Taming Master

Chapter 220

Chapter 220: Half-Human, Half-Devil (3)

The bulletin boards of the official community related to the Devildom were in a frenzy.

The bulletin boards were already originally lively with posts regenerating in real time, but right now, posts were being uploaded to the point it was reminiscent of a real-time chatroom.

And of course, the source for that was because of the world message that Ian uploaded.

• User ‘Ian’ is the first to have succeeded in becoming ‘Half-Human, Half-Devil’.

This one statement did not lack in making all of the users that were in the Devildom look for Ian.

• By any chance, is there not one person that has seen Ian even once in the Devildom?

• Why do you ask? Is it to at least ask how to become Half-Human, Half-Devil?

• Of course.

• Hul, do you guys not even know that yet?

• Eh? Then do you know to be saying that?

• Of course.

• Huk, how do you do it? Please tell me.

• It’s written in the attack page of the official Kailan homepage that you can become Half-Devil if you obtain the Pure Blood of the Devil… Yet none of you have even read that?

• Ha… Who doesn’t know that? It’s the fact that we want to obtain information on where we can obtain the Pure Blood of the Devil.

• Ah-ha…

To be honest, the information that the ‘Pure Blood of the Devil’ was an item that was required in order to become Half-Human, Half-Devil was already released through the developer’s note on the official homepage.

However, not one clue about the route of obtaining the Pure Blood of the Devil had appeared yet.

• But guys, aren’t you being too naïve? If you were Ian, do you think you would just obediently release information to other users? If it was me, I think I would block the information from being known by other users by any means possible and just savour it as much as possible.

• Ha, it’s because we want to obtain even a hint somehow even if we don’t expect a method.

• But, person above, I’ve been hunting in Zone 112-115 for several days now. The zone that I’m in right now is the deepest zone that has been broken through to at the moment, but there’s not one person here that says they’ve seen Ian.

• Hmm… Based on the fact that the Chief Gatekeeper of Zone 110 is still standing strong means that no one has yet to go beyond Zone 110, but then exactly where could Ian be?

When the message that Ian was the first to enter the Devildom popped up, or even when the message that another user was the first to have succeeded in fortifying their equipment to a Transcendent-rank, the bulletin board wasn’t burning up as much as this.

Others were jealous of Ian then as well, but those were goals that other users could achieve as time passed, and as that was the case, it just ended with jealousy.

However, this time, it was different.

Becoming Half-Human, Half-Devil was an essential prerequisite in order to obtain dual classes, which was the core of the Devildom content.

However, despite that, not one piece of information was released into the community yet.

At this point, where it had been far past a month since the Devildom opened up, it couldn’t be helped that normal users were agonizing over this for not having captured even a clue to become dual-class.

However, out of the blue, it wasn’t like someone found a clue, but a user that had succeeded in becoming Half-Human, Half-Devil from the start appeared.

And the shock from this was even greater the higher the user’s ranking was.

Especially the top-ranking users, who were in the top 100 of the rankings from the beginning of Kailan, couldn’t help but be incredibly disgusted by Ian.

In their eyes, Ian was a user that was nothing more than a latecomer whose class was significantly lower than theirs.

This was because Ian’s level was not revealed on the ranking list once.

• Ian, that dude, I think he’s seriously lucky.

• That’s right, no matter how much he flies or crawls, from a new class perspective, and a Summoner, which the leveling up speed for is hell, at that, no matter how high we consider his level, we would more likely not choose that he was lv 160 than that he was, so is he at least using some sort of cheat, because he’s been constantly dominating new content like a ghost.

• Yeah, yeah, there’s definitely something. It’s certain that he’s either incredibly lucky or he’s bribed LB Corps.

• But I’m seriously curious as to how Ian is running through the Devildom. Even quite named rankers amongst the new classes died without having properly run through Zone 120 although they’ve entered the Devildom…

• Ah, that… Looking at the last broadcast, one of his retainers is an incredibly high level. It seems that he got lucky somewhere and picked up a high-level retainer, and is barely running around the Devildom.

• Euh, this Ian, if he even came out to the arena once, I would have beat him to a pulp.

• Person above, keke, I don’t think that would be the case. During the central continent war before, I saw Ian face Ilahan and Shyakran momentarily, but Ian’s combat abilities are seriously enough to wet your pants.

• No, no, I personally heard from Ilahan, but then, Ilahan was not fighting with all of his fighting power either. To be honest, it’s true. How does it make sense that a Warrior-class with even a level difference of 20-30 levels is similar to a Summoner, which is a PVP pushover class?

• That’s true but…

As Ian’s active role and awareness increased, the rankers’ jealousy towards him just grew more severe.

Aside from a couple of rankers that directly fought against Ian one-on-one, most of the users that were in the top-rankings believed that the rumour about Ian’s abilities was very overinflated to the reality.

And to be honest, the fact that Ian intentionally concealed his stats played a part in that as well.

At first, he just didn’t reveal his information because it was bothersome, but after he made the ambitious goal of creating a new nation, he was thoroughly concealing his abilities.

Ian was meticulous to the point he purposely devalued his abilities and thoroughly made sure that even the Lotus Guild would say that so a rumor would spread accordingly.

Either way, thanks to that, the image that the rankers had of Ian was being perceived as ‘just a user with luck and not much to him’.

However, recently, there was a user that was raising their wariness towards Ian consistently.

* * *

• The Request of the Public Order General of the City of Rage II (Hidden) (Connected)

Loros, the Public Order General of the City of Rage, has been given an important assignment from the elders of the Devildom.


Take Loros’s two subordinates and sweep up the Sanctum of Darkness that is on the outskirts of Zone 100 of the Devildom before returning.

Quest Difficulty Level: SS

Quest Condition: A user that has successfully carried out the ‘Request of the Public Order General of the City of Rage I (Hidden) (Connected).

Time Limit: None

Reward: The Pure Blood of the Devil, Intermediate-grade Magic Stones x5

*This is a quest that cannot be rejected.

A beautiful woman wearing a red robe.

The Monarch of the Red Flame Remir read through the quest window that had popped up in front of her eyes while she wore an expression full of mixed emotions.

“Whew, I’ve finally found it.”

And while she mumbled to herself with a small voice, next to her, a devil spirit appeared and snickered.

• Keke, congratulations, Remir. Now you’ll soon be able to use the abilities of a devil. Of course, though, no matter how quickly you accomplish the quest, you won’t be the first, that is, kekeke.

At Cassandra’s words, Remir’s lovely eyebrows suddenly pinched together.

“Quiet, Cassandra. I already know that.”

After Remir got through Zone 110 in alliance with the other rankers, she proceeded to the map quickly and arrived at the City of Rage first before any of them.

This was because she was certain that she would be able to find a clue to the Pure Blood of the Devil in the City of Rage.

‘And I found it like this right now.’

Up to this point, it was incredibly smooth.

However, if there was a problem, exactly 5 minutes before she received the quest, she read the world message that Ian had become Half-Human, Half-Devil.

Remir, who had been running around while burning up her competitive spirit without rest, couldn’t help but feel dejected after all her efforts.

‘Whew, this dude named Ian. I want to at least see what this dude does.’

If her expectations were correct, she was certain that Ian, who had succeeded in becoming Half-Human, Half-Devil just now, would also be in a place that wasn’t far off from the City of Rage.

‘Samuel Jin and Martin think that Ian’s abilities are nothing much, but there’s no way that’s the case. Instead, I think Shyakran judged Ian the most accurately.’

Originally, because Remir was affiliated with the Luspel Empire, rather than Shyakran or Ilahan, who were affiliated with the Kaimon Empire, she was acquainted with Samuel Jin or Martin, who were rankers affiliated with Luspel.

That’s why, when she was hearing of information related to Ian at first, she heard it through them, and that’s why right up until she was about to enter the Devildom, she looked down on Ian.

‘I need to modify all judgments I made of Ian.’

Remir slightly tightened her grasp on her staff that was shining brightly as she began to move in order to proceed with the quest.

‘Perhaps, more so than the imperial family of the Luspel Empire that’s falling, or even the Titan Guild, the person that could help me most in achieving my goal could possibly be Ian.’

* * *

Bbook- Bboo-book-!

A deep dungeon in the outskirts of the City of Rage.

Some big-headed turtle was waddling around.

– Bbook, Bboo-bbook! There are lots of food filled with power in the Devildom bbook! They aren’t delicious, but they’re still satisfying bbook.

Big-headed turtle Bbookbbook was endlessly travelling the Devildom with just his gluttony.

His owner, who had summoned him periodically even up until a month ago, had recently been quiet.

Thanks to that, Bbookbbook was truly running around the Devildom cheerfully.

– I don’t know why, but I miss my owner a little bbook. However, I still like my freedom more right now bbook.

It wasn’t like this from the beginning, but lately, Bbookbbook began to instinctively feel where Ian was.

Could you say that he could automatically know the direction that Ian’s energy was moving towards?

He occasionally missed his meatballs, so he even wanted to go look for Ian, but he thought that it wasn’t the time yet.

‘Once the owner dude summons me, I can go see him then bbook. I should wait until then bbook.’

Even if Ian didn’t summon him, he had the ability to go look for him, but if that was the case, it was certain that he would most likely lose his freedom.

Since if Ian found out the fact that Bbookbbook could run around even without him summoning him, it was obvious that he would continuously keep him by his side and shove him around.

Bbookbbook was an exceptionally intelligent turtle.

– Euh, still, I want to brag that I can speak the language of the humans like Bbakbbak.

To be honest, the reason why Bbookbbook became perverse was because of his sense of inferiority to Bbakbbak.

This was because, from Bbookbbook’s perspective, Bbakbbak was an elite turtle that spoke coolly and had a cool outer appearance that shone.

– Bad owner dude! Hurry up and summon me quickly bbook. As I’ve eaten a lot of medicinal herbs lately, my head has gotten bigger and my shell has gotten firmer as well bbook. I want to quickly show it off bbook!

Bbookbbook, a turtle who requires affection, began to move his feet as he found another delicious Devildom medicinal herb.

Bbook- Bbook- Bbook-.

He was able to speak the language of humans, but still, whenever he walked, it was along with the sound of him going bbookbbook.

It seemed that such aspects of Bbookbbook was constantly irritating a Intermediate-rank magical beast that was seeking a nap in the corner of the dungeon as he glared at Bbookbbook.


A rugged-looking ox.

To be more precise, after having felt the gaze of the giant magical beast, which had an outer appearance like a minotaur that appeared in ancient mythology, Bbookbbook spun his head around.


Bbookbbook, who met eyes with the minotaur, suddenly became angry.

– I’m in quite a terrible mood right now bbook! If you have any issues with me, come at me bbook! I will punish you bbook!

– Pu-reung- Pu-reu-reung-!

However, surprisingly, the Intermediate-level magical beast that momentarily had a psychological war with Bbookbbook, let down its tail shortly afterwards and slowly turned its head away.

And Bbookbbook, who saw that, began to walk with a triumphant expression again.

– A dude that’s not much is bothering me bbook. I should quickly gather more power and become as cool as Bbakbbak as well.

Bbookbbook thought that the magical beasts bothered him because his outer appearance looked weak.

And instinctively, Bbookbbook felt that if he continuously gathered strength, he could become like Bbakbbak.

– Bbook! I found another one bbook!

Bbookbbook, who found a medicinal herb of the Devildom that was growing in the corner of the dungeon in a short moment, hurriedly ran over and after digging up the surrounding, he began to chew on the medicinal herb.

Bbook- Bbook-.

And shortly after, Bbookbbook’s shell began to shine a bright blue light.


However, whether he knew this or not, Bbookbbook was focusing his mind on digging out and eating the medicinal herb.

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