Taming Master

Chapter 207

Chapter 207: Magical Beast Transmuter (2)


An exclamation automatically flowed out of Ian’s mouth.

He was thinking that it would be great if he could even just find a lead on dual classes, but a whopping quest where he could obtain a hidden class had invoked.

‘Magical Beast Transmuter… Even the name itself is already interesting.’

It was possible to think at this point that Ian’s luck was incredible, but the quest related to the hidden class being invoked at the least was not luck.

Starting from the beginning of Kailan’s opening, most of the users who were the first to proceed with quests related to any of the classes were able to find clues relating to the hidden classes.

In other words, the reason why Ian was able to invoke the quest for the hidden class called Magical Beast Transmuter was not because he was lucky, but because he was proceeding with a quest related to dual classes faster than anybody else.


Meanwhile, in the spot where all of the broken crystals fell from, a spirit shining brightly was floating.

With pointy ears and a ton of wrinkles, there was an elf man in the form of a long-bearded old man.

He was ‘Half-Devil’ Cervian, an elf as well as a high-ranking devil.

• Human… Are you the one that has rescued me?

Ian, who was grinning because of his happiness for having obtained a hidden class quest, pulled himself together when he heard Cervian’s voice and nodded his head.

“Ah, yes. That would be one way to put it.”

Cervian’s words continued.

• Thank you. Thanks to you, my spirit, which had been asleep for a long time, was able to awaken. My soul has finally received freedom now after over a thousand years since the spark of my life went out.

Ian quietly waited for his words to end.

• Thank you, do you think you could tell me your name?

“I’m Ian.”

And shortly after, Cervian finally began to pull out the conversation that Ian wanted to hear.

• Alright, Ian. It’s shameless of me, but by any chance, do you think you could listen to my story?

Ian nodded his head as if he had been waiting for it.

“Of course, Cervian.”

However, for a moment, Cervian asked with a flustered expression.

• Uh, how do you know my name?

“You, you just told me?”

• Hmm, did I? There’s nothing left of me besides my spirit, but for my memory to have deteriorated this much… Either way, that’s not important, so I’ll start with my story.

Ian internally let out a sigh of relief as he mumbled.

‘Whew, I spoke ambiguously, but he believed me.’

As he couldn’t say that he found out his name due to the system message, it was obvious why Ian was taken aback.

Either way, separate from that, Cervian’s words started again.

• You already know my name, but to introduce myself again, I am Cervian, the first Elf Summoner to have succeeded in becoming a Devil Summoner.

“I see, Cervian.”

• After becoming a Devil Summoner, I succeeded in capturing tons of magical beasts, and by taming them and collecting information, I proceeded with many experiments. There was a wider variety of magical beasts than I thought, and the more I experimented on magical beasts, I developed a desire to obtain an even stronger magical beast.

Cervian’s story was quite long.

And if that was summarized, it could be organized roughly into a couple of things.

  1. Cervian wanted to overcome magical beasts higher than top-ranking ones and tame ones that were at least Legendary-rank, but he experienced a miserable failure.
  2. In the end, the highest-ranking magical beast that he could succeed in taming was a high-rank magical beast called the ‘Hell Hound’, but as he still wanted a higher-ranking magical beast, he began an ‘experiment’.
  3. His ‘experiment’ was synthesizing two or more magical beasts together and give birth to a new magical beast.

After having poured in a long time of over a hundred years into this experiment, Cervian was able to eventually succeed in synthesizing magical beasts together.

  1. However, the first magical beast he had succeeded in synthesizing was an entity that wasn’t particularly exceptional in comparison to the other magical beasts that were the ingredients to the synthesis, so Cervian continued to fall deeper into experimenting in order to produce an entity that was exceptional.
  2. Cervian eventually synthesized two magical beasts that were the same rank, and succeeding in creating a magical beast that was one rank higher, he successfully synthesized a Cerberus, the highest-ranking magical beast that he had, as well as a Kaion, which was the same ranking as it, and created a top-ranking magical beast.
  3. After having made multiple top-ranking magical beasts with the same method, he synthesized those to obtain a Legendary-rank magical beast, and for the first time, he succeeded in creating a Legendary-rank magical beast called the ‘Devil Dragon’.
  4. However, Cervian’s greed did not stop here.

In order to create a ‘Mythological’-rank magical beast that had yet to be discovered by any devil, a magical beast that could only be found in legends, he once again synthesized the Devil Dragon with another Legendary-rank magical beast, and the result of that was the birth of the monster called ‘Khalifa’, the Evil Dragon.

  1. As soon as Evil Dragon Khalifa was born, he confined Cervian inside of a giant ‘magic stone’, and after completely destroying Cervian’s laboratory, he leisurely disappeared.

After hearing the whole story, Ian wore a dazed expression.

‘Wow, The Evil Dragon Khalifa that Cervian talked about… It’s probably that same evil dragon that Oakley talked about a long time ago, right?’

It was to the point he was forming respect for LB Corp. from this.

‘How exactly was LB Corp. able to create this incredible world?’

In the ear of Ian, who was wearing a dazed expression, Cervian’s voice blended with scorn for himself was heard.

• My excessive greed brought too large of a disaster. If I had just not been so greedy, a monster like Khalifa would have never escaped into the world, that is.

Ian carefully asked Cervian, who was blaming himself.

“Then, Cervian, by any chance, is there a part that you speculate is the reason for why contaminated evil spirits keep on forming in this vicinity?”

• By contaminated evil spirits, you mean…?

Ian quickly opened his inventory and pulled out the ‘Contaminated Tooth of the Traccus’ that he had as he showed it to him.

“This is the item I obtained while hunting the contaminated evil spirits.”

Cervian closely investigated the tooth of the Traccus before he opened his mouth while widening his eyes.

• Hmm, this…!

Ian asked with shining eyes.

“Oh, do you have an idea?”

Cervian immediately nodded his head.

• By the looks of it, it seems that the problem is my laboratory that Khalifa destroyed.

“Your laboratory, Cervian?”

• That’s right. For the synthetization of the magical beasts, an item called the ‘Seed of Chaos’ is required in order to forcefully control their devilishness, but if they receive the influence of a Seed of Chaos that was not refined, the magical beasts go insane.

“The Seed… of Chaos?”

• To be honest, the Seed of Chaos is the name I gave it, but the mineral that is the raw material of it is a substance called the ‘Chaos Stone’. I had purified that and created the Seed of Chaos.

Ian quickly organized the information in his head as he spoke to Cervian.

“So, you’re saying that, before the Seed of Chaos is created, its substance called the Chaos Stone does not influence the magical beasts in a good way, and thanks to that, contaminated evil spirits are forming, right?”

Cervian nodded his head.

• That’s exactly it. Since right behind my laboratory, there was a mine where a great quantity of Chaos Stones existed. When I was alive, because I thoroughly managed the mine, magical beasts could not carelessly approach that area, but after Khalifa destroyed my laboratory and sealed me away, there’s a big chance that magical beasts went in and out of that place as they wished.

Ian scratched the back of his head as he thought to himself.

‘Then, if I close off the mine where that Chaos Stone exists, can I solve Yankoun’s quest?’

However, it wasn’t a problem that he could think so simply of either.

Since hearing Cervian’s story, the Chaos Stone was an item that was relevant to the hidden class that Ian needed to obtain.

Ian cautiously asked Cervian.

“Then what needs to be done in order to block off the contaminated magical beasts from forming?”

Cervian approached Ian and he met his gaze equally as he opened his mouth.

• I’ll teach you that method, so do you think you could do me a favour?

Of course, Ian nodded his head without hesitation as he replied.

“I will do that.”

And at the same time as that, a notification sound that alerted him of the activation of a quest struck his ear.


• The Beginning of Magical Beast Alchemy (Hidden) (Connected)

Devil Summoner Cervian, who was the first elf to become half-devil, hopes that you will follow his steps and experiment on synthesizing magical beasts.

However, magical beast alchemy is not something that anybody can do, and only an exceptional Summoner can inherit Cervian’s study.

Cervian is planning on testing your abilities.

Find ‘Cervian’s Destroyed Laboratory’, which is in Zone 107 of the Devildom, and wipe out all of the contaminated evil spirits that guard that place.

Quest Difficulty Level: SS

Reward: ?

Will you accept this quest?

After thoroughly reading the quest, Ian, who accepted the quest without delay, asked Cervian.

“Then, Cervian, after I’ve wiped out all of the evil spirits that are in the laboratory, do I just need to return to this place?”

Cervian shook his head.

• No, there’s no need to do that. Since I’m going to follow you.


Ian wore a slightly dumbfounded expression.

‘No, if he’s going to go anyways, he could just wipe them out himself, so why is he making me do it?’

Ian’s question was an obvious.

Since if it was the ability of Cervian, who had made magical beasts exceeding the top-rank and were Legendary-rank, the task of wiping out contaminated magical beasts in the lv 290 range that inhabited Zone 107 would be easier than flipping his hand over.

It seemed that Cervian felt Ian’s question, as he opened his mouth while smiling.

• If it were up to me, I would want to wipe them out myself and restore my laboratory, but I do not have a body. There’s nothing that I can do in my spirit state.

“Ah, I see.”

• That’s why I need your help. Since you’ve already originally wanted to erase the cause of the creation of the contaminated evil spirits anyways, couldn’t you think of it as you’re moving while helping me out as well?

The corners of Ian’s mouth curled upwards.

“Of course. I will not disappoint you.”

Ian was in an incredibly good mood.

‘Everything’s going really well. It looks like I’ll be able to clear 2 quests in one go.’

Based on the circumstances, it looked like Cervian’s laboratory as well as the Chaos Stone mine that was supposedly behind that were the sources of the contaminated evil spirits.

While conducting Cervian’s quest, if he could block off the source of the contamination, he was intending on completing the 2 quests at the same time in one go.

‘If I succeed up to there, I should go to the City of Rage immediately and look for Yankoun. And after using the Pure Blood of the Devil that Yankoun will give me and turning into a half-devil, I just need to class-change to the hidden class called the Magical Beast Transmuter.’

As commonly said, with the situation that fell in place just like a puzzle piece, Ian moved his feet out of excitement.

“Then, let’s go, Cervian.”

• Thank you for helping me, Ian.

Ian replied with a broad smile.

“No, not a problem. I’m rather the one that’s thankful.”

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