Take My Breath Away

Chapter 1463 - Extra Story About Damian (Part Two)

Two months later, the weather in Y City started to cool down. Boswell took out the scarf Angelina gave him on her birthday and casually wrapped it around his neck before heading downstairs.

On the ground floor, Boswell found that Angelina had already gone to school. While eating her breakfast, Erma spotted her brother and asked in confusion, "Boswell, when did you begin to wear a scarf?" Somehow she thought the accessory was more like Damian's style than his.

"Oh, I suddenly remembered I have one. Since it's really cold today, I took it out," Boswell explained casually.

As he walked past her, though, Erma unexpectedly unwrapped the scarf around his neck while he looked at her puzzled.

After checking out one of the corners of the piece of clothing, she said, "I knew it. This looks so much like Damian's style because it belongs to him! How could you have it?"

"What nonsense are you talking about? This is my scarf. Angelina gave to me as a gift!" Boswell emphasized.

Erma cast him an odd glance as she revealed in a low voice, "But Damian's name is on it. If you don't believe me, take a look yourself!"

Following her gaze, he saw a name on the scarf—Damian.

Boswell couldn't believe his eyes. What was going on?

After that, he spent a while trying his best to recall what happened that night two months ago. Finally, he came to the conclusion that the scarf wasn't a gift for him, but for Damian.

Realizing that there was something wrong with Damian that night, he thought it was necessary to find out the reason why he decided to give him the scarf.

At the end of the year, knowing that Damian would come back home to celebrate the Lunar New Year, Boswell brought a girl back to the Huo family manor.

As soon as they arrived together, he introduced the girl to his family. "Grandpa, Grandma, Dad, Mom, guys, this is my girlfriend, Patti. Patti, say hello to everyone."

The moment his words left his mouth, his eyes fell upon Damian.

As Patti was busy greeting everyone else, Boswell took the opportunity to study his brother's face.

Damian didn't notice he was being looked at. In fact, he was way too busy, staring at Angelina's smile. At that moment, sympathy was written all over his face. He couldn't help it, but his heart ached for Angelina.

A few hours later, Boswell was finally free to go to his brother and get the confirmation he wanted, but Damian had only been waiting for Patti to leave his side to pull Boswell into the back garden and start a fight with him.

As shocking as it was, Damian really threw a punch at Boswell.

The Huo brothers had always been united and friendly among themselves. This was the first time in their lives they had fought like this against each other.

It was unbelievable that Damian, who was always so considerate, had just hit Boswell.

Since he was his brother, Boswell didn't return the punch and asked patiently, "Is Patti your girlfriend?"


"Then why did you hit me?" Boswell really wanted to scold his brother.

Furious, Damian looked at him and roared in a low voice, "Have you considered how Angelina would feel when you decided to bring a woman here?"

Boswell had a few theories in mind already, but at that moment, many of them were proved right. Pretending that he didn't understand his brother's anger, however, he asked, "I've thought about it. But Angelina seemed happy. Didn't you see it? I just don't get why you're so angry. Don't you approve of your brother's girlfriend?"

As a matter of fact, Damian didn't even look at her. In his mind, there was only Angelina. But just as Boswell said, she seemed quite happy to have Patti around.

He then asked impatiently, "Did you break up with Angelina? Or didn't Angelina agree to be with you?"

After a short pause, Boswell smiled. "Do you think I have feelings for Angelina?"

"Don't you?"

"Well, I do like Angelina," Boswell said slowly.

Damian's heart couldn't help but break at Boswell's admission that he liked his beloved girl.

"But just as a brother loves his sister, understand?" Boswell added. His suspicions were only getting more real.

Damian was stunned. "But you said that Angelina was yours, and no one could compete with you for her..." For over ten years, he had kept Boswell's words in his mind.

Boswell walked over his brother and patted him on the shoulder. "I picked Angelina up from the forest. Isn't she mine? 'Nobody is allowed to compete with me for her.' I said that when I was a child. Did you really take it seriously? Damian, was it because you thought I had feelings for Angelina, and you didn't want to compete with me that you've lived abroad for so long?"

This was definitely what his sensible brother would do.

Damian parted his lips, but no words came out. Boswell was right.

Damian fell in love with Angelina, the girl who would always giggle behind them when they were kids. He used to think that she was as cute as a little bunny.

But since he believed Boswell liked her too, he didn't want to get in the middle. Therefore, he left the country on the first opportunity in order to avoid keep seeing her. In the end, he had stayed away from home for five years without ever contacting Angelina. Only when he would video chat with others, would he occasionally say hello to her. God knew how he had survived these past five years.

Taking his brother's lack of response as a yes, Boswell burst into laughter and said, "Oh my God, Damian! Couldn't you have just asked me? You and Angelina are a perfect match. Seriously, the scarf you gave me had your name on it, so it wasn't hard to conclude she had given it to you." Thinking about it made Boswell feel as if he had witnessed a public display of affection between the two.

Damian was speechless.

Just then, the girl who was the main subject of their conversation came out looking for them. Foolishly, she asked, "Damian, Boswell, it's so cold outside. Won't you come in?"

Boswell waved at her and said, "Come here, Angelina."

Angelina trotted to him until she was at his side. "What's wrong, Boswell?"

Putting his arm around her shoulder, he grinned wickedly and asked, "Who did you make the scarf for?"

Angelina's face turned red all of a sudden. Out of the corner of her eye, she glanced at Damian and realized he was staring at her. She immediately looked away and whispered, "It was a gift for Damian..." Then she raised her head to meet Boswell's gaze and asked in surprise, "How do you know about it?"

Boswell had to hold back a laughter when he answered, "Damian thought you made it for me, so he gave it to me. Well, my work here is done. You two talk it out and make things clear!"

After that, Boswell walked away, leaving Damian and Angelina behind. As soon as they were alone, she hurried to explain, "Damian, the scarf was really for you."

Damian looked at her in conflict as he asked, "Don't you really like Boswell?" He had avoided dealing with feelings and relationships for several years, but it seemed it had all been in vain.

"Yes, I do." Angelina's answer was the same as Boswell's. "But it has nothing to do with being in love."

Damian didn't know what to say at first. But then he clenched his fists and reunited the courage to ask, "And what about me?"

Taking a leap of faith, Angelina dared to run into his arms and confess, "I like you very much." She had always liked Damian but never had the guts to tell him how she felt. In the past few years, while he was abroad, she had missed him every day but never dared to tell him so.

She wasn't the Huo family's biological daughter. As an adopted child, she didn't feel like she deserved to be with Damian anyway.

His heart, however, blossomed with her words.

Putting his arms around her shoulder, Damian kissed her hair and gently expressed his feelings to her. "Angelina, I like you too." He never thought he would have the chance to tell her that in his life.

He couldn't see it, but Angelina smiled broadly at his confession. She never felt so good!

Besides the street lamps, the back garden was completely in the dark, but all of a sudden, all the lights were turned on. Erma jumped out from one side, and when she saw the two together, she screamed, "Wow, look at what we have here!"

Boswell told her she would run into a big secret in the back garden, so she came to check it out. It turned out he was right!

Angelina tried to get out of Damian's embrace immediately, but he didn't let her go. Holding her in his arms, he warned his naughty sister, "Erma!"

"Damian, I know. I won't tell the others," she promised with a smile.

Damian shook his head helplessly. He didn't trust her at all.

And of course, he was right not to do so. Within a few minutes, the whole Huo family knew that Damian and Angelina were now a couple.

Surprisingly, Erica was the one who was caught off guard the most by the sudden news. She had always thought that Boswell would get married to Angelina and, therefore, had mentally got herself ready to have the girl as her second daughter-in-law. But now that Angelina and Damian were together so unexpectedly, she needed some time to digest the news.

Matthew, on the other hand, was very calm. This was a matter between the children, and he would not interfere. If they were really together, he would be happy for them.

Despite Damian confessing his feelings for her, Angelina thought they would date for a few years before they got married.

But as soon as she finished her studies, he caught her by surprise when he got down on one knee and proposed to her. According to him, dating without envisioning the marriage wasn't right.

So at the age of twenty-six, Angelina got her marriage certificates with Damian.

On the groom's twenty-ninth birthday, the couple had a grand wedding in Y City.

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