Taming Master

Chapter 221

Chapter 221: Seed of Trouble (1)


Ian, who had found the mansion of Seraphim through Heiska’s help, gulped loudly as soon as he entered the front gate.

‘Wow… How is this a mansion? When it looks like a devil king’s castle.’

In the spot where Ian came to while looking for Seraphim’s mansion, knowing clearly that it was a mansion he lived in alone, a building that was almost the same size as the Lord’s castle that was in the Lotus Domain of the northern continent stood.

Ian was intimidated by its grandness and moved carefully.

‘If I go inside following this path, will I be able to meet Seraphim?’

The path was laid out following the garden in a winding manner.

An interesting point was that within the City of Rage, which was entirely dark and filled with a dull, dark-red light, a pretty garden that didn’t suit it existed.

That scenery was somewhat disparate, yet created a dreamlike atmosphere.

Ian turned his head slightly towards Karceus, who was following behind him.

“Karceus, do you feel something like somebody’s presence inside of here, by any chance?”

Karceus, who momentarily stopped walking to close his eyes and focus his concentration, slowly shook his head.

“Well, I’m not sure, owner. I think there’s a powerful seal-like thing over this whole garden.”

Within the City of Rage, Ian was just accompanied by Karceus polymorphed into his human form when he moved.

This was because his other Familiars excessively stood out.

“Hmm… What the hell? This eeriness without reason is a little scary.”

Ian mumbled as he began to walk again, and Karceus started following behind him again.

However, just then, a low and rough voice sharply drove through into the two’s ears.

• A human, and a dragon, huh… An interesting combination that is hard to come by. Oh, on top of that, you weren’t a normal human, but Half-Devil. It’s my first time in a long while seeing a Half-Human, Half-Devil, huhu.

At that voice, Ian reflexively turned his head and he began to look for the owner of the voice, and the voice continued.

• There’s no need to look around, human. Since I’m in a place that you cannot see.

Ian, who wore a sheepish smile at that, scratched the back of his head as he opened his mouth towards the sky.

“Are you Seraphim?”

• That’s right, I am Seraphim, the second-in-command lord of the castle of the City of Rage. Have you come looking for me?

Ian nodded his head as he replied.

“That’s right, I’ve come to see you, Seraphim.”

• What for?

Ian opened the quest window of the quest he received from Iriel again and he opened his mouth after he slightly skimmed over it.

“I’ve come because Iriel has sent me. I want to talk about the destructive devils.”

• …!

At Ian’s words, a tranquil silence lingered in the garden of the mansion for a moment.

And Seraphim’s words continued again.

• You were more important of a guest than I expected. I don’t think this is a problem that we can be talking about like this, so we shall talk inside.

The moment that Seraphim’s words ended and Ian was about to retort something, a red light began to shine in a circular form beneath the feet of Ian and Karceus.

“What is this?”

Karceus replied.

“I think it’s a magic circle.”

“Can magic circles also originally be drawn from a distance?”

“That I don’t really…”

And the bodies of the two people, who stood on top of that, floated in the air before they disappeared without a trace a moment after.

* * *

“Huhu, there’s probably no one that knows that there’s another route to obtaining dual classes other than the method of becoming Half-Human, Half-Devil, right?”

The northern district of the City of Rage.

The man that stood in front of a gloomy dungeon that was outside of the northern gates in Zone 100 of the Devildom smirked as he mumbled.

“Sure, Ian, I know for sure that your luck and skills are truly amazing. However, I will show you that there is still a wall that you cannot overcome.”

The man led over dozens of retainers and entered the dungeon.

At his waist, a greatsword that gave off a blue light was tied to it, and that item was like a token of the most famous Magic Swordsman in Kailan.

He was none other than ‘Ilahan’, the guild master of the DarkRuna Guild.

“Master, preparations have been fully completed.”

“Good work.”

Ilahan was a top-ranking user to the point that he was originally assumed to be closest to 1st place in the rankings combining private users.

On top of that, as the war of the two empires in the central continent ended off with the Kaimon Empire’s overwhelming victory, naturally, the influence of the DarkRuna Guild, who had the power of the Kaimon Empire, grew even more.

For Ilahan, the Guild Master of the DarkRuna Guild, to have obtained even more power was a natural sequence.

Amongst the videos that were uploaded in the community a while ago, there was a video of Ilahan breaking through the Temple of Holdream, which was the hardest dungeon of the central continent.

At the time, that video was an incredibly hot issue, and the biggest reason for that was because Ilahan had broken through the dungeon not with the power of a guild party, but his strength alone.

The scene of a user easily breaking through the dungeon with just their retainers using their strength only couldn’t help but bring forth admiration from a lot of users.

This was because originally, the Temple of Holdream was known to be a place that was only possible to attack if there was a full party of 20 users that were all over lv 160.

That was why Ilahan’s confidence was sky-high lately.

However, there was just one being that bothered him, and that being was none other than Ian.

This was because the one that experienced Ian’s combat abilities properly during the siege warfare of the Pyro Fortress was none other than Ilahan.

‘I was a little slower than Ian at entering the Devildom, but since I have a hidden quest… Huhu.’

If Ilahan just successfully completed the quest that he was currently proceeding with right now, he believed that he could become an unrivaled being.

‘Huhu, a Half-Devil will never be able to overcome a True Devil.’

A reddish, evil light flashed through Ilahan’s two eyes.

* * *

The place that Ian had teleported to with the red magic circle was Seraphim’s office.

Seraphim’s office was embroidered with ornate pieces that were reminiscent enough of the fancy patterns of the Baroque and Rococo age of Europe.

A massive-figured man sat on the stone pedestal in the middle of that room and was looking down at Ian.

He was Seraphim.

“Alright, child, you’re saying that you’ve heard about the destructive devils from Iriel, right?”

At Seraphim’s words, Ian nodded his head.

“That’s right. Iriel told me that the destructive devils are trying to move again, so she told me to ask for help from you, Seraphim.”

“Hmm, my help, huh…”

“I don’t know exactly, but she said that the anger within the Devildom needed to be blocked in order for a full-scale war between the human world and Devildom to be avoided.”

Seraphim slowly nodded his head.

“That’s right. That child Iriel is truly fascinating, that is. How she figured out the internal situation of the Devildom from that far of a place…”

Seraphim gently closed his eyes.

He was a person that appeared to be a Warrior with a rough and large build, but within his clear blue pupils, there was the image of a wise man that was filled with kind wisdom.

“Either way, you’ve come at the right time. Iriel has sent you to me exactly when you were needed.”

“Is… That so?”

Ian carefully asked in return as he waited for Seraphim’s next words.

‘Is it time for the quest to pop up now?’

And like Ian predicted, a quest window popped up in front of his eyes without doubt.


• The Beginnings of the Devils III (Hidden) (Connected)

‘Seraphim’ is a ‘Half-Devil’ as well as a devil that is of a Noblesse rank.

Because he was a person whose origin was a human hero before he became a devil, he does not want a full-scale war between the Devildom and the human world to occur.

However, recently, with the destructive devils as a key role, a portion of the power of the Devildom was plotting an attack on the human world, and they began to purge power that was on the opposite side of that plan one by one.

They have yet to spread their magical beasts to devils that were Noblesse-rank or higher, but a couple of High-ranking Devils had fallen to the scheme of the destructive devils and were beginning to get locked up in the Tower of Punishment or were assassinated.

Before the power of the destructive devils grows, the power of the Common Devils must be gathered together as fast as possible and a power that can counteract them must be formed.

Go to the ‘Fortress of the Devil’ that is in Zone 80 of the Devildom and convey this fact to Devil King ‘Ricardo’.

Quest Difficulty Level: SS

Quest Condition: A user that has successfully carried out the ‘Beginnings of the Devils II (Hidden) (Connected)’ quest.

Time Limit: 30 days

Reward: ?

*This is a quest that cannot be turned down.

Ian, who read through the whole quest content, slowly nodded his head.

‘It’s a simple traveling quest where I just need to find an NPC this time as well. Of course, getting through to Zone 80 will not be that simple at all, that is.’

On top of that, there was a time limit of 30 days.

The time limit was not short, however, still, even that alone was enough to put pressure on Ian.

Ian asked Seraphim.

“Is Devil King Ricardo the castellan of the Fortress of the Devil?”

At Ian’s question, Seraphim nodded his head as he replied.

“That’s right. You’ll just need to pass on the letter that I give you to him.”

At the same time that Seraphim’s words ended, a yellow paper scroll completely rolled up appeared in front of Ian’s eyes.

• You have obtained the item ‘Seraphim’s Letter’.

Seraphim’s words continued again.

“You cannot be too late, but as it is not a matter where you’re tight on time, it would be best to move after preparing thoroughly. It seems that with your current abilities, Zone 80 will be an incredibly dangerous place for you.”

As expected of a Noblesse-rank Devil, Seraphim perceived Ian’s Devildom rank from one look.

Ian nodded his head as he replied.

“Yes, as a matter of fact, I was planning on moving after at least obtaining a dual class.”

“Sure, that’s a good idea as well. If you are a Half-Devil with quite a high rank of a High-ranking Devil, you’ll be able to obtain a dual class without much difficulty as well, that is.”

Seraphim pointed to the tower that stood tall outside the window as he continued his words.

“That building over there is the Class Tower. If you go over there, you should be able to obtain a dual class that you want.”

“I see.”

Ian did respond, but of course, he had absolutely no intentions of obtaining a dual class from the Class Tower.

‘I should go to Zone 107 first and visit Cervian’s laboratory.’

At the thought of obtaining a hidden class from Cervian, Ian felt himself become excited already.

“Oh, also, Seraphim.”


“Do you know a High-ranking Devil named ‘Yankoun’?”

At Ian’s question, Seraphim wore a slightly surprised expression.

“Of course I know Yankoun. However, how do you know him?”

Ian concisely picked out the incidences he had with Yankoun and explained the situation to him.

Of course, Ian didn’t forget to fluff up his own performance little by little as he told him either.

‘Since building up Affinity with a Noblesse-rank Devil will definitely be of help eventually.’

Seraphim, who heard all of Ian’s story, wore a bitter smile as he opened his mouth.

“Huh-huh, for such an incident… So, you’re saying that Yankoun has been locked up in the Tower of Punishment before even I was aware of it, right?”

“That’s right. However, I never thought that you, the second-in-command lord of the castle of the City of Rage, would have had no idea about this.”

Seraphim let out a low sigh before he opened his mouth.

“This is because the destructive devils have already almost dominated this City of Rage. They are covering my eyes and ears.”

“The destructive devils are?”

Seraphim slowly nodded his head.

“That’s right. It has been a long time since Devil King Hikion, the castellan, has fallen into the ways of the destructive devils as well.”

At those words, Ian’s expression slightly hardened.

‘What the hell, then isn’t it possible that Yankoun may not be released even with Seraphim’s strength as well?’

Yankoun’s liberation would influence Ian’s fighting power incredibly.

Since if Yankoun, a High-ranking Devil who was also lv 350, was to join Ian’s fighting power, he would bring an effect where the fighting power would increase by about 1.5-2 times at the least.

And as if he had read Ian’s thoughts, Seraphim continued his words.

“However, once the truth is known, I will be able to liberate Yankoun from the Tower of Punishment at least with my power, so don’t worry.”

Ian let out a sigh of relief.

“Whew, that’s a relief. I think I need to obtain his help in order to safely reach Zone 80 of the Devildom at least.”

Seraphim nodded his head.

“I will pull Yankoun out within three days at the earliest and five days at the latest. You could obtain a dual class within then and return.”

“I will do that.”

Ian’s mind began to race quickly.

‘Have I now finished everything that I needed to go to Seraphim for? There’s nothing else I need to do besides leaving this place and coming back from visiting Cervian’s laboratory within three days, right?’

However, a feeling like he was forgetting something remained, and shortly after, Ian was able to remember the cause of that.

‘Oh, right. The slave marketplace! I should stop by the slave marketplace as well.’

He wasn’t sure what kind of role a slave could play in the Devildom, but still, having one would definitely be better than not having one.

Ian immediately asked Seraphim for information on the slave marketplace.

“Seraphim, before we move, there’s one more thing that I’m curious about.”


Ian pulled out the slave contract that he had been keeping in his inventory and held it up as he continued his words.

“I want to obtain information on the slave marketplace that is in the central plaza of the City of Rage.”

Ian turned his gaze towards Seraphim.

However, for some reason, Seraphim did not respond whatsoever.


However, with his gaze fixated somewhere, he didn’t react even a tiny bit despite Ian calling him.

Ian turned his head to the place that his eyes were on.

And the place that Seraphim’s gaze was on was the slave contract that was within Ian’s hands.

‘What the hell? Why is he staring that intently at this?’

Ian called Seraphim again.


And Seraphim, who only pulled himself together then, was surprised as he smiled sheepishly.

“Ha, haha. Sorry. I was distracted by the item that you were holding in your hand for a moment, that is.”

Ian looked back and forth at the slave contract that was in his hand and at Seraphim as he mumbled to himself.

‘Has he read the content that’s written in the contract from that distance?’

And while Ian was tilting his head, Seraphim’s words continued.

“You, truly your luck is incredibly good.”

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