Taming Master

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: (4). Monster Researcher -3

– The skill’s proficiency has gone up. [Basic Summoning] is now Lv.2.

– You gained 3 skill points.

– You learned the active skill [Wild Warrior’s Blessing].

– You learned the passive skill [Basic Tactics].

Ian’s face brightened up at these pleasant messages.

“Hard labor is the answer to everything!”

Jinsung had been playing almost non-stop after the server opened. As a result, both Jinsung and Ly

reached Lv.18. Therefore, he also raised Basic Summoning’s level.

‘For now, I should keep the skill points received. I will later use them after I find out which skill is the

most effective.’

The most basic way to raise skill’s level was to raise its proficiency through repeated use, however,

sometimes skill points were given as the character got stronger.

The skill gaining system used in Kailan’s was very peculiar. In fact, every class had to raise its basic

skill so that they could unblock skills of a higher level.

For example, in case of the Archer, you have to raise the level of Archery to learn higher skills. While

Ian, as a Summoner, had to raise the level of Summoning to get higher skills.

There were a few more ways to get skills. For example, you could create a skill through repeated

action or by researching, you could also gain a skill by completing a certain quest or by using a skill


Therefore, in Kailan, you wouldn’t see a high-level player helping to quickly raise the levels of a low-

level player.

While a user can help someone gain EP, there are great disadvantages in doing so. You won’t be able

to raise the proficiency of your skills and, in the end, you would end up with a ‘useless character’ that

had a high level but weak battle power.

Therefore, the battle power of each player depended a lot on how they raised their character.

Ian then opened the information window of the new skills he got.

[Wild Warrior’s Blessing]

Category: active skill

Skill Level: Lv.0

Proficiency: 0%

Necessary MP (Magic Point): 150

– All party members including yourself will receive the Wild Warrior’s Blessing. The Attack Force goes

up by 30% for 20 minutes.

– When the skill is used on a pet, the efficiency will be increased to 100%

‘Oh, it’s an enhancing skill. That’s great.’

It was not as good as the enhancing skills used by the Priests, however, its option of having higher

efficiency on the pets was more than satisfying.

‘Basic Tactics… what’s this?’

Ian then moved on to the next skill right away.

[Basic Tactics]

Category: passive skill

Skill Level: Lv.0

Proficiency: 0%

The Summoner’s Leadership and Taming Technique are improved by 10%. The Summoner’s pets will

have a better understanding of their master’s orders during battle.

Ian’s face brightened up even more.

‘Oh, 10% more in Leadership… now I might even be able to get a bear!’

In fact, Ian had tried to capture an Asiatic Black Bear when he reached Lv.15.

He remembered that Friendship and the Taming Technique stats rose when he captured wolves.

Therefore, he was going to repeat the same thing by capturing and releasing bears to raise those

stats. By doing so, he might have gained some new capturing skills.

However, as soon as he tried to do so, a message came up saying that his Leadership was not high

enough to capture a bear.

‘Let’s try it again.’

Ian then looked around to find an Asiatic Black Bear.

“Will I be able to get a bear as good as Ly?” He muttered as he grasped the bow.

Ly was growing well. Ian was much more satisfied with it than he had imagined, therefore he wanted

more monsters.

Ian was then able to capture an Asiatic Black Bear right in front of him.

“It works!”

Thanks to Basic Tactics, his Leadership was now enough to capture bears.

“Let’s see, I should compare it with Ly’s stats.”

Soon, he got excited.

‘Is Ly really a Wolf? Its stats are beyond normal!’

At Lv.18, Ly’s stats were almost as good as a Lv. 34 bear’s.

When it came to attack force, it was as good as the bear’s. Moreover, its speed was even higher.

Its Health and Defense Force were much smaller, however, considering the big level difference, they

were still considered great.

Before he dismissed the information windows, Ian looked again at the ‘Evolution possible’ words

written on Ly’s information window.

‘But how can I make him evolve? I want to know what the required condition is…’

Ly was already doing a great job, however, he couldn’t help but feel excited when thinking about his


‘I have to go to the village when I reach Lv.20 anyway, so I should visit the Summoner Guild again to

find out.’

In fact, Ian would have to join the Lotus Guild again at Lv.20 and sell the items he had gained,

therefore, he had to go to the village.

Once, Ian felt rested enough, he activated his enhancing skills.

“Blessing of the Wind, Wild Warrior’s Blessing!”

While receiving the blessings, Ly growled and once the Wolf was ready, Ian resumed his hunting.

“Ly, distract that bear!”

When Ian first arrived at the Mountains, he only dared to attack bears that were alone. However, now

as his level was higher, he boldly attacked packs of two or three bears.

Asiatic Black Bears had great Health and Attack Force, however, their weakness was that they were

slow. While Ly distracted one of them using its fast speed, Ian killed the other.


Ly roared loudly and bit the bear’s shoulder, who swung its front paw at Ly right away, however, Ly

was already standing far from his prey.

Ian was very satisfied with their tactics.

“Okay, this is it!”

At first, Ly didn’t know how to fight like this. Ian patiently taught him and now it knew how to put

pressure on the enemy.

Only by using the active skill called Basic Training was this possible.

Ian made use of the effect of the skill that allowed the pet to better understand the Summoner’s

orders and learn quicker for 10 minutes.

Ian then easily hunted two bears and continued to hunt without wasting time.

‘I can now feel that the leveling up just by hunting is starting to slow down. I’ll have to do quests in

order to level-up’

There were many quests about Asiatic Black Bears. However, Ian wasn’t currently doing any quests

because, in order to get one, he would have to visit the village and that would take time.

He was thinking that it would still be more efficient to hunt without a quest.

Additionally, after Lv. 20, he would no longer be a beginner, therefore, there would be a sizable

amount of decent quests waiting for him.

Ian smiled as he saw Ly bravely attacking a bear.

‘Yes. Grow up, my handsome pet.’

Ian then picked up an arrow and aimed at the bear.

His goal was to reach Lv. 19 before logging out.

Thanks to the First Aid skill, he didn’t have to go back to the village as long as his bag was not full.

Ian hunted, hunted and hunted even more. Four hours later, he could finally see the message he


– Your pet, Ly has leveled-up. Ly has reached Lv. 19.


When Ian captured Ly, it was one level higher, therefore, it reached Lv. 19 a slightly earlier.

And 30 minutes later…

– You have leveled-up. You have reached Lv. 19.

After reaching his goal, Ian logged out without hesitation. It was time to rest.

‘In order to be a good gamer, you need a good plan.’

This was one of the most fundamental gaming rules that Ian followed.

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