Taming Master

Chapter 104

Chapter 104: The Ruler of the Battlefield (3)

The second match of the ‘Valiant Battleground’ that was continued at the same time the next day was given to the Lotus Guild without much difficulty as well.

Of course, the Polaris Guild users that had checked Ian’s active part in the first match fought as best as they could.

However, as a weaker fighting power than the first match was dispatched for the second match instead, they were able to bring back victory without much difficulty just like Ian’s first plan.

Over thirty soldiers and his retainer ‘Mallaim’ had died during battle, but to have brought back despite that, it was an incredible advantage.

‘Since retainers revive again after a week anyways.’

And more than anything, Ian obtained an incredible advantage from the two battles.

That wasn’t the over 100 thousand Fame, nor the 2 victories he easily obtained.

‘I didn’t know that the hatching rate of the Karceus’ Egg, which I seriously struggled to raise, would go up by 5%.’

The hatching rate of the God Dragon that seriously only went up as much as a chicken’s tear despite all of the dungeon rotations and hunting he did crazily in the meantime had increased by 5% from just two battles.

Thanks to that, the hatching rate of the God Dragon Karceus’ Egg was more than 11% right now.

Ian assumed that the currents of purple light that was sucked in every time he killed an opponent was energy that raised the hatching rate of this Karceus’ Egg.

The Dragon of War modifier wasn’t just attached for no reason.

‘However, the burden of risk is a little high to initiate territory wars at random… Isn’t there another way?’

This was now the end of Ian’s role in this territory war.

If they moved according to the strategy planned, it wouldn’t be hard to defend.

Because he participated in all 2 matches, he couldn’t participate anymore anyways.

Originally, once they successfully finished defending, Ian was planning on putting aside territory wars for a while and shut himself just in the Forlan dungeon until he reached lv 120.

The Forlan dungeon was a dungeon that had a lv 100 requirement, but it was a dungeon that was very effective for Summoners.

Even right now, when he was close to lv 115, he couldn’t find a hunting ground that’s effectiveness was better than the Forlan dungeon.

However, because of the God Dragon’s Egg, Ian’s plan was completely modified.

‘Once we finish defending in this territory war, I should suggest we go and hit a couple of nearby bases with a Village-rank.’

It was something that was originally not in his plans, but it was a choice that couldn’t be helped in order to awaken the God Dragon Karceus.

Ian, who made several different plans and finished organizing his thoughts, logged out and left his capsule in order to go to his afternoon class.

* * *

“I noticed you weren’t sleeping and instead listening diligently to class today. What’s up?”

At Yoohyun’s words, Jinsung let out a deep sigh as he responded.

“No, Professor Jinook threatened me, saying he’d put me back in all of the classes he let me go in if I kept falling asleep. There’s nothing I can do, I guess I just have to listen…”

At his weak voice, Yoohyun smirked as he spoke.

“No wonder… There was a reason.”

“That’s right, dude.”

The conversation of the two people, who shared a couple silly words and laughed, eventually began to continue with Kailan as their topic.

Since the two people’s biggest interest was Kailan, it was a sequence that couldn’t be helped.

“Yo, then starting from our territory war tomorrow, are we seriously going to just give them three matches now?”

At Yoohyun’s words, Jinsung nodded his head.

“Yeah. Just give it to them without regret. That’s gaining an advantage.”

“Once we give them all three matches, even if it is a siege warfare, it will become a single-round for both our side and their side. I’m just saying, since I feel like it would be good to just keep pushing through since we’ve already brought back 2 wins.”

Jinsung thought that there was some truth in Yoohyun’s words as well.

“Then since we’ve already finished registration for the third and fourth match already anyways, you can try concluding with everything we have in the fifth battle. That could also be a surprise attack strategy.”

Yoohyun nodded his head.

“We should think carefully about this. Even if I was that side, if we were to just give them two matches, then they could lower their guards a little for the fifth match. I think it’s definitely a good strategy.”

Thanks to the late afternoon class, Yoohyun and Jinsung were able to walk in the middle of the empty sidewalk to their home from school and continue sharing their conversation without any disruptions.

Jinsung, who was just talking about Kailan up until now, seemed to have suddenly remembered something, as he changed the subject.

“Yo, Yoohyun.”


“There was something I wanted to ask you.”


The reason was unknown, but Jinsung hesitated to speak.

At Jinsung’s expression, which Yoohyun had never seen before, Yoohyun gulped and waited for Jinsung’s next words to continue.

“Have you ever dated before?”

And at the unexpected and truly out of the blue words of Jinsung, Yoohyun was flustered.

“Ah, no. I did have a girlfriend for a little bit in high school… but to call it dating is a little…”

Yoohyun, who was just barely a 20-year-old freshman and played games all day long, was an individual that was distanced from dating as well.

However, at the words that he had a girlfriend even for just a moment, Jinsung glowed.

“Yo, then in any case, you’re still not forever alone!”

“You, you think so? That… For now, let’s say that’s true.”

Thanks to that, Jinsung, who felt a bit of hope, got to the point.

“That… The thing that I want to ask.”

“Yeah, tell me.”

“A couple days ago, I had eaten with Harin in the school cafeteria.”


Yoohyun, who was listening to Jinsung’s story, wore an expression that showed more and more interest.

“I went to go grab a meal ticket, but she said she packed a lunch and started pulling it out. Of course, she did say that she made it because of her midterm assignment.”

“Oh, and?”

“And that day was the day Harin and you had your cultural studies class together, so I thought she would definitely be coming with you, but I heard that you needed to do an assignment so you left first?”

Yoohyun, who thought about it for a moment, shook his head as he replied.

“I’ve never said anything like that before.”

At that, Jinsung slightly frowned and answered.

“Harin said so. You’re probably just forgetting. Why would she just lie like that?”

Yoohyun wore a confused expression.

“I don’t know… Why would she have lied like that. Anyways, just keep talking.”

Jinsung’s words continued.

“Anyways, so, the two of us began to eat the lunch she packed, but Harin suddenly…”

As Jinsung paused to take a breath, Yoohyun pressed him on.

“Suddenly what?”

“She suddenly just scooped a spoonful of risotto and fed me it.”


After hearing the somewhat shocking words, Yoohyun’s expression stiffened on the spot.

“What, what the hell? So, Harin fed you?”

Jinsung nodded his head as he responded.

“That’s what I’m telling you!”

“Isn’t that, like, something that couples… are supposed to do?”

Jinsung’s voice slightly grew.

“Right? I don’t even remember eating food that my mom fed me!”

“So, what happened after that?”

At the interesting story, Yoohyun pressed him on to hear the next part quickly, but unfortunately, there was nothing much after that.

“What do you mean what happened after. I almost had an upset stomach while eating.”


While looking at Yoohyun, who wore a dull expression, Jinsung’s words continued again.

“So, my ultimate question is.”


Jinsung, who took a breath for a moment, opened his mouth.

“Could it be that Harin is interested in me by any chance?”

Yoohyun was trapped in his thoughts.

Even if it wasn’t for this story that he heard from Jinsung right now, he remembered seeing Harin, who stuck to Jinsung’s side even inside of Kailan.

Shortly after, Yoohyun responded.

“I… Think that it’s a possibility.”

* * *

The warm sun.

A leisurely afternoon!

While Ian went to the Domain manor in order to take care of internal affairs, Ian’s Familiars were spending an incredibly leisurely time at Lee Jinook’s Breeding Ground.

Bbook- Bboo-Bbook-!

The time that hunting addict Ian had to spend handling internal affairs was time that was as sweet as honey to his Familiars.

Bbookbbook was having a delicious snack with his best friend, Pin.

Bbookbbook was happier than ever right now. This was because, while his Satan-like owner went inside the Domain manor in order to take care of internal affairs, Harin was instead giving him his lunch.

“Bbookbbook, do you want to eat another one?”

Harin’s voice, which was more mellow than any other noise that existed in the world, and even with a line that shook Bbookbbook’s heartstrings stronger than any lyrics!

Bbookbbook hadn’t even finished the meatball that was right in front of him yet, but he nodded his head crazily.

Bbook- Bboo-Bbook-!

If it wasn’t for a case like this, when else would he ever be able to eat drug meatballs until he was full. If it was Ian, his evil owner, even at the most, he never gave him more than 2.

Bbookbbook rubbed his face against Harin’s hand with a happy expression.

“But, Bbookbbook.”


“Can you eat all of this before Ian comes back?”


Bbookbbook wore a confident expression as he nodded his head energetically.

However, Harin spoke again with a worried expression.

“If Ian sees that I’ve given you this many meatballs, I’m going to get punished…”

Bbookbbook, who had discovered Harin’s large eyes brimming with tears, shook his shell as he was trapped in sadness.


For his evil owner to dare punish this beautiful and kind meatball goddess… That was something that simply must not happen.

“So, Bbookbbook, you need to eat it quickly. Okay?”


Harin, who had received Bbookbbook’s promise, turned her attention towards Pin this time.

Different from Bbookbbook, the thing that Pin was eating was not a meatball.

The thing that Harin gave Pin was a rib eye steak that she had carefully prepared.

Harin asked Pin, who was ripping through the steak gracefully along with a coy expression.

“Pin, what about you? Is it delicious?”

Harin was incredibly careful. This was because Pin was different from Bbookbbook.

Different from Bbookbbook, who had an elementary school student’s palate, Pin’s palate was incredibly luxurious.


As if Pin was savouring the taste of the steak, he gently closed his eyes.

“How is it, do you want to eat more, Pin?”

Harin was nervous as she studied the reaction of Pin, the eagle with a luxurious diet.

When she first met Pin, in order to gain points from him, Harin tried to prepare a variety of different drug meatballs.

She liked Pin, the cute, baby eagle, but since he was also Ian’s Familiar, there was a need to gain points from him at all costs.

However, Pin was nonchalant.

That’s why Harin just thought that Pin had no gluttony and was disappointed.

This was because cooking was the easiest and the fastest way for her to gain points from Ian’s Familiars.

However, that was a misunderstanding.

It was just simply that the stimulating drug meatballs didn’t fit Pin’s palate.

If it wasn’t a certain luxurious recipe, she couldn’t satisfy Pin’s palate.

Right now, it was the nerve-wracking moment where Harin’s recipe was judged.

And shortly after, Pin opened his eyes and nodded his head.

Kku-ruk- Kku-ruk-!

This was definitely Pin’s communicative expression that he wanted to eat more.

Instantly, Harin’s expression brightened.

“Wow! Pin, then this time, this one! Try eating this one!”

Harin pulled out a new dish again from her inventory.

Because, as she tried to fit dishes to Pin’s palate, she had raised her Cooking Proficiency incredibly well, so lately, Pin was Harin’s main customer.

It was even to the point where she had to beg him to please eat it.

At around this point, Bbookbbook could also become jealous, but Bbookbbook liked the stimulating flavour of the meatball more than any other food.

For Bbookbbook, who had a mission to eat all of the meatballs in front of him before Ian came, there was no way that there was a chance for Pin’s steak to catch his eye.

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