Taming Master

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: (5). Ly’s Improvement-1

Jinsung logged out from the game and took a shower. Before going to bed, he sat in front of his

computer: it was time to look for some information about Kailan.

What Jinsung was curious about was the regular Summoner. He wanted to know the difference

between himself and a normal Summoner.

‘There must be someone that posted on the community to brag…’

Jinsung then searched information about the new Summoner class page from top to bottom. There

were tons of negative reviews.

‘I know that leveling up with the Summoner takes time… but they are whining too much.’

Ian was looking for a review written by a user of Lv. 15 or higher.

However, there weren’t any.

‘What? Why is nobody sharing information? I am already at Lv. 19, there must be a lot of users who

reached Lv. 15 or higher…’

He was looking for players at Lv. 15 because a Summoner’s level had to be at least that high to raise

the Summoning skill’s proficiency and raise its level, therefore, he would then be able to check more

skills of an ordinary Summoner.

There were some posts about reaching the Lv. 15 in the Assassin’s page and there was even a player

who reached Lv. 18 on the Dark Sorcerer’s page. However, there was nothing similar on the

Summoner’s page.

Alternatively, Jinsung clicked on a review of a player who reached Lv. 13, then, he started to read


“Now, the skills Capture, Blessing of the Wind and First Aid are the same skills that I have…”

Jinsung’s eyes sparkled, ‘There’s a new skill!’

On the monitor, there was a new skill that he had never seen before.


Category: active skill

Skill level: Lv. 1

Proficiency: 55%

You get possessed by the spirit of one of the monsters that you can summon. 30% of the spirit’s stats

are added to the Summoner’s stats. You won’t be able to summon the monster that possessed you for


The player who wrote the post was greatly complimenting the skill, saying that it was the only way a

Summoner could survive.

However, Jinsung shook his head.

“Why should I get possessed by a pet? It fights well on its own. It’s not like I’ll receive 100% of its

stats… well, will it get closer to 100% if I keep raising the skill’s level?”

The user later mentioned that the best part of the Possession skill was that he didn’t have to share EP

with the pet, however, Jinsung couldn’t agree with him 100%.

‘It means that I wouldn’t be able to raise the pet’s level… it feels good to watch Ly’s level go up. I don’t

think that’s an advantage…’

However, at the same time, he admitted that it was a fine skill. If the player does not care about his

pet, whenever the level gap between himself and the pet gets too big, he can just release it and

capture a new high-level monster.

Jinsung thought it was a good thing that one of the skills he didn’t have was not so great.

‘Then, what are skills that I have but ordinary Summoner’s don’t have?’

Jinsung thought for a while and came up with the answer.

‘Ah, Basic Training!’

Jinsung nodded his head.

He thought Basic Training was a skill much more valuable than ‘Possession’. He could feel Ly’s actual

battling abilities get better as he trained it.

As the skill had a cooldown time, Jinsung used Basic Training every 35 minutes.

‘There is less information than I thought, however, according to the info I found… the Taming Master’s

battle skills are not as good as an ordinary Summoner, but its merit is that it can make its pet


It was a crude guess, however, thanks to Jinsung’s excellent gaming instincts, that assumption was

quite correct.

‘Then I am doing the right thing with my character now.’

Jinsung was satisfied with his own play so far. He then turned off the lights and went to bed. He didn’t

forget to set the alarm that would ring five hours later.

‘I should try to capture some Rare or Unique rank monster tomorrow.’

Jinsung wanted to know how Ly’s stats were compared to Rare and Unique rank monsters. There

were a few users who succeeded in capturing Rare rank monsters in the community, however, there

wasn’t a single user who captured a Unique rank monster.

Jinsung assumed that Ly’s stats were as good as Rare or Unique rank monsters of the same level.

He then thought about the plans for tomorrow. However, he soon fell asleep as he was very tired.

Jinsung woke up as soon as he heard the alarm, he then ate cereal for breakfast. Next, he logged in

the game right away.

‘I must reach Lv. 20 before dusk!’ That was Jinsung’s ambitious goal.

The current time was 4 a.m.

He had gone to bed at 11 p.m., when there were not enough monsters since there were too many

users. Then he resumed playing at 4 a.m., the golden time when there were the fewest players.

Jinsung’s ambition and his careful plans would make any ordinary user dumbfounded.

Ian then logged in and grinned widely seeing the hunting ground full of Asiatic Black Bears.

“Huhuhu… kkkkkk…” Ian laughed mischievously.

To Ian, all those bears were EP. The hunting ground he was in was usually desolate, however, thanks

to the golden time, there wasn’t a single user and there were tons of preys. This was like heaven to


“Ly, summon!”

Ian didn’t waste any time and summoned Ly right away.


As soon as it was summoned, Ly howled, as if showing off. Ian then went to stroke it.

“Let’s work hard today!”

At this, Ly growled and readied his claws.

Ian’s restless hunting and battling fit well with Ly’s character.

Ian smiled at this and activated all the enhancing skills he had with the addition of Basic Training.

Ian then aimed his bow at the nearest bear.

– [Aiming Weak Spot] skill activated. Target’s weak spot has been marked. Accuracy rate goes up by

13.5%. Fatal blow probability goes up by 20%. There will be an 85% additional damage when

attacking a weak spot.

Its proficiency has gone up since he first got it, therefore, its percentages were even more useful now.


Ian’s arrow flew fast and hit the spot he had aimed at. Ly immediately lunged at the bear and bit

another of its weak spots. Ian had found out that his pet could also see the weak spots highlighted in

red. Therefore, he trained it to attack them first.

Ping-! Piping-!

At Ian’s and Ly’s pincer attack, the bear soon turned into a grey light and disappeared. Their hunting

speed was very fast.

‘I think, in the past, I hunted here when I reached Lv.35 as an Archer… my current hunting speed is

even faster than it was before.’

Ian and Ly started to massacre the bears like machines.

Ly’s Friendship and Loyalty to Ian had already reached the maximum. That enabled them to hunt with

great efficiency while system messages kept appearing.

– You have killed an Asiatic Black Bear. You gained 545 EP.

– You have killed an Asiatic Black Bear. You gained 583 EP.

Ian hunted like crazy for a long time. However, as he aimed his bow at another bear, he realized

something was different.

‘What? Why does this bear look slightly bigger?’

Ian concentrated hard and looked again. He could see its name: Bear of Darkness.

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