Taming Master

Chapter 103

Chapter 103: The Ruler of the Battlefield (2)


As Pin’s AoE attack, Crush, swept through the battleground once, four or five users died at once.

However, just like when Rukin died, didn’t energies of purple light leave the corpses and absorb into Ian?

Ian’s eyes slightly rounded.

‘What is this? This is my first time seeing a phenomenon like this.’

Ian, who was taken aback, momentarily hesitated.

However, it wasn’t like it was influencing the war situation.

This was because, separate from his surprise, the users of the Polaris Guild were scattered here and there and were beginning to panic.

That was thanks to the soldiers of the Lotus Guild, who had rushed in towards them just like how Ian had commanded beforehand.

And the scattered users were good prey for Ly and Halli.

Ian, who set aside his curiosity, gave a command to Ly.

“Ly, Thirst for Blood!”

• Familiar ‘Ly’s Inherent Ability, ‘Thirst for Blood’, has been invoked.

• For 3 minutes, ‘Ly’s Offensive Power and Agility will increase by 30%, while his movement speed will increase by 40%.

A situation where the Vitality of most of the opponents that were scattered along the battleground was less than 30%.

Ly literally began to leap around crazily.

Ly’s sharp teeth dug into the back of the necks of the panicking users in the battlefield.


• Familiar ‘Ly’ has dealt critical damage to ‘Kei’!

• User ‘Kei’s Vitality has decreased by 9150.

• As the ‘Thirst for Blood’ effect was invoked, the damage was applied once more.

• User ‘Kei’s Vitality has decreased by 9150.

• You have killed user ‘Kei’. You have obtained 3.6% of the contributions towards the battle.

Ly was lv 115.

Because Ly’s Vitality was remarkably lower compared to his level stat ratio, his Vitality was cut down in chunks even from the attacks of lv 90-range users.

However, thanks to the additional effects of ‘Health Absorption’ and ‘Thirst for Blood’, his Vitality, which dropped below half, was filled up to its maximum again after attacking once or twice.

Ly, who became vigorous and flew around again just when they felt they almost had him, couldn’t help but make the Polaris Guild members fed up with him.

They literally began to suffer helplessly.

Ian, who glanced at the war situation, pulled the soldiers towards the back.

‘Since we’ve definitely won now, the damage needs to be reduced as much as possible.’

Rather than personally fighting, he focused more on directing the battlefield.

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that they already won this battle.

If that was the case, he needed to concentrate on saving at least one more soldier now.

That would be even a little bit of help in the next battle.

However, just then, one user charged towards Ian.

“Die, you vile enemy!”

He narrowly approached right in front of Ian, but there was no way Ian’s retainers would have just stood by and watched him.

“How dare you come at the Lord!”

At the combined attack of Mallaim and Loreuten, as well as Celia, who had approached them in no time, he collapsed helplessly.

They were NPCs that had weaker stats in comparison to users, but because there was almost a 20-level difference and it was a combined attack of the three, he actually died without being able to do anything.

It was at this point that the Polaris users could only lose all their fighting spirit.

With almost thirty of them, their fighting power had been reduced to less than ten of them remaining.

‘It ended more boringly than I expected.’

Ian looked around the battleground with a satisfied expression.

However, just then, a familiar user diligently shooting out Induced Arrows from far away caught his eye.

It was Millun, the Archer that was in Ian’s memory.

“Ha… That idiot was here as well?”

In the end, Millun and Rukin had never directly dealt any damage to Ian.

It also wasn’t like Ian felt greatly angered or anything by them.

However, that was separate from disgust.

Ian called over Pin, who was on a rampage through the battleground and playing an active part expected of a Legendary-rank Familiar.



“Over there, you see that guy, right? Go and beat him up to a pulp!”


Pin, who had received Ian’s command, flew with lightning speed towards Millun, who was struggling while facing the soldiers of the Lotus Guild.


And Millun, who only then discovered Pin, turned deadly pale.

“What the hell is this now?”

Millun, who would have never seen a Griffin before, used the strongest skill he had after discovering the monster-like, golden eagle that flew towards him at a outrageous speed.

“Storm Arrow!”

Storm Arrow, a high-class skill that was quite hard to find!

However, to have used that on ‘Pin’ of all possibilities, it returned to him after resulting in a situation where he had driven a nail into his own coffin.

• Familiar ‘Pin’ has received a Wind-type attack.

• Inherent Ability ‘Guardian of the Wind’ has been invoked.

• Pin’s Offensive Power will increase by 30% for 3 minutes.

Amongst Ian’s Familiars, Pin’s level was the lowest, but the insane ‘Legendary-rank’ covered more than ten levels easily.

In the Valiant Battleground right now, the one with the highest Agility was Pin.


Before Millun could even try anything, Pin’s sharp claws raked through the back of his neck strongly.

• You have killed user ‘Millun’. You have obtained 3.8% of the contributions towards the battle.

The fighting power of the Polaris Guild became completely devastated due to just Ian alone!

Although they were only lv 90-100, but even though it was an advanced unit that was made up of comparably lower level users, Ian’s active part was truly surprising.

Herz and Fiolan, who were sitting in the spectators’ area, were watching the battle, dazed, without even realizing that their mouths were gaping open.

Herz felt that he was going to end up drooling soon.

However, the new guild members, who had never hunted with Ian before, were even more surprised.

Excited voices flowed from here and there in the spectators’ area of the Lotus Guild’s camp.

“Wow, they did say that Ian was the number 1 ranking Summoner, but this is truly tremendous.”

“I was wondering how he monopolized the Forlan rankings, but there was a reason for that.”

“Isn’t Summoner a balance breaker then?”

“No-no, what are you saying. I have one lv 80 Summoner friend, but he can’t even properly control the three Familiars that he has. And it didn’t even look like his Familiars were as strong as Ian’s Familiars.”

“It looks like it’s just Ian that’s a balance breaker.”

On the other hand, the spectators’ area of the Polaris Guild’s side was just flowing with silence.

The Guild Master of the Polaris Guild, Lockram, murmured to himself.

“How can a Summoner be like that?”

At his words, a guild member that stood next to him, carefully responded.

“That… It looks like it’s the user named Ian, who became famous lately because of the Grave of the Forlan Hero’s Hall of Fame.”


“Yes, Guild Master. I’m talking about the user who wiped that Forlan Dungeon’s top rank. That user seems to be that person.”

Lockram, who was momentarily trapped in his thoughts after hearing his words, asked Hansen, the Sub-Guild Master as well as his best friend.

“Hansen, how is our disposition of men for our second match right now?”

Hansen responded.

“There’s probably not much difference from the first match.”

Lockram’s face slightly creased.

“Damn it, will that monster-like guy come out in the second match as well?”

Hansen nodded with a grim expression.

“He probably will, no? With a fighting power like that, he’s even probably a user that’s part of Lotus Guild’s strongest… I think that side read our strategy and inversely strategized to beat us.”

Lockram felt his head spinning.

Once this match finished now, he needed to plan the disposition of men for the next, next match, which was the third match.

Originally, he didn’t really feel burdened, but because if they were going to helplessly hand over the second match just like the first one, in the case that they lost the third match, they would lose the territory war just like that, so he was unable to send out a half-assed fighting power.

“Hansen, I think we’ll need to invest about two mercenaries for the third match.”

At Lockram’s words, Hansen sighed deeply as he spoke.

“If I was the Lotus Guild, I feel like I would use the third match as a card I was throwing out…”

“I also think the same way. However, there’s nothing we can do, right? There’s no other place that we can withdraw to.”

While the two people racked their throbbing brains and discussed about the disposition of men for the third match, Ian cleaned up all of the rest of the fighting power of the Polaris Guild.


• You have killed user ‘Fire56’. You have obtained 3.6% of the contributions towards the battle.

• You have killed user ‘Cleans’. You have obtained 3.9% of the contributions towards the battle.

And like that, the first battle of the two guilds’ territory war, ended.

Of course, the result was the Lotus Guild’s victory.

• All of the participating individuals of the ‘Polaris’ Guild have died.

• You have contributed 100% towards the victory of the battle.

• Based on the fighting level of contribution, you have obtained 63,500 Fame.

It was an enormous amount of Fame that could only be obtained by succeeding a decent- A-rank quest.

A pleased smile hung from Ian’s mouth.

• The Valiant Battleground, in the first battle, the Lotus Guild has won against the Polaris Guild as their opponent.

The whole battleground began to be wrapped in a white light, and at the same time, all of the users that were spectating in the Valiant Battleground were warped to their original position.

And Ian, who remained in the battleground alone, disappeared from his spot along with a white ray of light as well.

* * *

“Kyah, Ian hyung, you’re seriously amazing!”

“Wow, I seriously wasn’t sure about this… But this is like you were just playing with them.”

The users that had gathered in the guild conference room again after the battle ended had all gathered in front of Ian.

As it was the first territory war, and their first victory, they all had elated expressions.

Ian tousled Carwin’s hair and laughed.

“Dude, what did this hyung tell you. I told you to believe in me.”

Carwin pouted as he replied.

“No, of course I believed in you. But hyung, did you know?”


“We only lost five soldiers as well.”

Because the moment Ian was sure of victory, he had pulled all of the soldiers back, he had made the damage almost nonexistent.

Five soldiers couldn’t even be considered damage.

Kroban, who was standing next to them, also wore a broad smile as he opened his mouth.

“Keu, Ian carried our first territory war. By bringing back 1 victory like this, our hearts are much lighter now.”

Fiolan nodded her head in agreement.

“That’s right. And just like Ian thought, won’t he be able to bring back the second battle easily most likely as well?”

“No kidding. Since they needed to finish the disposition of men for the second match as well before the first match started, those guys won’t be able to reinforce their military now.”

At the two people’s words, all of the guild members nodded their heads.

The guild members were surprised at Ian’s fighting abilities, but more than that, they were even more in awe at his perfect strategy that had almost put them at a loss for words.

Ian opened his mouth.

“I probably won’t be able to win the second match as easily as I did this one.”

At his words, everybody’s attention was gathered towards Ian’s mouth.

Ian’s words continued.

“This time, they were completely caught off-guard, so I was able to win easily. Since they probably ran in after seeing that our side only had one person participating and thought our side was withdrawing.”

Herz nodded his head as he agreed.

“That’s right. In the beginning, it looked like they were just running in blindly without getting their lines or camp in order at all.”

“Yeah. Thanks to that, I was able to get in all my AoE attacks at their maximum effectiveness, so I was able to grab the victory as soon as it started. However, since they suffered once already, they’ll probably try to fight a little more carefully.”

Harin, who was just listening to their conversation in the corner without much to say, asked Ian carefully.

“Then, is it possible that you might lose the second battle, Jinsung?”

Ian’s attention turned towards Harin.

He smirked as he responded shortly to her.

“No, there’s no way.”

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