Taming Master

Chapter 208

Chapter 208: Magical Beast Transmuter (3)

Ian, who was accompanied by Cervian, slowly pushed through Zone 110-115 of the Devildom as he headed towards Zone 107.

However, that was not an easy task.

This was because the deeper he moved in, the ratio of low-rank magical beasts shrunk, and those spots were filled with intermediate-rank magical beasts.

“Whew, there are a lot of strong magical beasts. Especially the fact that although they are the same magical beast, the fact that contaminated magical beasts seem to feel stronger, it’s not just my imagination, right?”

At Ian’s question, Cervian nodded his head as he replied.

• That’s right. In the case of the same magical beasts, the fighting power of the contaminated magical beasts cannot help but be stronger for sure.

“Why’s that?”

• If they are addicted to the unrefined Chaos Stone, although they lose Devil Energy, they instead go apeshit. If explained with humans or common monsters, you could say that they’re in a state where they’ve been medicated with drugs.

“Ah, no wonder…”

Cervian stroked his beard as he continued his explanation.

• The scariest fact is frenzied magical beasts do not know fear. They are not fazed by the damage they receive, and move even more aggressively.

Ian nodded his head as he thought.

‘It might possibly be easier instead to face them if I thought of them as crazy dogs. Since with that attack pattern where they ignore defending like that, they’re incredibly weak to counter attacks.’

Taking about a quarter of a day, Ian’s party succeeded in running through Zone 110.

And Cervian was a big help here.

He wasn’t personally participating in the battle of course, but through his knowledge, it had become easier to face magical beasts.

As expected of a researcher, who had stayed in the Devildom for hundreds of years just studying magical beasts, his knowledge on magical beasts was incredibly vast indeed.

• The back of the Laupros is their weak point. As their spine is incredibly weak, if you apply a large impact to that part, they’ll writhe in great agony.

• When facing the Hecaroun, you must keep an eye on both their eyes. If the two eyes of Hecaroun shine a bright red, it means that their Offensive Power has been maximized.

Even while Ian swung his spear without rest and fought, he was carving Cervian’s words diligently into his head.

‘It looks like he’s an old man that seriously has a lot to say, but… Still, as most of it is sweet information, I can’t listen to it carelessly.’

Like that, Ian eventually succeeded in reaching the end of Zone 110.

However, having discovered something then, Ian’s body suddenly halted straight on the spot.


Kaizar, who was next to him, asked Ian.

“Why are you suddenly stopping?”

Ian lifted his finger and pointed to the front as he opened his mouth.

“It’s the summoning magic square that we found in Zone 120.”

At that, Ian’s whole party, including Kaizar, turned their gazes in that direction, and they all had nervous eyes.

“Hmm… Is one of the Twelve Chosen Generals or whatever going to pop up again?”

At Kaizar’s mumbling, Ian nodded his head.

“That’s probably the case, no?”

Cervian, who was listening to the two people’s conversation, slowly opened his mouth.

• You young men are right. In order to enter inside Zone 110, you must face one of the Twelve Chosen Generals and win.


At the unexpected challenge, Ian slightly knit his brows together.

‘If it’s one of the Twelve Chosen Generals like Yankoun, he’ll for sure be someone monster-like with fighting power that’s equal to him, so would I be able to beat him with my fighting power?’

The level of Yankoun, who Ian met, was 350.

Ian thought that there was a higher chance for the chief gatekeeper guarding Zone 110 would be a higher level than him and that there was no way that he would be a lower level instead.

‘If it was Yankoun instead, I might have a chance against him. Since I’ve memorized all of his attack patterns. As long as I just don’t make a mistake, I might even be able to win.’

However, it popped up that Yankoun’s location was currently the City of Rage, so of course, there was no way he would appear here.

Cervian opened his mouth towards Ian, who swallowed loudly while he fell into deep contemplation.

• You, how did you get through the chief gatekeeper that guards Zone 120?

Ian, who was flustered by the unexpected question, slightly stuttered.

Since he couldn’t say that he had a cheat buff that was 99 Resistance Magic.

“I, I had a bit of luck back then.”

Cervian’s eyes shone.

• Is that so? Then you’re saying that you’re certain you defeated him?

Ian nodded his head.

“That’s… Right?”

• Then, by any chance, was there nothing you obtained from him?

“Something I obtained, huh…”

• For example, like a Premium Seal of the Devil… If you have been acknowledged by him, you would have been able to have obtained that.

At Cervian’s words, Ian rejoiced as he immediately looked through his inventory.

The Premium Seal of the Devil was definitely an item he had received from Yankoun.

‘Found it!’

Ian, who pulled out the seal, held it out towards Cervian.

“Here. Is this the right item?”

The two eyes of Cervian, who checked the Premium Seal of the Devil that Ian held out, rounded.

• Ooh… To think that you really obtained that!

It was not a simple meaning for a devil to hand over the seal that they possessed to someone else.

The Devildom was a world where the law of the strong was most perfectly applied.

Devils only gifted their seal to a ‘strong person’ who has genuinely moved them.

The fact that he had been acknowledged, not by a common devil, but a high-ranking devil, and even amongst them, it was the chief gatekeeper of the Devildom as well as one of the Twelve Chosen Generals, was amazing.

The way that Cervian looked at Ian changed.

• Looking at the seal, it seems this is the seal of Yankoun.

“Oh, it seems that the appearance of the seal for each devil is different.”

• Of course. Since the seal means the same thing as like an identification to devils, that is.

While floating, Cervian approached the summoning magic square.

And at the suddenly occurring situation, Ian was so taken aback he shouted.

“Ah, Cervian! I’m telling you, we’re haven’t finished our battle preparations yet. If you go over there, the chief gatekeeper will be summoned.”

Cervian smiled as he spoke to Ian.

• If it is you, who has even been acknowledged by Yankoun and received the seal of a devil, then wouldn’t you be able to face the chief gatekeeper that guards Zone 110 surely enough as well?

“Ah… That, well…”

While looking at Ian, who hazily ended off his sentence, Cervian smirked.

• However, if you have that seal, you can pass through here even if you do not fight the chief gatekeeper, so there will probably be no reason for you to fight.

At Cervian’s words, Ian’s expression instantaneously brightened.

‘As expected! I know that there would be such a method. It would be irrational to fight another chief gatekeeper with this fighting power right now.’

Ian followed behind Cervian, and Cervian halted in front of a small monument that was next to the summoning magic square.

• You can you see this groove?

“Yes, Cervian.”

• Stick that Premium Seal of the Devil into here.

Ian hurriedly held up the seal and stuck it into the groove just as Cervian said to do.

‘He said it was like an identification, so it seems that it’s also an item that plays the role of a pass.’

If he had not luckily gotten into the testing zone two weeks ago and fought Yankoun, at least a month would have to pass before he could challenge this gateway.

No, if it weren’t for that accident(?) from the beginning, Ian wouldn’t even have been able to get this far.

Ian was profiting heavily from his preliminary visit into the Devildom in many ways.


The summoning magic square began to vibrate slightly, and shortly after, instead of one of the Twelve Chosen Generals being summoned in that spot, a red portal was summoned to move to the next zone.

Ian pulled out the seal from the groove with a broad smile and put it back into his inventory.

“Then, shall we go in?”

At Ian’s words, instead of giving a reply, Cervian moved his body towards the portal.

Ian grinned as he let out a command to his retainers and Familiars.

“Alright, everybody, follow us in!”

“Huhu, I may not have been the one that entered the Devildom first, but I should be the first to have entered inside of Zone 120. Isn’t that right, Cassandra?”

It was a beautiful woman who had a red robe and cloak draped over her.

Remir, the Monarch of the Red Flame, stared at her palm as she spoke in a mumbling manner.

However, although that was her tone, she was definitely saying something to someone.

And on Remir’s palm, a white flame blazed up before a round sphere floated up.

Inside of it there was the face of a devil lady with dark red skin.

• Hoho, unfortunately, I don’t think that’s the case, Remir.

As the devil burst out laughing, Remir’s beautiful face immediately contorted.

“Hmm, you’re saying that’s not the case? Are you saying that there’s another human that has reached this far before me?”

At Remir’s question, the devil lady called ‘Cassandra’ nodded her head.

• That’s right. It’s exactly as you said. Someone has already passed through here.

On Remir’s contorted face, this time instead of irritation, curiosity popped up.

“Is that so? But, how do you know that? Cassandra, do you have some sort of ability or something where you can find out incidences that occur in the Devildom?”

However, different from Remir’s expectations, Cassandra shook her head.

• No, it’s not like that. There’s just a very definite evidence that someone has passed through this place first.


Cassandra opened her mouth towards Remir, who tilted her head, again.

• Originally, the gate that you just passed through. That was a gate that Yankoun, the chief gatekeeper of the Devildom as well as one of the Twelve Chosen Generals, guarded.

Remir reflexively opened her mouth and asked back.


• That’s right. There’s a high-rank devil who’s just ignorantly strong named Yankoun.

At her words, Remir, who immediately understood, asked again.

“So, you’re saying that someone has already defeated that chief gatekeeper named Yankoun and has entered inside?”

Cassandra nodded her head.

• Yes, that’s correct. If someone hadn’t defeated Yankoun, there’s no way that you would have been able to pass through like this without a devil seal or anything like that.

Remir frowned again.

“To have been late again… This hurts my pride quite a bit.”

While looking at her inflaming her fighting spirit, Cassandra made sarcastic comments with a mischievous voice.

• I don’t know who the human that passed through this place first is, but by chance, if you are turning them into an enemy of yours, it would be best not to.

As expected, Remir had no intentions of turning ‘them’, the unknown person, into her enemy.

However, it seemed that her pride was hurt at Cassandra’s words, as she snapped her head around and asked back with a sharp voice.

“And why’s that?”

Cassandra shrugged her shoulders as she replied.

• It’s because if it’s someone who has defeated Yankoun with their strength alone, the possibility of it being someone you could face is close to zero. You see, Yankoun is incredibly strong.

“Real…ly? How strong is he for you to say that yourself? Is he stronger than you?”

At Remir’s question, Cassandra thought about it for a moment before she opened her mouth with a serious expression.

• Well, I’m not exactly sure. As it’s been too long since I’ve returned to the Devildom myself, that is. However, if I was to guess with the information I know from before as my foundation, I think he’s an opponent that I can only defeat once I’ve found all of my strength back.

At Cassandra’s words, Remir received quite a bit of shock.

‘If all of the seals are released, Cassandra would be close to lv 400, but a user defeated a devil with fighting power close to that just with their own strength? Is that even possible at this point?’

No matter how much she thought about it, it was impossible for Remir to understand.

The opponents that she could face right now at most were ones with a level range around the late 200s or early 300s.

Even that was truly risky, too.

However, based on Cassandra’s words, a user had defeated a monster-like devil that was close to lv 400, so obviously, she couldn’t help but find it hard to believe.

‘That’s right, there’s no rule saying that a human has to be a user, no? It could be some monster-like NPC, or perhaps, it’s a user that got lucky and obtained a sweet quest where they were able to temporarily obtain an NPC teammate that was close to lv 400.’

However, no matter how she thought about it, she couldn’t help the feeling that she was going in already losing.

Cassandra, who saw Remir shut her mouth tightly, coyly laughed as she made fun of her.

• Hohoho, I think it’s truly been a long time since I’ve seen the Monarch of the Red Flame this irritated. I don’t know who that human is, but for them to give me such enjoyment, I’m thankful.

Remir frowned as she replied coldly.

“Don’t make fun of me, Cassandra. Since whoever they are, they are merely just an opponent that I will eventually have to overcome.”

Cassandra laughed as she replied.

• Sure. I like this personality of yours.

“Thank you, I’m pleased to have received acknowledgement from a Devildom aristocrat.”

Cassandra, who smirked while looking at her making a sarcastic remark, opened her mouth again.

• Either way, thanks to that unknown human, we’ve ended up being able to pass through this difficult gateway for free, so get through it fast at least. If you want to overcome them, you don’t have time be procrastinating like this, no?

Remir, who nodded at Cassandra’s words, hurriedly threw her body passed the gate.

She wanted to at least obtain the dual class faster than any of the users.

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