked at them with pity and

answered, “They aren’t. They are poor people… they probably were killed and are logging in after 24

hours. Dying means losing all the items they were wearing.”

The female user realized her mistake and started to look very sorry.

“Oh… I see… I didn’t know…”

The three users were none other than Lukin, Falcon and Milan.

They had lost to the Goblin Shaman who was fully ‘sponsored’ by Ian and Harin. Therefore, they lost

all the items they had worn.

They didn’t care about the nearby users talking about them. As soon as they logged in, Falcon and

Milan checked their inventories and wailed.

“Ahhhhh! My Lizard Leather Armor! That was worth a fortune!”

“Falcon, are you despairing about the Lizard Leather Armor? I have lost my Halio’s Necklace!”

Falcon’s two eyes widened when hearing this.

“What? Halio’s Necklace? You should have taken it off before you died!”

All the items a player was wearing would be 100% dropped the moment the user died. But items in

the inventory didn’t get away unless the user was very, very unlucky. So, users normally took off the

most expensive item and put it in the inventory when they were about to die.

But Milan just muttered, “Of course I did… I put it in the inventory… but I am so unlucky, it was


The Halio’s Necklace did not have good option stats, however, it had the effect called Shooting Range

among its unique options. Therefore, it was quite expensive.

It was a very precious item to Milan who was an Archer.

Then, Lukin, who had been listening to their conversation vacantly, muttered, “Ha, at least you two

salvaged some items… I was killed first. The Shaman targeted me. I didn’t have the time to do

anything, so I couldn’t put in even one of my items. I dropped everything…”

He didn’t even check his inventory because he had certainly dropped the most expensive items he


The three were enraged about the items they had lost. They barely managed to control their feelings

and took out some random items and wore them. Even beginners who had just created their

characters wore clothes given to beginners, so they couldn’t continue to get around on the streets in

their underwear.

Lukin gritted his teeth and clenched his fist with enough strength that his hands started to bleed.

He slowly spoke with a shaking voice.



“Those users who PKed us!”

Falcon’s face trembled as he answered.

“Yes, those criminals.”

They didn’t care about the fact that they had tried to PK Ian and Harin first. To them, Ian was the

perpetrator now.

“The man, his name was Ian… Ian, right?”

“Yes, right.”

“And that female Priest is Harin… right?”

Milan answered instead of Falcon.

“Yes, that pretty girl was in good shape. She is Harin.”

Lukin fumed at hearing this.

“Milan, you idiot. Does it matter now if she is pretty?”

Falcon answered this time.

“Yes, I think that is important.”

Milan nodded.

“Yes, important.”

The two grinned, thinking about Harin’s pretty face. Lukin shook his fists while looking at them.

‘Ha… I wish I could beat them to death…’

Lukin calmed down his anger and tried to think ‘rationally’.

‘He was weak. It would have been him who suffered instead of us, if only we hadn’t been fooled by his


When his anger subsided, only greed filled its place.

‘I must find him and get my revenge!’

Lukin thought of his guild which was in the top 30%.

There must be at least 20 users whose levels were higher than 70 in the guild. Ian would not be able

to survive if he got help from them!

‘I will make sure you never set foot in Kailan!’

However, as for whether his resolution could come true, we’ll see about that.

End of Part 1.

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